Nov 6, 2010

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Why The Occidental Quarterly Exists

Why The Occidental Quarterly Exists

We fear for the future of our grandchildren in America.        

What We Fear:

  • Relentless policies in pursuit of cheap labor resulting in:
    • Falling living standards for our children and grandchildren.
    • Increasing costs of welfare as low wages cause millions to opt for leisure over work.
  • Relentless demonizing of White Americans resulting in:
    • Ideological justification for racially motivated attacks and ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods.
    • Block voting in favor of tax, welfare and preference policies burdening Whites.
  • Relentless media stereotyping of White Americans resulting in:
    • Conditioning competing racial groups to think successful White business men are criminals.
    • Conditioning Whites to think of themselves as lazy and stupid, thus accepting their subordinate status in our “multicultural” society.
  • Relentless discrimination against White Americans based on skin color resulting in:
    • Talented white children earning less valuable college degrees from less prestigious universities.
    • Talented whites relegated to lower paying jobs than they would qualify for if their skin were a different color.
  • If discrimination is this pervasive while we are a majority, how severe will the consequences be when our children and grandchildren are minorities?
    • What is the probability that the escalating demands for racial demonizing, collective punishment and reparations will decrease once Whites fall to minority status?
    • Are there any reasons for optimism on this front?

What We Deserve:

  • A halt to widespread discrimination based on the color of our skin.
    • Admission to Colleges based solely on objective academic performance and test results with the same standards applied to all skin colors.
    • Hiring based on objective tests and performance criteria applied equally to all skin colors.
  • A halt to the relentless drive for cheap labor.
    • Stop the outsourcing of American jobs to Asia.
    • Stop immigration as long as unemployment exceeds 5% of the work force.
    • Stop issuance of H1b work visas for technical jobs.
    • Decrease immigration and cut welfare benefits so that Americans will take available jobs, limiting the demand for illegal immigration and decreasing the welfare burden at the same time.
  • A restoration of meaningful democracy.
    • Restore literacy and issue awareness tests for voting.
    • Enforce term limits on all political offices.

What We Can Do:

  • Educate our fellow Whites.
    • Ironically, racial justice requires political confrontation – the civilization of conflict.
      • We must condition Republican politicians to begin representing the interests of their middle class White constituents rather than Republican businesses seeking to personalize the profits and socialize the costs of cheap labor.
      • Given the geographic system of representation in the United States, and the demographic “Big Sort”, Republicans can control Congress for a very long time once they abandon the “big tent” and begin motivating their base.
    • Effective political motivation demands an identifiable “them”.
      • Our competing racial groups have an identifiable “them” in their stereotype of the evil and undeserving White man.
      • We need our own identifiable “them” which is, of course, those who benefit from the current repression of Whites under the regime of “multiculturalism.”
        • Then the trick is to make the “them” apparent to our own people without inflaming and motivating our opponents.
        • We should not name “them” explicitly. Rather, we advance policies that directly thwart the extractions and benefits “they” get from “us”, thus generating the kind of policy-oriented anger that will motivate and unify “us.”
        • Universalist abstractions such as “traditional values” and “lower taxes” do not focus on the identifiable “them”.
        • The “big tent” is dead. Get over it!
  • Starve the beast!
    • The multicultural regime depends on us being “consumers.”
    • We need to:
      • Begin purchasing generic foods and avoiding the brand names which provide advertising revenue to our enemies in the media.
      • Stop watching professional sports, thereby denying the media the “eyeballs” upon which their ad revenue depends.
      • Cancel our cable subscriptions, thereby depriving television content providers of a vital stream of revenue.
    • If 50% of America’s Whites were to lock up their credit cards for 5 months the system would have no choice but to accede to our demands.
    • Condition our people to avoid the false sensations of evolutionary fitness that the consumer role provides, and to seek instead real sensations of evolutionary fitness produced by:
      • In the case of males: a job, a wife, children, no debt and substantial savings and investment.
      • In the case of females: a husband, children, job skills that can provide in an emergency, no credit card debt, substantial savings and investment.
    • Exploit the fragility of the “service economy”.
      • Wash your own car.
      • Mow your own lawn.
      • Clean your own house.
      • Cook your own meals.
      • Select and rent your own entertainment (cancel cable – subscribe to Netflix)
      • Save your money.
  • Form local associations for mutual aid and support.
    • Identify those with the talent and skills necessary to administer a government.
    • Provide mutual aid and assistance to other members of the group to counteract—to the extent possible—the disabilities imposed on us by multiculturalism.


