Nov 10, 2011

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Republican Immigration Fantasies

Little of Substance Has Changed Since 1996
Republican Immigration Fantasies

In my previous post concerning immigration, entitled “Immigration and Conflict,” I quoted the thinly veiled threat of Fernando Torres-Gil, assistant secretary for aging in the Department of Health and Human Services:

“The nation will be heavily dependent on workers from minority groups 'for the productivity and labor skills and the political willingness to pay taxes to support an aging population that will be largely white,…”

“Maybe we need a new GI bill for this segment (minority groups) of the population.

“But the spending will not be possible, he said, without the approval of the aging white population. 'It will be up to senior citizens, with their tremendous political clout, to protect their benefits like Medicare and Social Security and also invest in a new diverse, younger population,' he said.”

Thirty years from now, the black and brown coalition plans to pit its new brown majority against aging whites, threatening to cut off Social Security benefits (ie, make it a means-tested benefit) unless the retired white baby boomers vote for exorbitant taxes on their minority, middle-class offspring.

The black and brown coalition is going to pit the older generation of whites against the younger generation of whites to pay the future bills for welfare and education for America's new Third-World majority.

So the ongoing struggle within the Republican Party over immigration becomes critical. Realistically, the Democratic party is the party of black and brown. If we are to protect ourselves through the political process, the Republican Party will have to be the vehicle.

It is going to be a tough and ugly road ahead.

As the editors of National Review state in their March 25, 1996 issue (page 18) concerning the fate of the immigration reform bills:

“And there is a danger of defeat-posed, curiously, by Washington's conservative establishment. It mounts two sets of arguments against the reforms: first, that immigration is a clear continuing benefit to American society; second, that reduced immigration would damage GOP and conservative political prospects. To which we reply: if you believe that, you'll believe anything.”

As NR points out, the Republican establishment is bent on offending its own natural constituency:

“The socio-economic case was put in a 'Manifesto for Immigration,' written by Malcolm Wallop (Steve Forbes's campaign manager), Spencer Abraham, William Bennett, and Jack Kemp, and published (where else?) on the Wall Street Journal editorial page.”

They claim, quoting Julian Simon, that “the studies uniformly show that immigrants do not increase the rate of native unemployment.” Not so. For example, David Jaeger at the Bureau of Labor Statistics has published a study demonstrating that roughly half the decline in real wages of native dropouts is caused by immigration.

They argue, quoting Bill Gates, that limits on skilled immigration will damage American companies and U.S. inventiveness generally. But Norman Matloff of the University of California at Davis shows in a new report that a) almost all the major technical advances in computers have been made by U.S. natives; b) U.S. universities are turning out more domestic graduates each year than the computer industry needs; and c) skilled foreigners are hired simply because they are cheaper.

But the real problem is that so many in the Republican Party are driven to political fantasies about all these new immigrants voting Republican. As the editors of National Review point out, this will be politically fatal:

“And in most elections Hispanics vote Democratic over Republican by 70 to 30.”

“Population projections, moreover, suggest that continued high levels of immigration pose a real threat to the GOP's fragile national majority. The Census Bureau estimates that, if immigration continues at present levels, Hispanics will account for between 20.2 and 24.6 per cent of the U.S. population in 2050. If their political loyalties remain unchanged, that would give the Democrats a clear national majority. Hispanics would need to shift massively into the GOP column before that demographic shift was even negated, let alone reversed.”

But the worst problem is that Republican leaders are so ready to alienate whites by refusing to represent them. The Democrats blatantly appeal to the racial interests of blacks and browns, but somehow it is “unclean” for Republicans to appeal to the racial interests of Euro-Americans.

The Republican leadership would rather lose elections that give up its vision of integrationism.

The ability to deny racial consciousness among minorities is very important for many Republican leaders because they find defending the racial interests of Euro-Americans socially repellent.

In truth, they are so threatened by the prospect of being perceived as “white trash”, that they cannot bring themselves to represent whites politically. Thus, they can only be leaders of a de-racinated fantasy land that exists nowhere except in their own minds.

It is more important for them to uphold patrician rituals of manners than it is to recognize reality and save Western Civilization in North America.

And it is this powerful Republican status fear that produces such ridiculous ideological inconsistencies. For what these “free market conservatives” are forced to insist, by stubbornly clinging to their integrationist vision, is that each immigrant is “new socialist man” who loses any racial consciousness upon crossing our borders. It is a vision of blacks and browns as raceless automatons, conveniently stripped of racial aggression and instantly remade into the bolshevik ideal of creatures motivated solely by economic calculations.

Now what exactly is it about American capitalism that makes it able to precipitate Marxist cultural results with such dispatch? The truth is that such a transformation occurs not in the real world, but only in the minds of Republicans with status insecurities that render them unfit to lead.

The truth is that integrationism is a failure. The minority coalition will settle for nothing less than victory and dominance. It promises nothing but conflict.

The Republican Party has two choices:

  1. Preserve the Euro-American majority in a peaceful political process now, or…
  2. Allow Euro-Americans to slip into a permanent minority status in which their interests can only be defended through violence and secession.

That is it.

There are no other choices!


