Nov 26, 2009

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Television (Almost) as Usual: Viewing House, M.D.


Dr. House: A Medical Sherlock Holmes

I like to look beyond—or, if you will, behind—the “surface” of entertainment by trying to learn a little about the people and institutions responsible for creating it. Doing so enhances my viewing experience.

Without question, information about celebrities and entertainment technology is far more abundant than reliable information about the business and production aspects of the entertainment industry. Informative corporate histories and biographies are sparse compared to the thousands of books, articles, documentaries, and reviews available about celebrities, movies, TV programs, music groups, and so on.

But even learning about the latter is helpful. Let me provide an example by looking into the backgrounds of some of the cast members of the popular Fox television series House, M.D., a Dr. Kildare retread I started watching sporadically a few weeks ago. It stars an actor named Hugh Laurie as the brilliant but irascible Dr. House. House leads a team of physicians who solve impossible medical mysteries at a metropolitan New Jersey hospital. Although the show has been around for awhile, I had not seen it. Because none of the cast members were familiar to me, I set out to learn a little about them.

House was created by Canadian-born TV writer/producer David Shore: “Shore is the oldest of three brothers who grew up in what he called ‘a typical Reform-type Jewish household.’ He had his bar mitzvah at London’s [in Ontario, Canada] Conservative synagogue, Congregation Or Shalom. He now belongs to a Conservative synagogue in L.A., and his brothers, twins two years his junior, are Aish HaTorah rabbis in Jerusalem.”

Hugh Laurie was raised a Scottish Presbyterian, though born in England. His father was a medical doctor who won an Olympic gold medal in rowing in 1948. Laurie adopts an American accent for the show, which is not his natural way of speaking.

Laurie and Jewish homosexual Stephen Fry, who have known each other since their college days at Cambridge, partnered as a British comedy team for many years. (Fry is the son of a Jewish mother and an English father.) Joint projects included the British TV comedies Blackadder, starring Rowan Atkinson, and Jeeves and Wooster, in which Fry played Jeeves and Laurie played Bertie Wooster. Fry, who considers Laurie his best friend, was the best man at Laurie’s wedding in 1989, and is the godfather of Laurie’s three children.

The two . . . ah . . . individuals also worked frequently with British Jewish comedian Ben Elton (Jewish father, English mother).

Omar Epps & Olivia Wilde

Omar Epps & Olivia Wilde: The Race-Mixers

A conspicuous feature of the television series is a plot thread involving unsubtle propaganda in the form of an interracial sexual relationship between two team members, a beautiful white female doctor (actress Olivia Wilde) and a coal black Negro doctor (Omar Epps).

Olivia Wilde (“Wilde” is her stage name), believe it or not, is the real-life granddaughter of Communist Irish journalist Claud Cockburn (in Homage to Catalonia [1938], George Orwell criticized Cockburn for being under the control of the Communist Party), niece of journalists Alexander and Patrick Cockburn, and daughter of journalists Andrew and Leslie Cockburn, both prominent anti-Zionists. Father Andrew co-edits the newsletter CounterPunch and its associated website, for which he and his brothers also write. The publications have frequently been attacked as “anti-Semitic” despite their large stable of Jewish writers. They publish a great deal of useful independent journalism and commentary, including the unique work of maverick conservative columnist Paul Craig Roberts.

House’s love interest on the show is played by Lisa Edelstein, a Jewish actress who, it turns out, played George Costanza’s “Risotto Girl” in the old Seinfeld TV series. Due either to maturity or clever camera work and makeup, she looks far more alluring in House than she did when she was younger and skinnier. In Seinfeld she wasn’t attractive at all. Her character is named Dr. Lisa Cuddy, and in the episodes I saw was not depicted as Jewish.

There is also a Jewish doctor on House’s team for whom House displays little respect. He is played by Jewish actor Peter Jacobson, the son of prominent Chicago news anchorman and TV personality Walter “Skippy” Jacobson.