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  1. You, there are some good ideas here, and I’m a black man, however, why can’t we work together as the people already here. This is neither a Black, White, Red, or Brown country… What makes our country the greatest country in the world is our inclusiveness. I’m am TOTALLY with you guys on immigration reform (all nations though- not just non-european nations), and taking the power away from corps. Even the affirmative action bit you guys have is awesome, but we need to stick together here. Just a thought. No race is better than the other. Christianity should have taught that to everyone. AGAIN, a VERY interesting proposal. I used to think you guys as racist, but I’m leaning towards racial. Which, in my opinion is fine, just as long as everything is equal. NOT separate.

    • Meh, I commit every fiber of my being and yearning of my soul that my descendants be free from predation and exploitation by Africans such as yourself as well as the other races. We are not equal, and coexistence is not possible without destruction of one or all. But I would not expect you to be able to grasp this.

      • Meh, for 50 years now, we have bent over backwards to try to form an inclusive society. Instead, we find ourselves paying taxes for schools our kids can’t go to, public transit we can’t use, and state universities our children are last in line for. Add to that the blatant, growing “beat-downs” and “brawls” at places we go for entertainment (movies, tourist spots, state fairs, amusement parts, restaurants), and you see the problem. Saying “let’s be inclusive” has gotten us to a situation where, for instance, Duluth citizens have to drive to work facing billboards, paid for by their taxes, complaining that whites are too racist to see their racism! Meanwhile, “our” Dept. of Justice refuses to call any cases against whites “discrimination.” We have a president destroying our country whom we cannot criticize without being called racist. And finally, our own race is being split in two, as the elites join people of color against poor and middle-class whites.

        Try to understand how we feel. Betrayed…that’s a good place to start. Used. Frustrated. And yes, angry. The way we see it, blacks (muslims, hispanics, etc. but mostly blacks) have “taken over” cities — Detroit, Birmingham, St. Louis, etc. — which are now filled with crime, violence, and corruption, and the more we move away from it, the move it follows us.

        When blacks stop voting for treasonous foreigners because of skin color, when blacks can be portrayed as criminals in movies, and not just as “God” or heroes, when blacks stand up and protest “Beat Whitey” “games,” when they stop treating obama as the messiah and fawning over idiots like Sharpton and Farrakhan….some of us (not all) might be willing to talk. But we don’t see it happening, and frankly, that goes for “indefinitely,” not just for now.

        It’s too late. We’ve sat through our last damn “sensitivity training.” We’ve been called “demons” by people like Maxine Waters for the last time. And we’ve had our political movements (Tea Party) called racist thugs for the last time. I know I became a race realist after teaching in inner-city schools (where I had my kids classroom taken away and given to a black teacher.) The acceptance of the ghetto culture, thugs and murderers, by the black race, has turned us off — for good, I fear. I see no hope for “inclusiveness,” although I appreciate your letter. All I see in the future is staying away from places like KC and St. Louis (I’m in Missouri) and stockpiling goods in case the riots make it to my town when obama gets beaten in November and Eric Holder’s “people” come calling with their hatred to “get back” at all us whites.

