Feb 5, 2010

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Left Targets Kevin MacDonald Again. How About These Professors Too?

MacDonaldCartoonBy Anonymous Attorney
Vdare.com, February 4, 2010

It’s long been rough going for Kevin MacDonald, the California State University/Long Beach psychology professor whose writings on “implicit whiteness”, Jewish influence and other topics have brought on SPLC ($PLC) investigations, faculty denunciations and, he blogs recently, classroom disruptors.

It’s a price to be paid in a time when advocacy for whites has become, bar none, America’s most towering taboo. The good professor might have to dip into the materials on “psychological stress caused by ostracismfloating around his office somewhere.

Here are some students bragging about efforts to have him removed from his teaching position, with a focus on his recent support for a Third Party effort:

“Senior English major Doug Kauffman was one of the students who led the demonstration in MacDonald’s class last Tuesday.

“‘We planned this [demonstration] at least a month in advance; the goal would be to have every student just get up and walk out,’ Kauffman said.

Marylou Cabral, a senior art education major and participant in the demonstration, commented on the student’s reactions.

“‘Many seemed appalled, and I think a few even left,’ Cabral said. ‘Our goal is to let students know about [MacDonald’s] involvement in Freedom 14 and other neo-Nazi groups. We feel that the students need to know what they’re getting into.’

“Both Kauffman and Cabral are students at CSULB and members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), a Marxist and Leninist organization that advocates revolutionary change and progressive reform.

[Students call for removal of psychology professor: Tenured professor Kevin MacDonald says he just wants to teach, regardless of his political views, by David Cowan, Daily 49er, January 31, 2010]

But if they’re going to fire Kevin MacDonald, logically they should take care of a few other professors while they’re at it:

Jensen [Email him] is a journalism professor at the University of Texas whose hatred of whites practically radiates from his body. He once declared, in a book titled Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism and White Privilege, that “I don’t think white people should love their whiteness. Better for everyone, I think, that we take a shot first at hating it”. Imagine the reaction if a professor had substituted blackness for “whiteness”! Jensen went on: “I want to live in a world where I can at least imagine that someday I will be able to stop being white.” [VDARE.com note: Jensen appeared previously on VDARE.com when he denounced Thanksgiving.]

Jews have a term for this: the self-hating Jew. Whites also apparently have a name for it: tenured journalism professor. (And we wonder why the MSM takes the stances it does).

As can be seen from his website, Jensen isn’t shy about his extreme anti-white stance, or his political involvement. Yet I’m unaware of any students disrupting his class, fellow faculty members denouncing him, or Heidi Beirich camping out near his house and going through his garbage.

And a white student required to take one of Jensen’s classes might just have a legitimate concern: is this guy going to flunk me in the name of punishing the evil white race?

So what’s the difference between Kevin MacDonald and Robert Jensen?

Setting aside scholarship quality or pedagogical skill, it’s that they’re on opposite sides of the race issue in America. Jensen’s on the “right” side, and finds himself nesting cozily in Austin. MacDonald is on the “wrong” side, and finds himself the target of countless attacks.

Ignatiev, a history professor at the Massachusetts College of Art, is founder of a journal [Email them]( called Race Traitor Motto: treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity) and a fellow at Harvard’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute. He wrote in the Harvard Magazine that “abolishing the white race” is “so desirable that some may find it hard to believe” that anyone other than “committed white supremacists” would oppose it.[ Abolish the White Race, September-October 2002 ]

Well, sure—your typical Republican member of Congress isn’t exactly standing in the way of that plan. But Ignatiev does put it awfully bluntly.

Again, might not a white student in his class feel a little uncomfortable? If so, none have called any attention to the problem.

Gregory Jay [Email him] is an English professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. How that qualifies him to bash whites as the source of all the world’s evil, I’m not sure. But he does.

Jay is a proponent of “whiteness studies”, which as you might guess, does not have anything to do with appreciation of white people or their cultures. In an essay titled Who Invented White People?”, [PDF]he calls “whiteness” an insane delusion with no scientific foundation, asserts that we’re all mongrels, and insists that whites benefit from unearned privilege.

If “race does not exist”, would Professor Jay consider dumping affirmative action? And have you ever heard any of the “race does not exist” crowd direct this at blacks or Hispanics, lecturing them that “blackness is a social construct” or that being a Hispanic or a Latino is a delusion and that La Raza should pack up and go home?

Funny, haven’t heard that.

And again—it goes without saying that Gregory Jay isn’t having his classes disrupted or fellow faculty members holding somber meetings on what to do about his obvious anti-white racism.

In the past, CSULB’s president, F. King Alexander, [Email him]and its Academic Senate have issued statements distancing themselves from MacDonald. But to its credit, the school currently appears to be backing his freedom to research and write on the topics of interest to him. “Academic freedom, free speech… we don’t change that”, a university spokeswoman told me over the phone.

CSULB is also making it known that such disruptions violate university policy. Campus police are aware of the situation and are ready to respond to calls (562-985-5049 OR 911).

My advice to the disruptors: try debating the issues instead. Give speeches on your own time. Write letters. Blog for the socialist blogs.

Heck, invite Jensen, Ignatiev and Jay for a university-wide anti-white forum. I’m pretty sure nobody will be there to disrupt it.


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  1. Why not recommend a forum for Dr. MacDonald and those like him to debate the protestors? It just seems silly and dumb to protest a tenured professor when he seems more than willing to debate any of the issues being brought up concerning his views. This is “America,” right? The First Amendment still exists, right? Or has the anti-white criminal code completely supplanted the Constitution? This Soviet-Style imposed Political Correctness (mostly self-imposed) is going to force this nation to explode. The backlash is going to be horrifying. The entire political climate in the Western World is fastly becoming unsustainable. Maybe this is a good thing.

  2. Articles like this make me wish I had more time to go back to college — for the express purpose of irritating and confronting these insolent bigots.

  3. This article REALLY points up the hypocrisy of these idiots. If they read it, and learn the truth and begin to REALLY see outside the box and the blinders they have had installed on them, maybe they will join us in a real just and importat cause! They are living in a destructive and manipulated ideological matrix. We all are. Articles like this are wake-up calls.

  4. “Both Kauffman and Cabral are students at CSULB and members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), a Marxist and Leninist organization that advocates revolutionary change and progressive reform. ”

    Wow! Isn’t this what leftest Jews were doing in 1920s Germany? mmm…

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