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer: The Aesthetic Bait

Another team member is played by an actor named Jesse Spencer, who was born in Australia in 1979. According to Wikipedia, his parents have an interesting background:

Jesse Spencer was born in a pub in Melbourne, Australia. He has two brothers, Tarney (an oculo-plastic surgeon) and Luke (an orthopaedic registrar), and a sister, Polly (currently an intern in medicine). His parents Robyn and Rodney Spencer are the founders of the Australians Against Further Immigration political party and have run several times as candidates in federal and state elections for that party and for One Nation.

The fact that Spencer’s parents hold unusual views is intriguing, but tells us nothing about what Spencer himself thinks. Families are no longer significant determiners of attitudes and beliefs. Even in healthier times children—especially adult children—were not mirror images of their parents.

Of course, in a nation of deep-dyed “anti-racist” racists, there’s always an element eager to visit the “iniquity” of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation—as witnessed here. The anonymous perpetrator of this libel exhibits the alien psychology of a non-white. The activity of Spencer’s parents is an obscure bit of information about a little-known actor, and such a twisted take on it represents a bizarre—if all too familiar—mentality. To treat even a known opponent of genocidal immigration in such a manner, much less his child, is psychopathological.

So what does all of this signify? That the white star is a homosexual-loving slob that gives the finger; that the Negro wins the model-sexy white girl; the white girl chooses the black; the Jewess gets the white star; and Jessie Spencer—well, he’s just a nice blonde guy with a passive expression in his grey-blue eyes?

Not really. As contemporary television series go, House is not bad. It’s watchable.

Of course, the obtrusive racism typified by the Epps-Wilde pairing is grating and insulting. It is no accident, but rather a deliberately calculated move to achieve a known effect. We understand what the producers’ agenda is. It slips into mainstream entertainment a watered down version of the “Blacks on Blondes” pornography produced by “the other Hollywood”—itself a multibillion dollar industry (organized prostitution) maintained by the same legal system utilized to deprive whites of freedom of speech and association.

In historical white societies, interracial mating, which was rare, almost always involved white men with black women; any offspring were classified as non-white. Today the situation is reversed; such matings overwhelmingly involve black men with white women. This demonstrates loss of white racial dominance—but not to blacks.

The actors, entertainers, and celebrities chosen to convey the messages encoded in entertainment products are important for the subconscious aesthetic, racial, and social representations they are selected to transmit to impressionable audiences. They must connect on a primal level with target audiences.

Ignoring the element of luck (which, of course, is a factor), a complex assessment by production executives of physical appearance, demeanor, mannerism, personality, and charisma is what elevates the careers of successful entertainers. Energy, determination, and professional talent are also required. Finally, “the talent” must possess the capacity to thrive in a Jewish-dominated environment that is bare-knuckled, callous, fraught with pitfalls for the careless or unwary (sex, drugs, money, bad publicity) and not infrequently violent.

Learning something about such people, and looking at their world through the same set of lenses the David Shores of the world use, gives us a little insight into those among us who have gone wrong, as well as who among us is not really “us” at all.


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  1. Greg Johnson said:

    Normal white people cannot be destroyed by television if we do not watch it, and we would not watch it if there were no actors and characters who appeal to healthy white tastes and instincts.

    From your run down of the caste of House, there is only one actor whose character who could appeal to such tastes: Jesse Spencer. His siblings are doctors. He plays one on TV. His parents obviously have good genes, the instinct to propagate them, and the political sense to try to preserve a homeland for them.

    Looking at him, what white man would not want to be like him, look like him, or have him as a son-in-law? What white woman would not want him as a husband or a son-in-law? He appeals to all the right instincts and tastes in healthy white people.

    So they tune in.

    Then they are exposed to 42 minutes of race-destroying propaganda, plus 18 minutes of banal news updates and commercials that usually sell crap which is also bundled with as much race-destroying propaganda as possible.

