Apr 4, 2010

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South Africa: Eugene Terre’blanche Martyred

eugeneiI just heard the news: Eugene Terre’blanche, a well known South African White Nationalist leader, was hacked to death by two negroes with machetes on his farm this afternoon. It involved a labor dispute over unpaid wages.

The BBC isn’t reporting the race of the suspects, but President Jacob Zuma’s “appeal for calm” telegraphs that this was yet another black-on-white murder. The Afrikaner Resistance Movement is claiming the murder was racially motivated.

Terre’blanche became a controversial figure in South Africa after founding the AWB in 1970 and opposing the end of apartheid in the 1990s. Since his release from prison in 2004, Terre’blanche had been advocating Afrikaner secession from the failed state of South Africa, the so-called multicultural “Rainbow Nation.” Back in October, Terre’blanche received some press coverage over his plan to petition the United Nations to recognize an independent Afrikaner homeland. I blogged about the story at the time.

Like many of you, I wish I could say that I am shocked and surprised. That’s not the case. Whites are brutally raped and murdered all the time in South Africa. For years, South Africa had the sobriquet (a label it might still carry) of being known as the “It once had the highest rape rate on Earth. A woman is raped every 26 seconds in South Africa; 40% of those are children, 65% are gang rapes. It is commonplace for children and babies to be raped in the new and improved South Africa. Blacks even molest animals to avoid catching HIV. Under black rule, South Africa is also an innovator and world leader in murder, assault, robbery, and hijackings.

Black supremacy has gradually made the country unlivable for Whites. Since 1995, 800,000 of 4 million South African Whites have abandoned the country and moved abroad. In fact, the level of White emigration out of South Africa is “at a pace consistent with the advent of widespread disease, mass natural disasters or large scale civil conflict.” The majority of White South Africans are victims of negro violent crime themselves or have a close friend or relative who has been victimized by “people of color.”

Young Whites are crushed under the weight of affirmative action. Many White families in South Africa now live in poverty. They don’t have the resources to escape. Last year, Canada granted asylum to a White South African man who fled the country to escape persecution. He had been stabbed three times by blacks. The South African government denounced the ruling as “racist.” Whites live in fear of South Africa going the way of Zimbabwe. Blacks have threatened to drive Whites out of the country after Nelson Mandela dies: the most likely endgame for the world’s first “post-racial” society.

South Africa is a case study of what Whites in the United States can expect once we lose our majority status: wealth redistribution, institutionalized racial discrimination, epidemic levels of violent crime, endemic poverty, historical revisionism, destruction of cultural symbols, rule by racial grievance groups, gated communities, economic stagnation and decline, environmental degradation. White women in South Africa wear an anti-rape device in their vaginas that cuts off the penis of their black attackers. Under non-White rule, White technological ingenuity might find similar outlets in America. The home security industry will undoubtedly flourish.

No one in their right mind would prefer to live in such a hellhole. An Afrikaner ethnostate would remove all of these problems in a single blow. Violent crime would disappear. Affirmative Action would be outlawed. Multiculturalism would be abolished. Public services would flourish again. The government would be controlled by competent personnel instead of racial grievance groups who reward their co-ethnics with plush government sinecures. The economy would recover. South African expatriates might even return.

Eugene Terre’blanche died for the dream of an Afrikaner homeland. I hope his sacrifice was not in vain. This outrage must not be forgotten.

Note: Occidental Dissent is very interested in providing a platform for South African writers who wish to speak out against black supremacy and tyranny in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and other African nations. This website has always felt a sense of kinship with other colonial Whites in the European diaspora.

Occidental Dissent, April 4, 2010


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