Nov 26, 2009

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Another True Story of Thanksgiving

thanksgivingThere are many “true stories” of Thanksgiving from the point of view of those who wish to deconstruct the civic pieties of liberal America in addition to the one in Mr. Hunter Wallace’s little feature.

One of them that I have heard pointed out since childhood is that modern Thanksgiving was created by Lincoln as a day for the North to give thanks over the success of the invasion and desolation of the South by the ilks of Sherman. This “let’s rejoice over our success in killing other White people for the benefit of non-Whites” holiday was grafted onto the Plymouth Colony’s Thanksgiving in American iconography and has ever since crowded out any memory of the real first Thanksgiving which took place in Virginia and which–unlike the Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving–did not feature a brotherhood dinner shared by Indians and Whites.

But this parochial Southern debunking of American Thanksgiving pieties is a digression from the point I want to make in commenting on Mr. Wallace’s essay.

I have recently been reading a very interesting book by National Book Award winning historian Nathaniel Philbrick entitled Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War. It has left me with a much greater admiration for the New England Puritans and has effaced some of my Southern-bred contempt for them.

This book is an account of the Pilgrims’ settlement at Plymouth in 1620 and the subsequent English colonization of Massachusetts down through the end of King Phillip’s War in 1679. (King Phillip’s War was a New England wide attack by Indian tribes upon the young settlements. It was set off by the sachem of the Pokanoket Tribe who was called “King Phillip” by the colonists who were amused that he ranked himself as the equal of King Charles II.

Since this is a modern book, it has to genuflect to all the usual liberal totems but it is not too bad and is a trove of interesting information.

In reading Mayflower I was disappointed to learn just how racially “open-minded” the Puritans were. In his little essay Mr. Wallace says, “The Puritans didn’t believe in multiculturalism, political correctness, or human rights. They didn’t believe the Pequot Indians were ‘Native Americans.’ They obviously didn’t believe the Indians they exterminated, enslaved, and/or ethnically cleansed from New England were entitled to the ‘inalienable rights’ of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Obviously, he is correct that they did not believe in this exact lingo which–as Mr. Wallace correctly points out–was introduced centuries later.

But they weren’t as “racist” as we would like, and they bore no resemblance to the image created by the minority vendors of the hate-Whitey propaganda with their claims of the Puritans sending out blankets ridden with smallpox virus so as to exterminate the Indians and so on.

I was very surprised to learn that the Squanto story is actually true. It is set out in Governor Bradford’s eyewitness account. The Puritans did need Squanto’s help and advice after all, contrary to my skepticism which I once expressed in an AmRen speech which now leaves me somewhat embarrassed. They were mostly city folk and not accustomed to farming. They also had the misfortune of landing at one of the worst possible sites for their new colony–a place offering only farmland of exceptionally poor quality even for rocky New England. They had to plant their crops on unterraced hills. Squanto knew how to bank the soil around the plants and lace it with fish so that the crops would grow even in this thin topsoil that eroded quickly.

The Pilgrims did in fact invite the Indians to their Thanksgiving feast.

It gets worse from there.

The Puritans already had in mind the conversion and “social uplift” of the Indians. When the inevitable initial armed encounters erupted, they got a scolding letter from their clergyman leader back in the Old World telling them they needed to attend to the conversion and salvation of the Indians. The learned divine was unimpressed with the Pilgrims’ claims that they were innocent victims of Indian attacks and was convinced that Whitey was somehow to blame.

And the Puritan colonists pursued the theological and civilizing mission of the Anglo-Saxons with significant success. Villages of what were called “Praying Indians” were set up replete with churches. And most of these Praying Indians remained loyal to the English in King Phillip’s War and betrayed their fellow red men by serving as scouts, spies, etc. for the White invaders.

There was much conflict among the English about the Praying Indians, with some of the colonists saying all the Indians should be gotten rid of and others strongly defending and protecting the Indians. This division among the Whites significantly impaired their organized collective response to the colony-wide Indian insurrection. Philbrick recounts glowingly the statements and moves of the pro-Indian colonists and clucks over the evil and vile racism of their opponents who wanted just to clear the Indians out in toto.

In the very infancy of the country we see that Whites were already bending over backwards to cater to non-Whites. One incident approvingly recounted by Philbrick is particularly revealing: a White man killed an Indian in what Philbrick says was a robbery of the Indian by the White. The two men encountered each other in the countryside. Philbrick alleges without particularly impressive evidence that the White man was just a robber, but the claims of several people to have witnessed the encounter seem pretty weak, and I did not see any strong proof that they were actually present in the immediate vicinity of the encounter.