    Jesse Spencer and actors like him are bait on the anti-white hook. I hope he awakens to this fact before the industry that is using him destroys him like it is destroying the rest of us.

  2. Marge O'Brien said:

    Especially good insight here:

    “In historical white societies, interracial mating, which was rare, almost always involved white men with black women; any offspring were classified as non-white. Today the situation is reversed; such matings overwhelmingly involve black men with white women. This demonstrates loss of white racial dominance—but not to blacks.”

    I’ve never watched House, but if I had, I would not have been able to get past the interracial coupling– I wonder if “watchability” is affected by the sex of the viewer, above and beyond racial sensitivity.

    Because I’m so familiar with the perpetual use of baiting the hook for Whites in shows and movies, I’m surprised I hadn’t picked up on the use of Jesse Spencer for that purpose until Greg pointed it out. Yes, he makes a very attractive lure.


  3. Revealingly, in the House “Christmas” show broadcast last year the only overtly
    religious symbol I saw was a Star of David.

  4. White Non-Conservative said:

    The early 1970s year had official Hollywood giving us Archie Bunker learning to overcome his objections first about white men marrying black women (done comically), and later on teenage white girls dating black men (done dramatically and a good example of ritual shaming).

    The same year unofficial Hollywood released the first popular “black on blonde” pornographic movie, Behind the Green Door. At the time pornography still had an uncertain legal status is many parts of the USA, yet the FBI itself went on a nation wide mission to protect the copyright on the film and prevent organized crime elements from illegally showing it, thus protecting the producer’s profits.

    This is likely the only time the FBI has sided with pornographers rather than against them, and it just happened to be a film depicting miscegenation between black men and white women. Of course the producers of the film were Jewish, as was the producer of All in the Family.

  5. “Normal white people cannot be destroyed by television if we do not watch it”
    Exactly, Dr. Johnson! That is one of the reasons why I have gotten rid of my TV a while ago (the other reason being that there is nothing worth viewing on it anyway). The only good use you can make of a TV is to watch films by Ingmar Bergman or perhaps something by Hammer Productions…

    The WN movement should really emphasize this more – get rid of your TV! Or at least get rid of the useless channels (cable), so you can keep the TV and watch classic films on DVD.

  6. Andrew Hamilton said:

    Editor Greg Johnson’s perceptive comments stimulated further thoughts that I should try to set down.

    First, it is important to realize that House is an extremely popular program. The vast majority of television shows die a quick death. Of the very few pilots that are picked up, only 25% survive to the second year—and the death rate continues after that. House, which debuted in 2004, is already in its sixth season.

    From its second to its fourth season, House was among the ten most highly rated TV shows in America; last season it slipped to nineteenth place. Yet it still vies with American Idol as Fox’s most popular show. Seen in 66 countries, it was the most-watched television program in the world in 2008. It has won Peabody, Golden Globe, and Primetime Emmy awards, and been hailed by critics.

    No doubt there is some truth to the characterization of Jesse Spencer as “aesthetic bait” to lure white viewers (the comments in the photo captions were supplied by the editor, not the author). The white female actresses who at various times played members of House’s team are likewise sexy and attractive.

    But why do millions of viewers tune in to House? To see Jesse Spencer? To follow the subplot involving Epps and Wilde? The answer to both questions is a resounding no.

    Rather, the stories are compelling and well-acted—a necessary condition.

    But, in terms of performers, people unquestionably tune in to see Hugh Laurie as Gregory House. He is the lure. Laurie’s unexpected, against-type casting—so radically opposed to the white twits and imbeciles (racist caricatures) he’s portrayed all his life—is the rare, fortuitous case of the ideal actor (as opposed to the right human being) meeting the ideal role with the correct material at the right time.

    Laurie’s House is nearly as intriguing and sharply limned as Sherlock Holmes, upon whom he is partially based. By the fifth season, Laurie was earning $400,000 per episode, making him one of the highest paid actors on network television.

