Feb 16, 2010

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F. Roger Devlin to be Interviewed by Tom Sunic

sunicOn Tuesday, February 16, 2010, at 9 PM Eastern US time, Tom Sunic will interview accomplished writer and thinker F. Roger Devlin, a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for The Occidental Quarterly.

To listen and/or download the show for free, see the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Topics for discussion will include:

1. How Alexander Kojeve laid bare the most fundamental political differences between the Left and the Right. Dr. Devlin explains how Kojeve’s philosophy uses Hegelianism to understand the modern world making his ideas the “logical culmination of modern thought.”

2. How the Left uses tropes like History is Over and The End of History as a means of imposing its “universal homogeneous state” on the world’s wide-ranging populations.

3. Traditional gender roles as fundamental obstacles to the Leftist Universal State. Dr. Devlin explains how feminism has devalued women into nothing more than political subjects. How feminism has transformed the high-status the European world has traditionally given to women into social misery.

4. Tom and Roger discuss Solzhenitsyn’s last and most powerful book, Two Hundred Years Together. Devlin provides brilliant insight into the Jewish involvement within Russia’s frequent revolutionary movements.

About F. Roger Devlin:

To learn more about F. Roger Devlin and his unique perspective read his insightful essays at The Occidental Quarterly, TOQ Online, American Renaissance, and VDARE. His important book Alexandre Kojeve and the Outcome of Modern Thought is available on Amazon.com.

Listening and download instructions:

The interview will air on the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network. To tune in to the live feed for this and all VoR programming, click here to use Windows Media Player or here for Winamp. For iTunes: open iTunes, press Ctrl+U on your keyboard, copy/paste into the Open Audio Stream dialog box, then click OK (you will now be able to listen to VoR live on iTunes any time by clicking on ‘Voice of Reason Broadcast Network’ in your music list). If you cannot catch it as it airs on Tuesday, the interview will be archived in mp3 format for download on Tom’s page at the VoR site soon after the show ends (archived shows are listed on the right side of page).


  1. Sounds like an excellent show coming up. Can’t wait.

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