Mar 1, 2010

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On Shutting Down Pro-White Meetings

William Sheldon’s current TOO article (“Pro-White Conference 2.0”) offers suggestions on how to avoid the aggressive tactics typically used against any meeting that has overtones of White advocacy. The recent cancellation of the AmRen conference and the cancellation of three speeches in America by BNP leader Nick Griffin (including one scheduled for AmRen) indicate a need to come up with a counter strategy. As Sheldon notes, the face-to-face meetings that are enabled by conferences are a crucial ingredient in any organization. Quite a few people attend conferences not so much to hear the speakers but to be able to network with like-minded others.

Sheldon’s strategy of using Webinar technology would probably work — provide the benefits of a pro-White conference without drawing the attention of their Leftist opponents. It is an excellent prescription for a group that must remain underground in order not to expose its members to the usual costs of being associated with White advocacy (job loss, etc.).

The downside is that pro-White advocates would be implicitly accepting their status as an underground movement. Such meetings could essentially go on forever without effecting real change in the direction we all want.

It seems to me that we have to get above-ground visibility. We have to make noise and have a public presence if we are going to make real progress. We have to get in people’s faces and have the courage of our convictions. Hence perhaps Nick Griffin’s “frequently voiced despair over U.S. politics, given its lack of white nationalist parties” (in the WSJ article).

This is one thing that attracted me to American Third Position. The young men who are the backbone of the party go out onto the streets with signs and pamphlets advocating deporting illegals and other issues related to pro-White advocacy. They are not afraid of people spewing in-your-face hostility at them. (Guess what? You may be called a “racist” or a “Nazi.”) They do not hide away in secret conferences or restrict themsleves to discussing issues among themselves on private email lists.

Quite clearly, the left is well aware that public visibility would be the beginning of the end for their dominance of public discourse. That’s why the mainstream media has given almost no coverage to the cancellations of AmRen or Nick Griffin — the only exception I have come across is a brief mention in the Wall Street Journal. The article is noteworthy for not mentioning anything about the obvious implications for public discourse in America. The tone of the article is that some meetings of far right crazies got shut down — expressed in the same manner as a story on the cancellation of a meeting of the local school board because of a snow storm. Imagine the outrage if meetings of La Raza or the NAACP were shut down with similar tactics.

Meetings at privately owned facilities are problematic because businesses are likely to cave under the pressure of the left and I suppose that is their right as property owners.  Some people have suggested using government-owned facilities because denial by such a facility would raise First Amendment issues. I think this is a good idea. And we should be ready with attorneys willing to argue on our side if there are attempts at disruptions or if the government attempts to cancel the event for reasons like “public safety.” And we need security forces; and ways to identify the people who are doing the disrupting.

And it should all be out in the open.

The Occidental Observer Blog, February 26, 2010


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  1. Simmons said:

    I believe at one time you said whites should adopt the strategies and tactics the Jews have used in their dispora, so perhaps there are some ideas to be gleaned from their history.

  2. phil white said:

    In the Weimar republic the communists used the same shut-down tactics.
    The NS response was to form defense units.
    One Bavarian police captain did offer protection to NS rallies, but he was later assassinated.
    We need the ability to non-confrontationally defend ourselves. But defend we must.

  3. A few years ago, I got interested in the possibility of purchasing some acres of land out in one of my favorite Western states – and was toying with the idea of selling my home when I retired, and using the proceeds to build a new home on that property.

    My thinking along these lines lead me to consider a companion idea, whereby I would have a large concrete foundation poured – and have one of those large steel buildings built over it, and have a small apartment area set up in a portion of the building – equipped for me to live in, while the new home was being built. Later, once the house was finished – the steel building would become a garage, workshop, storage facility, as well as a spare apartment that might be used by a guest or visitor.

    Anyway, I bring this up – because at the time, I got myself on a number of mailing lists for companies that offer these kinds of structures and started receiving lots of brochures that showed the products that were available. I was very impressed with the wide range of sizes, the selection of building materials, and the many options that one could select for their building of choice. Today, I’m wondering if this might be an idea that white nationalist organizations could investigate as a means of having a place built on private property that could serve as a meeting area for our conferences?

    We’d need a fund raising event – to raise the money needed for the purchase of these buildings, and also find a white landowner who’d be willing to allow it to be built on his property. If we can spark enough interest in this idea, and raise sufficient funding – we could have several locations established, which could be scattered across the USA in white-friendly geographic locations, and then these structures could be designed to provide maximum comfort and have the appropriate electrical, and environmental controls in place to ensure the best possible meeting requirements.

    Just an idea.

  4. phil white said:

    I like Luke’s idea. Actually I was thinking something like that.
    The main targets now have been Duke and J. Taylor. Thier meetings and base seem to be in the east.
    Maybe one not far west of the D.C. area, maybe one near Atlanta and one near Denver would cover things.
    This would solve our problem for now without having to form defensive leagues.
    Also we might look to finding counties with a constitutional minded sherrifs, such as Arapio (sp?) in Arizona.

  5. How much would it cost to own and run our own facility?

    If it obeyed all applicable laws, it could not be shut down — and could sue anyone who tried.

    Even better, it could return profit.

    Surely one of these annual fund-raising campaigns could raise $100,000 for a down payment.

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