    I suppose one could argue that Laurie is an actor, and House a character, who appeal to unhealthy (as opposed to healthy) white instincts. But I do not think it is as simple as that.

    Unfortunately, it is necessary to watch some episodes of the program, either new ones on Monday nights, or in reruns, to develop a feel for it. It is difficult to discuss in the abstract.

    It is true that white actors and actresses have a moral responsibility to examine the social effect their work has and to adjust their attitudes and behaviors accordingly. But white academics, journalists, politicians, judges, cops, and for that matter members of our own families have the same obligation—but do not honor it. So until the culture changes, we probably can’t expect widespread altruistic behavior from character actors like Jesse Spencer trying to make a living in a nearly impossible profession.

    Nor can we ignore the fact that when a rare Hollywood denizen breaks ranks, as Mel Gibson or Marlon Brando momentarily did, he is instantly shot down.

  7. Bertram Wooster was not a “racist caricature”. I’ve never seen Jeeves and Wooster, but the novels upon which the show was based are anything but anti-English. Bertie Wooster is a bumbler, but he’s nonetheless a very sympathetic protagonist. And all of the stories are set in an idyllic pre-war England that is a virtual paradise when compared with the multi-ethnic “England” of today.

    P.G. Wodehouse is a giant of 20th century English literature.

  8. Greg Johnson said:

    I have only seen one episode of House, and Dr. House seemed a rather abrasive and arrogant eccentric with no charms that made me want to watch the show again. Perhaps I saw an uncharacteristic episode. Be that as it may, there is a broader point here: whites, and particularly white males, still pay dominant roles in multicultural television precisely because such characters are necessary to bait white viewers, who are the intended targets of race-destroying propaganda.

  9. breezysmooth said:

    Lisa Cuddy is Jewish. She had a Simchat bat for her adopted child, and celebrates Hanukkah. House constantly makes racist comments on her for that. But I still love the show. And in the recent episodes, she doesn’t look so nice.

  10. Andrew Hamilton said:

    Breezysmooth: Thank you for the information about Lisa Cuddy. I’ve only seen five or six episodes, and do not intend to become a regular viewer—although I will watch additional episodes from time to time. I do understand the appeal of the show.

    Wikipedia confirms your observation, stating that Cuddy was created by one of the show’s several Jewish producers, Bryan Singer (b. 1965): “The character has been described as ‘tough-as-nails’ by Salon’s Lily Burana, a woman who ‘clicks through the halls of the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital in low-cut sweaters and pencil skirts, bringing incredible Jewy glamour to prime time.””

    House likewise makes cutting racist jabs at Jewish team member Dr. Chris Taub, played by Peter Jacobson.

    White Non-Conservative: The whole Behind the Green Door/pornography thing is a subject unto itself, but the FBI warning against illegal copying shown on all videos, DVDs, etc., today, is partly the result of a federal appeals court decision in a lawsuit brought by the film’s producers, Jim and Artie Mitchell, against low-level organized crime elements and others pirating the movie.

    The now-deceased Mitchell brothers, however, were not Jewish.

    Andy: I would have appreciated feedback about this from anyone with knowledge of both the novels and the Jeeves and Wooster series. There may have been a disjunction between the two. I’ve never read Wodehouse, but I am aware of his politically incorrect leanings; on the other hand, the bits of the Fry-Laurie series I’ve seen (I never watched an entire episode) fit my characterization, I think (I’m open to changing my mind), as do his egregious Blackadder roles.

    Greg Johnson: The episode you saw sounds quite typical. Also, you’re right about the broader point, which I certainly did not intend to dispute.

  11. Stupid face said:

    I am a great fan of Wodehouse and I saw in Mister Laurie and Mister Fry the very most perfect recreation of the fictitious characters Bertie and Jeeves. I watched TV just to see the two come to life. Fry was a big fan of Wodehouse btw. I do not think Wodehouse was a Jew.

