Apr 13, 2010

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Man Commits Suicide Over Racism Accusation

Political correctness does not just infect the United States. It affects our entire Western family.  An extreme, though revealing story out of New Zealand today: Two friends, a white man and a black man, saw some immigration officers outside their office. The white man jokingly said to his friend, “You’d better hide.” A trifle indelicate perhaps, but like most normal people, the black guy didn’t care and interpreted this as a joke. Both men probably thought nothing of it.

However, one of those insufferable busybodies that constantly feel the need to police our words and thoughts reported this deeply serious matter to company higher-ups. Such is the world we live in that the white man was immediately suspended from his job. Devastated, Roy Amor, 61 years old, shot himself.


Who benefits from this system? Certainly, not the family of Mr. Amor, who leaves behind a wife and his grown-up son and daughter. Certainly, not the unidentified black man, who didn’t care about the joke, attended Mr. Amor’s funeral, and lost a friend. Certainly, not the company, which lost a good worker by all accounts and clearly someone who valued his job and held it to be an important part of his life. Has racial justice somehow been advanced by this incident? Is New Zealand somehow a better country because a this man was driven to such despair that he took his own life? Does anyone touched by this incident feel that political correctness somehow has made their country a better place?

Mr. Amor’s reaction was certainly extreme, and we have no way of knowing if there were other things in his life that drove him to take this terrible step. That said, it may have been sufficient in itself. The accusation of racism is the most serious charge that can be made in the Western world today. If you are a murderer, you will find plenty of people to explain away your conduct as the fault of society. They might even make a movie about you. Druggies and degenerates of all sorts are held either as innocent victims or perhaps even heroes, bravely transcending reactionary social norms. In the post-Christian West, where values are deconstructed with ease and all morality is held to be relative, racism is the only absolute sin and manifestation of true evil in the world. The ethnocentric white man takes over the position of Old Scratch.

Your friends and family can excuse any failing or misdeed, with that one terrible exception of racism. Regardless of the truth or falsity of the accusation, regardless of Mr. Amor’s probable protestations that it was just a joke, regardless that the “target” of the insensitive joke didn’t care, we can expect that Mr. Amor’s friends suddenly didn’t want to be associated with him, that colleagues didn’t return phone calls, that supervisors who valued his work suddenly regarded him as a liability. People who would have stood by him had he been drunk driving or addicted to heroin may have cut him off once the accusation of thoughtcrime was made, either out of self-righteousness or fear for their own careers. We don’t know all the reasons he did it, probably no one does except Mr. Amor himself. However, I am willing to bet that when Mr. Amor pulled the trigger, more than anything else, he must have felt totally abandoned and alone.

I extend my heartfelt sympathies to Mr. Amor and his family and friends. I hope whoever reported that joke feels the tortures of the damned for the rest of their miserable lives. Why do we fight? Because a society that accepts this is fundamentally sick and should not be tolerated. We are going to change this world so that we never have to see horrifying stories like this ever again.

Youth for Western Civilization, April 12, 2010


  1. John Walters said:

    1- ‘A troop of baboons is more likely to survive if the junior members fear social ostracism more than the fangs of an opposing troop that is facing them in a stand off over a water hole.’

    True. However, in the case of endlessly ostracized humans, the harshness is likely to make them hate *every* human group and descend into destructive nihilism. If the white movement ostracizes its own too much, it will merely turn potential recruits into lone-wolf shooters and suicide bombers.

    2- ‘people resort to name calling and false-hoods to advance their agendas’

    Verbal abuse has unfortunately become the hallmark of modern media, particularly Internet-based media.

  2. May the culprit who reported Mr. Amor become wracked with guilt and shame– and live forever.

  3. This guy had to have had some sort of serious psychological issues to kill himself over something like this. I’m sorry if this sounds insensitive, but anyone who would kill themself because someone called him a “racist” is a pathetic human being. The world is better off without him.

    A little harsh, but I agree. Has any Jew ever killed himself after listening to far leftists attack Israel as racist?

    While he obviously shouldn’t have been punished for his joke, are we going to sit there and defend any white man who’s a victim of the system no matter how cowardly he acted?

    The guy had problems, PC or no PC.

  4. Just as a response to the statements of contributors that make assertions on the possible mental state of this man, I would like to reveal something of the attitude of his generation as a fellow New Zealander who has viewed theirs from a younger one. Many Kiwis of his time still possess that concept of honour and self respect that is similar to buying one car in your life and making sure it is maintained, polished and driven carefully because there is no chance of a replacement. He has figuratively been a victim of mental vandalism and is now ashamed of the tattered and irreplaceable object that would have been under his care and so doubles his failings in his eyes. I know what these old jokers are like and the decisions they make on all matters with long term consequences. Whoever that fecking bludgeon of a busybody that infected the scene is, is the mentally deficient character in this sorry tale. There are almost no Africans in NZ so his friend would almost definitely have been a polynesian or melanesian and so would be well versed at making humorous and non malicious racial commentary himself and believe me if it wasn’t cool he would’ve known a long time before this BS.

  5. Just to clarify, this is a story about a man in Britain who committed suicide not a man in New Zealand. The NZ version of the story is not very clearly written – the writter should have stated at the start that it was a story from the UK.

    The link to the original story can be found at Lawrence Auster’s site.

    As a New Zealander I can attest that their is a lot of politically correct pressure to ‘say the right thing’ in this country, although someone would probably not be sacked for making a politically correct comment (unless they made several subsequent comments) as labour laws don’t although people to be sacked without at least one written warning.

  6. horrible story. the man committed suicide because of mounting outside problems. this was the icing on the cake. losing his job. i have an incident which is not as serious but disgusting as well. i was buying a very expensive coat in new york city, @ a large upscale store. (2005). i had been there once before & noticed that the staff had been all blond. soe years before. most were from germany sweden east europe etc. when i returned 2 years later, the staff was all oriental. i was in process of taking out my credit card, & made a harmless comment. i said, ” i see everyone is chinese this year” the salesman who was 1/2 my age went into a shouting rant. he screamed…”we are ASIAN….. not chinese, all of us are not the same…rant rant the word is ASIAN” i said “how dare you open your mouth to me that way, show some respect to your elders, i do not need a geography lesson, ill say what i want, just sell me the coat & mind our own business”!! at that point i threw the coat down & said “you lost your commission”! not one of the managers came over. i called the corporate office to say that i was getting political lectures rather than customer service. i really wanted that coat. so i went to another one of their stores in a residental area. bought the item, & spoke to the manager. other customers complained as well. this is not the first time i have had a college kid reprimand me & correct my speech. the third world educated class is as aggressive as the floor mopper. these people are on a mission.

  7. TheReality said:

    Google suicide and racism and you will see how many people of colour commit suicide over racism. REAL racism- despite this story, it still exists. This article seems to make it “okay” to be racist as it was a passing joke. Some jokes are hurtful, there is a reason it’s not “PC”. There is no system against the white man- that is a joke.

    Try being bullied and discriminated against because you look different every day and see how you feel if someone makes a ‘passing joke’ about your race. Those white men that were bullied everyday at some point in their lives, they probably know how it feels.

    It may seem passing to you, but try living in world that the majority treats you with hate, suspicion or complete disrespect. The man who committed suicide, it’s sad but don’t blame the victim and make it “okay” to saying “joking racist comments”. It’s not okay that he committed suicide and it’s ALSO not okay to say racist comments. It became not “PC” for a reason- albeit it’s cool not to be PC but there is a reason for its origin.

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