  2. You’re shooting yourselves in the kneecaps with this stress on “whiteness”. You are guaranteeing the inability of your position ultimately to carry. Why?
    PLEASE don’t tell me that, in your heart of hearts, you’re actually white supremacists.
    Look, you gotta go to a policy based vocabulary that’s sufficiently consistent with the white protestant traditions and values – otherwise, you’re just blowing smoke rings in a well festooned lounge.
    Granted, it’s a little more work actually developing inchoate policy issues that should have been staffed out before the articles of confederation were canned, but it’s the only option open to you if you would preserve what’s left of two centuries of ( white) republican sovereignty.
    You need a majority vote to carry your position. Do you actually think you’re going to achieve that by returning to a pre thirties level of social spending? With open borders and high unemployment?
    If so, the eastern liberals will continue to contain you in an 80 year old box marked “politically obtuse”.
    Oops, it’s 6:15 am in the afternoon. the guy’s here to fix my yacht.
    gotta go. toodles!

  3. coming from a white of nordic descent
    what I see in this page is fascism with make up
    you are just an evolved version of kkk / stormfront who hides behind some libertarian but many authoritarian policies.
    people like you make me ashamed of my “race”

    • Please, tell us of an organization that can serve our interests. Then, maybe, you can make judgements.

      Just in case (because I have the feeling I can predict what you are about to reply, and that is : you think we don’t need such organization because race is not important), yes we need an organization to defend our interests because an hostile elite has decided to turn the world against us. For example, promoting “replacement immigration/ethnic substitution” instead of preserving the ethnic cohesion of the country (like between 1920 and 1965).

      The private sector of the mass media promoting diversity and race-mixing.

      Public policies like affirmative action (aka racial preferences towards non-whites).

      And so on.

  4. (im w/meh & trion). i am 100% w/the proposals here. there is not a day where i dont have abuse from the third world. im very white w/blue eyes, baltic so im a target. but im jewish. &according to most people on this site im the devil its all my fault. not a good way to get support, there are thousands of jewish american people who want to get their country back, & have no connection to zionism. this monster globalist agenda affects us too. let go of your bogey man. you all have jew-itis!! ive written several comments this week. no one has answered back. guess ill have to seek out another organization. in the meantime ill stick to michael savage/alex jones for radio. go to, help ron paul. & maybe forget about this site. too bad there are some fabulous articles here & some great writing. i thought it would be interesting to be part of this as im a jew from new york who has a back round in media.

  5. comment #2 forgot to mention: when the white person gets pushed aside, there is no picking @hairs as too if you are finnish or have jewish blood. im discrimimated against as a white woman, but yet this site puts me w/blacks or mexicans. so what am i? white monkey in the middle?? im not responsible for what wall street did, what ever. as you are not responsible for slavery.

  6. The above article should mention that we should rely less on artifical fiat currency and rely more on bartering with each other. Mutual community aid is already mentioned. Being a slave to the dollar only benefits those who are able to print dollars out of thin air. It is a useful tool for *trade*. People should not save dollars though and should decrease their dependence on it. This would minimize the effects of economic down swings for example.

  7. The ‘welfare burden’ is not from individuals or families that aren’t working – there will ALWAYS be people who can’t work in a capitalist system – even more in a ‘free market’ capitalist system. It is based on competition and there are always winners and losers in this arrangment. The ‘burden’ from this is minimal – EVEN in the current, immoral and corrupted economic dynamic. . The burden from neo-liberal policies and the theft and redistribution of capital to an extremist elite is – and has been – catastrophic in a western, Christian nation. IMO including this as something OQ would like to see implemented is short-sighted and ideologically inconsistent with western, Christian ideology…

  8. Capture the culture and you will begin winning in politics. The Left always wins in politics because they firmly control the entire culture.

  9. Aron Sutton said:

    It is a crying shame to see so many Whites whom’ve posted here blatantly devoid of human communal instinct and common sense. They are repulsed by fascism and any notion of (white) ethnocentrism purely by the actions of the Nazi party in the 30’s and 40’s. In their adamant, bigoted and negligent effort to escape such association they fail so manifestly to apprehend a very simple and obvious fact of life; all races seek to dominate, as is strategy to their survival, and that integration and assimilation do not and cannot exist without the destruction of one if not both of the parties involved.

    It always has been, and always will be, every man for himself in nature’s kingdom. And in that, each ethnic group must stick undyingly to their selves.

