Feb 16, 2010

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Back from the Ashes: American Renaissance Conference Reborn

phoenix_detail_from_aberdeen_bestiaryChalk one up for the good guys.

Dear AR conference registrant,

We have found a venue with backbone and the conference will take place! Hotel management is prepared for the worst and will not back down!

If you have already registered with us there is no need to register again, but please let us know by e-mail that you are coming. We need to have an accurate headcount for the banquet, etc.

Please make room reservations by calling the Capital Skyline Hotel, 10 I Street Southwest, Washington, DC 20024 at (202) 488-7500 or (800) 458-7500.

Here is the website for the Hotel:


The American Renaissance rate is $94 per night. This is a little high but it is the price we are paying for a hotel with backbone. Please book at this group rate rather than something cheaper you may find on the Internet.

If you are driving, there is a fee for parking. Please keep your receipts and we will reimburse.

If you are flying and can change your flight to come in and out of Reagan National Airport this will be more convenient than Dulles. The hotel is within walking distance of the Navy Yard Metro stop on the Green Line. Metro runs to Reagan National.

If you cannot change your flight and are flying into Dulles, the best option for getting to the hotel is to book a SuperShuttle at this site: http://www.supershuttle.com/

The fare is $29.00 from the airport to the Capital Skyline Hotel, and we will reimburse your travel costs. If you can book a group for the shuttle, all subsequent passengers are $10.00 each, and you will get to the hotel quicker because there will be fewer other stops. Each shuttle holds 7 passengers.

We may be able to help if you give us your flight number and arrival time.

This hotel takes a principled position on freedom of speech and promises it will not back down.

We are busy but call (703) 716-0900 if you really need more information.

Conference schedule is the same as before. We will see you on the 19th after all!

Best regards,

Jared Taylor


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  1. De Deckert said:

    Bravery always puts me a good mood!

    THIS is why I donate money, time and resources. I will always stick up for those who stick their necks out for us.

    Courage can beat any odds!

  2. Someone realized that YT is a fundamentally sound stock! Good for them!

  3. Crypto-Aryan said:

    I was at an American Free Press event there recently. The owner must be a good guy, I know they’ve had several Willis Carto sponsored events there in the past. It’s a little rundown, kind of looks like it hasn’t been renovated since the sixties, but it’ll do fine. It’s in southwest DC, a neighborhood that’s also seen much better days. In fact I recall a few years ago that Justice Souter was mugged while jogging just a few blocks away.

  4. F. Roger Devlin said:

    I’d like to thank all the principled liberals and mainstream conservatives who, while not sharing AR’s racial views, fearlessly defended their right to hold a conference. Unfortunately, there were no such people.
    I’d love to be proven wrong about this.

  5. Lynne Neal said:

    You cannot imagine how delighted I am to read this good news! Hooray for the Capital Skyline Hotel!!! I can’t attend the ARConference this year but am already planning to be a part of it in 2011.
    As to whether or not the hotel is the newest and brightest or in the best part of town….I wouldn’t think that conference attendees are much concerned about it!
    My heart is singing!

  6. I’d almost fly across the country to support this, but only almost. Where is the West Coast American Renaissance conference?

  7. I have been a subscriber to AmRen for 5 years now and I have never been more proud. This is what it takes to win. A relentless will to move forward without giving a DAMN what the opposition thinks or does. Why can’t they come to Chicago? I feel so lonely here in the Midwest. We need more of these events everywhere across America. They embolden us. They build loyalty. The Left loves confrontation. Well so do I. Give me more chances to confront these creepy scumbags.

  8. Just sent a note to the hotel at info@capitolskyline.com congratulating them for having a set, and supporting freedom of speech and assembly in America. More such wouldn’t hurt.

  9. Congratulations! This is a big deal to find a place that stands up for the first amendment. People that hate our freedom RIGHT HERE in the USA deserve our contempt.

    All the conferences seem to be as far as you can get from the white center of the country. I know that there are lots of people here in the Chicago area who would attend a meeting. Lets get one going out here! Any of the Chicago suburbs or Milwaukee would be good too.

    I traveled down to New Orleans in 2005 for a conference there where I was able to hear Nick Griffin and his wife speak, among many others, but it was a looong drive and I could not stay very long because of the looong drive back. I had to drive to West Virginia a couple of times to go to leadership conferences in the past too, but I cannot afford it any more at current gas rates and can’t afford to fly either. I used to drive to Milwaukee every month for group meetings there a while back with one group, and I met with the Amren people here in chicago downtown and in the suburbs several times. There are a lot of people in the suburbs who dislike immigration, and are concerned about their future. We need a meeting out here.

  10. This is indeed great news, but I’m wondering why AR would choose to hold a conference in such hostile territory as the District of Corruption in the 1st place. It’s the equivalent of the NY Yankees Fan Club holding their convention in Boston.

    AR would better serve its supporters by holding future conferences in friendlier environs in the South, Midwest or interior West. Special consideration should be given to states with both liberal concealed-carry and “stand your ground” self-defense laws such as Texas, Florida, Oklahoma and Colorado, as security would be a moot point where attendees can legally “plug a thug.” In addition, a more central site would more easily draw WNs from around the country.

    Like “Old Raven,” I’ve sent a congratulatory e-mail to the hotel, and I urge everyone else to do the same.

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