The White man claimed he killed the Indian in self-defense.

The English tried him for murder. In obedience to their Anglo-Saxon precedents a jury of 12 White men were empaneled to hear the case along with 6 Indians chosen as kind of alternate jurors to consult with the Whites and to give their input!

The jurors listened to what seems to have been somewhat ambiguous evidence and unanimously found the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and hanged him for killing the Indian!

It is possible to use this information to try to deprogram guilt-ridden Whites by showing that the fashionable accounts of evil White racism back in the Bay Colony are a pack of lies. I did this 3 days ago at the Decatur DeKalb YMCA. An American Indian was holding forth to an abashed, shamefaced circle of young university Whites about the racist nature of Thanksgiving, and how put upon he and other Indians felt about White people celebrating Thanksgiving. I don’t know how much I shook the faith of the young Whites in the cultural Bolshevism they had been taught. They fell silent and adopted flat affect while the Indian and I talked . . . or rather while I attempted to have a civil conversation and the Indian foamed at the mouth. (He really went through the roof when I recounted the jury trial and conviction story and asked him if the Cherokees had ever afforded this kind of kindness when they came to Georgia and exterminated their predecessors the Mound Builders.)

But this tactic–helpful as it is in the immediate circumstance of a debate in the Nautilus room at the Y–obscures the deeply disturbing greater story here.

It appears that the roots of White self-loathing and suicidal behavior run very, very deep. It is pleasant to believe that self-destructive liberal-left White behavior is something very recent but, alas, it seems to predate Coming of Age in Samoa and The American Dilemma by many, many centuries.


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  1. I recall reading somewhere that Squanto picked up the technique of using fish to fertilize corn in Western Europe, probably in Spain, where it had been a common practice since the Middle Ages.

  2. Andrew Hamilton said:

    My belief is that the Jewish problem is the single biggest obstacle — by far — to the survival of the white race. The reason is that, when present among whites in sufficient numbers, Jews are racially dominant. Under such circumstances it is impossible for us to have a culture of our own, or even to hear ourselves think. Worse, Jews harbor a fatal animosity toward whites, and possess the necessary unscrupulousness to act upon it.

    Nevertheless, this article makes a crucial point.

    A major part even of the Jewish problem is the refusal of whites to acknowledge that it exists, or that there are any unfavorable truths about Jews at all, or any positive characteristics of whites. Indeed, whites will not even extend simple justice to fellow whites.

    Moreover, everything said here about Indians is applicable to other non-white races as well.

    So there definitely is a “white problem.”

    As this article forcefully reminds us, it is no small thing.

  3. Michael O'Meara said:


    I find your conclusion hard to believe. I’m certain the Frankfurt School must have had a hand in all this.

  4. Jack Spence said:

    Small Point: Although the Puritans and Pilgrims shared many similarities, the two are not interchangeable.

  5. I have always made this same point as this article does, that whites are the most fair, objective, open-minded, and charitable people (based on objective evidence)on the face of the Earth by FAR. The fact that we are so demonized and made ignorant of these facts and what we need to know and do to save ourselves we owe to the Jews (Frankfurt school included). If one person sabotaged early attempts at telescopes, he would not have had to do much — kill a handful of people and burn a few papers… (then get them to mix with blacks so no more could arise, lol). but the effects on the population and trajectory of civilization would have been enormous. Always a select few have given us our gifts — slowly and with hardship at first. That makes one of our greatest strengths over time when left free and to ourselves vulnerable to other motives, politics, media, and mass halucinations — like a bird hatching from an egg is vulnerable.

    People do not realize just how high-level the thinking about race, and our longstanding conflict with the Jews in particular, is. It took us a long time to understand the natural behaviors and communications of bees (with the help of VonFrisch and others, we are still learning even today…) and their neural system is absolutely tiny, while ours as humans is the most complex thing we know of in the universe. I think the best analogy is that Jews are psychological judo-artists. Like Pavlov, they too need to use existing traits and strengths to condition us. They use our natural penchants, psychological inertia, and motives against us. You really need to learn psychology, I mean really study it, to see this clearly when reading about our and Jewish behaviors over time, against the history of civilizations. What the Jews then do in light of the principles of psychology is simply amazing. Your mind is their natural environment. Humans are psychological species if nothing else — our main phenotypes are not spots, skin color, or stripes (although these can give indications that psychology is different too) but our behaviors when left to ourselves over time. Looking at a person in the here-and-now, that phenotype, or who we really are, is mostly invisible. I call it the “invisible phenotype” because with humans it extends into the past and future where we cant see. With Europeans, our phenotype is very natural-environment, and principle-directed (and therefore more individualistic and requiring freedom) and less socially or materially-directed. (among other things).