    I rarely watch the box since I am tired of the never ending tale of life everywhere told by Jews. Acted out by Jews. I am not anti-Semitic, but I don’t want to be told who and what I am by an alien.

    What intrigues me about House is that my Daughter in law and her pals (doctors) have always watched it, as does my son. I asked why and they said it was fun and relates to the oddities found in Hospitals.

    My Daughter is now a veterinary surgeon. Human medicine proved to be beyond comic for her since the personalities encountered within the system showed themselves to be vain selfish, fashion-crazed and generally “out of control.” The health care system is falling apart (and Obama hasn’t started yet).

    We all know by now that the arts belongs to Jews, it is obvious and has been so since the days of Vaudeville. That’s just the way it seems to be. Non Jews are not welcome at the stage doors of the music and arts houses.

    What we really should worry about is the fact that they have successfully defined non Jewish life for all the suckers who watch and believe what they see on the box. The entertainment industry has been a great experiment in social engineering. We have become what the Jewish masters want us to be, in general. Music, the graphic arts, and the world of drama is their domain and their domain alone.

    This is changing since they can’t build the world for Korean, Japanese, or even Chinese cultural exploits. They do however run the Latino market.

    We in America are on the edge of either becoming a Catholic Latin nation or a Muslim nation.

    Europe is well on its way to being Muslim.

    Obviously if we fall to the Muslim side, we will have no worries since there will be no entertainment, nation, or any heads on white shoulders either.

    • Stupid face said:
      November 28, 2009 at 11:21 pm
      “Obviously if we fall to the Muslim side, we will have no worries since there will be no entertainment, nation, or any heads on white shoulders either.”

      I have not heard that. Truly, in other lands this has not happened.

      Of course there ARE racists who ARE Muslim, at least call themselves such, and they DO hate Whites, but it is not due to Islam, just as the hatred or Whites by Latinos and Blacks is not due to Christ’s teachings.

  12. A few comments on House.

    First, the character House is an example of post-virtue America. While he is brilliant and a very keen observer, he has almost no redeeming qualities as a human being. He is egotistical, self-centered and anti-social. He is a shameless drug addict who flaunts his addiction.

    Second, House is deemed to be a practitioner of Wicca. This is bizarre inasmuch as all his pronouncements and actions are those of an atheist. He constantly denounces Christianity as reducing life to being a mere “test,” a criticism that, conveniently, doesn’t extend to Judaism.

    The aggressive anti-Christianity doesn’t extend to militant atheism. The scripts are carefully written to portray non-explicit miraculous events occurring.

    A man believes that his son’s terminal disease is his Karmic debt. To save his son he deliberately loses all his wealth in the options market. Reflecting upon that act, House realizes that the his medically-confirmed diagnosis of a terminal disease was wrong, and the son is saved. Had the man not lost everything his son would have died.

    House’s atheism is constantly challenged, with the theists repeatedly forcing him to reconsider. But, this isn’t subversive Christianity, for Christianity is consistently portrayed as being bad; it is subversive non-Christian theism? Judaism perhaps?

    Third, his best friend in the series is an explicit Jew. The Jew’s role in the series is to mentor the anti-social House as to how to be a decent human being. The irony!

    • Greg Johnson said:

      This is brilliant. TOQ Online has some of the highest quality comments on the internet. Thanks for adding to them.

  13. Mr Hamilton,
    I have an issue with you, you don’t write often enough!
    I’ve seen but the opening scene in a single episode of House.
    A 50ish White woman has a black female escort come to her home for explicitly lesbian domination sex. The White woman collapses, perhaps dead, from the heatedness of her desire for the black female. At that point I turned the dial and have not watched the program again.

    I do note that several White mature women in my acquaintance do watch House and list it as their favorite program.

    Edward Bernays anyone?

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