  10. Christine said:

    Now that Obama has been re-elected, it will be interesting to see where your plans go from here. Regardless of who wins in the 2016 elections, the demographics of the nation have already changed and they are not changing back unless someone decides to create another 3rd Reich.

    While reading this site (I’m new to it), I couldn’t help but wonder if you all are preaching to an ever decreasing circular choir. If you want the United States to succeed and be a nation of hard working people who build strong families and educate their children to become productive, decent future citizens, you cannot single out just one group (e.g. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, etc.). You now must (or run the risk of becoming completely isolated and obsolete) work on every American. This nation will only rise and remain a dominant, stable influence in both the world and at home if the poorer and middle classes (of every hue) work to balance each other out and give each other a helping hand against the corporate elite. I know I sound like a bill board and quite polly-anna-ish, but let’s be realistic… Much of what’s on this site is the recycled and regurgitated White Supremacist ideas of the past 200-300 years…. and it hasn’t really gotten anyone any closer to the racial purity and segregation that the movement has yearned for. The Nazis already tried it, and though they were able to kill off many of what they considered “the undesirables” they ultimately failed — — and they were a far more powerful and larger group than what is circling the globe today in the movement.

    If you reach way down in your “Christian” souls, you must know that this country has not really tried to correct the past wrongs that have been done to so many in the name of White Supremacy and/or Manifest Destiny. Allowing for desegregation (all the while kicking and screaming and never really fully embracing it) and for a few upwardly mobile Black/Hispanic/White Women to gain access to better schooling and better paying jobs (Affirmative Action) was not enough because it was never really accepted. You want the White Race as a whole in this country to do better? Then you had better start realizing that you are no longer in full control — — and pretty much never will be again.

    The miscegenation some of you spoke of is very real. I am from the liberal north east, but have lived in a few southern states (Texas, Florida, Virginia) for the past 13 years and I was stunned to see how many mixed race children are running around in the various middle income neighborhoods I’ve resided it. It’s too late, folks. You can sit on these sites, get angry and wallow in grief for the next 100 years while the country moves on without you or you can join the rest of society and try to fix (really fix instead of playing at fixing) what’s broken.

  11. Daybreaker said:

    Chronic non-white mass immigration into all white countries and only white countries plus forced integration and assimilation is anti-white genocide, because it obviously, inevitably means that unless the process is stopped there will be no white people left in the world.

    That means no continuing posterity for white people.

    The good life is lived with a view to one’s posterity. There is no acceptable alternative.

    Our ancestors could look forward to their posterity. Even if they had no children of their own, others of their race (and thus highly related to them) would go on. The highest achievements of our white cultures and our ancestors, for example the American Constitution, were based on dedication to their posterity. The greatest art, the greatest achievements of every kind, were made good for the long term. It is our duty to go on in the same way.

    We must, morally and in gratitude to our ancestors, do all that we can to secure a good future for the white race.

    As we are targeted racially, so we must define ourselves racially and defend ourselves and our future generations racially. This defense must be cultural as well as material.

    This is not what many of us would have wanted. But the time when white people did not have to define themselves racially and struggle racially because they could rationally feel secure in an unchallenged great future for the white race is over.

    This is the crux of the conflict. This is what cannot be compromised. If the wrongs that put in doubt the rational, material basis for confidence in the future of the white race are not remedied, no deal is good enough.

    Without explicit white identity and white global kinship, consciously defended and culturally elaborated, no lasting and effective defense of white people, our interests and our collective posterity is possible. If there is nothing that we are entitled to, including our white identities and our membership in white communities, if there is nothing that we are entitled to keep for ourselves, we cannot survive.

    To say that we do not have certain rights, even though we need them collectively to survive, is the same as to say: anti-white genocide is all right. We cannot accept that.

    In view of the ongoing cultural attacks on whites and whiteness, and the anti-white policies that these attacks have led and continue to lead to, white intellectuals have a duty to explore and vindicate our history, our interests, our rights and our collective dignity.