    That invisible phenotype is the most precious thing about Europeans. We are not perfect, but we were rising up in every one of our countries to help make ourselves closer to pattern-perfection in earnest before the Jews came a-meddling. We had it down to a science. Then they caused ignorance, fear, conflict, wars, destroyed our emerging conscious eugenics and our race-consciousness, and inverted the morality of our survival. They do it naturally, and unconsciously at times — it feels good to them. A bird does not conspire to fly, and a goose does not conspire to fly in formation, but they do. Effortlessly. OUR people everywhere were naturally trying to do eugenics, and doing science (for the same reason) because it is OUR way — the outward perfection of our spirits. Jews either attack our strengths and pervert them or turn them against us because it is what they do when they encounter organized sedentary civilizations with resources.

    To give an example, in communism they saw an emotional trajectory or in other words a deep displeasure in us with greed and mistreatment of unhappy workers. We deeply feel that money should not rule. (I feel this right now because I feel principles and objective morality should rule). To them, this is motivational putty in their hands, and they shaped it into a war between the classes (with the help of jealousy and rage from powerlessness–they harvest negative emotions like we might harvest wheat) which they said was unfairly being waged since time immemorial and that the worker needed to rise up (and even kill) their leaders! (yes, we have historically and now see Jews in the top financially exploitative positions in the world, as in the corporate raiders, and the Russian oligarchs, and speculators or money-lenders in general — it was only a strategy to remove our leaders, NOT principles at work) Instead of reform, we were judo-thrown into the most staggering unrest, loss of freedom and objectivity, and cruel loss of life in the history of mankind. When Jews come among us weilding only the style of objectivity and it’s offspring justice like a deceptive weapon, we react to their portrayals as if they were motivated like we are, as if there was substance behind them. We fall for it because it looks like us, we buy the Brooklyn bridge! Several wars spinning off or directly caused by Jewdo communism killed off over 100 million of our kin.

    Intermixing racial motives is a deadly thing with Jews or any race. (with blacks we get “social justice” — stripped of its high sounding name it basically means blacks wanting our stuff because they can’t do what we do — not justice at all.) All apart from what we say, we naturally go to war with other motives — these other motives evolved in conflict, ours with primarily the environment and the other motives primarily with other groups. Other races may be genocidal by nature-beyond their conscious control. Jews are the ultimate psychological predators. Their few leaders of their style do not look through telescopes but through our souls. We only buy in because we are set up to naturally project our own motives on others around us (because historically they WERE like us — we lived among our own like all other sub-species in nature). When you judo-throw someone, you slightly change their direction, add MORE force in the same direction, exaggerating their own intended motion and unbalancing them, and use their own inertia against them in a deadly manner. They do it again when they call those aware of race “ignorant racists” , and make us believe it on countless tv shows, movies, lessons, and books– playing on our natural charity and deep love of objectivity in order to destroy those things in us eventually! Every little thing that could make us wake up they uncannily fought against — from Franz Boas and “cultural anthropology” to “social justice” and right down to their 60’s slogan of “live for today” and “Don’t trust anyone over 30” etc. In the here-and now, of course, the all-important invisible phenotype that unfurls over time is all but nonexistent. Not everyone looks through a telescope and so lots of Europeans also thought that the Earth revolved around the sun. So it was with the hippies and the Puritans too for different reasons. Science was our way out given to us by our best minds. Science was our way of not having our charity or objectivity wipe us off the face of the Earth eventually. Nice guys do not have to finish last, you know. All we need to do is not mess with them or their motives. Leave them to themselves and they will overcome and reach a great destiny (if we can stop immigration and mixing, and get the Jews to quit messing with us).

  6. Pilgrims Pride said:

    As noted above, the Pilgrims are not the same people as the Puritans. Shame on you for an even more basic error than you admit! (wink)

    Secondly, no need to fret.

    That book is cherry picked and spun just like everything else written in the US of A since WWII (at least).

    If you want to redeem the Pilgrims as irredeemable racists, you need only watch the PBS documentary propaganda presently airing around the clock.

    You’ll see enough Pilgrim racism and perfidy to make you think they were proto-Nazis fit for study and admiration.

    I think.

    It’s hard to understand people who are emotionally living in Stalingrad and Antietam. But then my Pilgrim forefathers’ obvious success is what attracted all those huddling masses here in the first place. What do I know?

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