  12. Daybreaker said:

    The Occidental Quarterly gives whites of ordinary gifts and a decent love of our race a convenient way to read, discuss and financially and morally support white intellectuals of the highest integrity, loyalty and professional competence.

    If we all do what little we can, as a regular habit, over time I hope it will add up to a lot.

  13. Daybreaker said:

    It’s hard to know what ordinary white people can do to avoid being betrayed from above.

    It seems we are supposed to build organizations. (“Somehow.”) But our ancestors did build organizations, at tremendous effort and cost, and these organizations, from our national states down to things like the Ford Foundation, are now our enemies.

    Some on the right say we need to be more aristocratic, less insistent on the rights and value of the more humble. But it’s the high flyers, the glittering stars, that sell us out.

    Has everyone seen Dana White’s anti-white rant on why it’s fine in UFC for Cain Velasquez to have a big Brown Pride tattoo, but even to be the sort of person who would want a White Pride tattoo is unacceptable? This man made his money from young white men who wanted to see a combat sport that reflected them – not necessarily exclusively, but as a part of the sport’s culture, in a way that boxing no longer reflects white Americans. Yet when whites raised Dana White up to fame and wealth he turned on them, and this is typical. It’s miserable when anyone you raise up on your shoulders becomes your enemy.

    It seems that everyone who’s white who gets some power, whether the power is wealth or fame and looks or anything else, decides that humbler whites are valueless and he should sell them out at the first offer, or for nothing, just for the smile of a non-white interviewer.

    In the pro-white movement, there have been exploiters, sellouts like Ian Jobling, people who (often prove to have at least partial Jewish descent, and) gradually put Jewish interests more and more ahead of white interests, and people of dubious sanity who take right angle turns into pseudo-science, Hitler-worship and implicit slavophobia, or simple paranoia. It’s discouraging.

    When you hear that someone like Guillaume Faye has a “New Jewish Question” or a “new, unexpected” take on any issue deeply touching white interests, the natural first reaction is: “this is probably going to be bad, because it always is.”

    That atmosphere of frequently justified mistrust is not a good one for the reception of intellectual work. It’s also not a good one for networking or “star-making” in any way.

    We envy the networking ability of Jews, and rightly so. It is awesome.

    But ordinary Jews can afford to raise their own kind to positions of prominence, including informal, moral prominence. They have reasonable and often-vindicated expectations that this will be good for the Jews.

    Jews can afford to invest emotionally in Jewish heroes (in all sorts of fields), knowing that their heroes and heroines, as good Jews, would never be against them and despise them for feeling that way. (And if they did they wouldn’t dare say so, given the strong controls that exist within the Jewish community.) Thus Jews are able to gain a sort of “psychic income” from the success of other Jews, which makes it profitable for Jews to cheerlead for other Jews and try to assist them to succeed in any way that comes to hand.

    The way that prominent whites act paralyzes not only organization but cheerleading.

    “Why?” is one question. (I would like it if someone could explain this, because I don’t get it.)

    “What can we do about it?” is probably a more important question for most white-identified whites.

    It seems such a natural thing to do: raise people of one’s own kind to power or prominence, cheer for the sports starts, put up pictures of the beautiful women, and generally help create winners. It seems like an appetite that could have evolved, and that might be beneficial to have. It seems like we’re missing out if we can’t play this game. So, how?

    I think The Occidental Quarterly is a tiny part of the answer.

    I don’t need to know who “Yggdrasil” is any more than cultural Zionist Jews who were influenced by Ahad Ha-Am needed to know who “one of the people” was other than someone strongly identified as one of them, committed in heart and intellect, onto an important idea, and worth reading. I don’t need or want to know anything about who anybody at The Occidental Quarterly “really” is behind their pseudonyms, other than this: they all meet Kevin MacDonald’s high standards, and they are all “of the people” in heart and not just by accident of descent.

    To present and certify trustworthy intellectuals who are worthy of our time, money and attention and who are not going to be sellouts or turn out to be stone crazy or pass off dishonest, shoddy work as intellectually solid is a great reason to The Occidental Quarterly to exist, from my point of view.

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