  1. As a long time admirer of Yggdrasil, this new essay brings light and focus to his overall thesis. In adding to his remarks, while a kind of patrician manners may explain the situation of white elected politicians failing to represent their own, this somewhat marginalizes the role of the Other who vets the starting white politicians on a school board or city council, bends their ears to support an eruv or to speak out loudly when a prominent Jew suffers a crime, and gradually educates the rising politician about the rewards of maintaining a Judeo-centric mindedness, followed of course by the inculcation of Israeli-centric mindedness once the politician rises to a national level.

    This monitoring manages to sort white American politicians into the kind Jews want and the kind Jews don’t want. It is a rare politician who rises to the level of Congress who has not thoroughly imbibed the magical benefits of Judeo-centric mindedness.

    We mustn’t ignore the vetting and grooming practice that goes on in American politics from Jewish community relations groups, synagogues, old friends acquired by accident, ADL, fund raisers, awards, and so on. The methods of training are as simple as turning away the head when something “wrong” is said or fixing the offender with that stare. And that is well before campaign contributions are cut down or off.

    In many ways, rising politicians are groomed in the same way we hear that South Asian immigrants to England groom young white English girls to enter lives of prostitution…gifts, rewards, punishments, inconsistent reinforcements, anxiety, and economic dependence. It is a malefic process and must never be ignored when the relationship between top white politicians and the Jewish community are concerned.

    In no similar way do explicitly white supporters groom white politicians, and provide them with arguments, phrases, and ideas to use to defend the diverse white American peoples.

    In fact, one of the ways that Resisting Defamation deconstructs the myth that white politicians equate to white power is to demand: Name three instances when white politicians spoke out in opposition to slander, name-calling, or historical revisionism holding the white peoples guilty of unnumbered crimes. There simply are no such examples to be found.

    Of course, one reason for that is that white activists typically and frequently denounce anti-denigration efforts to defend the diverse white American peoples. If hate speech can’t be resisted in the school or city government, what can be resisted when it is visited on the heads of white Americans?

    Name one white politician who speaks out against illegal wars in South Asia on the ground that young diverse white American men are killed there vastly disproportionately to their share in the American military as well as in the American population.

    Name one politician who views with alarm the disproportionate share that young white kids have in binge drinking, tobacco smoking, and meth abuse.

    White activists should lead the way to focus on white-centric issues, and use their white voice publicly to attract newbies to the cause.

  2. Republicants. They choose 2. Because their big money donors tell them to do so. Ballot box participation by pro white advocates is mostly going to be Bolshevik style opportunistic cherry picking and otherwise a waste of effort.

  3. These new brown immigrants are already taking out more in taxes than they are putting in, so how are they suppose to become the saviors of white retirees? They have caused hospitals to go bankrupt and swallow up much of the subsidized housing. What is being played out is racial politics where the whites are the only demonized for trying to play the game.

    • There are times when it is good to wax nostalgic and see how we (I) thought back in ’96 as the world wide web was first opening up and catching on. But recollection of that old post can be rather frightening.

      “Hispanics will account for between 20.2 and 24.6 per cent of the U.S. population in 2050.”

      They hit that mark by 2010, a mere 14 years after that article was published. Not only has National Review’s editorial policy undergone radical change in the past 15 years, but the consequences of open borders have inflicted enormous damage on white job opportunities and wage rates, especially for the young.

      And the naivete of Torres-Gil is infuriating and amusing at the same time. The political commentators like Gil take great comfort in this supposed inter-generational struggle between young and old whites. But what the commentariat misses entirely is that 60% of the baby boomers have no savings and no home equity, and are entirely dependent upon Social Security (which is undergoing slow repeal through the Boskin Commission changes) for their retirement income. These old folks are going to have to move in with the kids, who by that time have their own children and their own problems.

      It is the young whites who will be angered, as the burden of parental support unifies the race. Social isolation by economic class prevents the commentariat from seeing the obvious.

      Thus the politics is going to get ugly much quicker that any of us could have expected back in ’96.

      • “”“Hispanics will account for between 20.2 and 24.6 per cent of the U.S. population in 2050.”

        They hit that mark by 2010, a mere 14 years after that article was published.””

        Hispanics arent 20% of the population. Though they probably will be by 2020

  4. tma_sierrahills said:

    Besides allowing the reader to fondly recall that bright and shining moment before NR was taken over by the open-borders PC Pod People, this piece is extremely well done:

    “But the worst problem is that Republican leaders are so ready to alienate whites by refusing to represent them. The Democrats blatantly appeal to the racial interests of blacks and browns, but somehow it is ‘unclean’ for Republicans to appeal to the racial interests of Euro-Americans. … In truth, they are so threatened by the prospect of being perceived as ‘white trash’, that they cannot bring themselves to represent whites politically. Thus, they can only be leaders of a deracinated fantasy land that exists nowhere except in their own minds.”


    What I always think of when trying to argue with these open-borders Republicans or “conservatives” is the scene in “Jaws” when the Richard Dreyfus character is trying to pound some reason into the cranium of that small town mayor who is determined to keep the beaches open to throngs of tourists during the holiday weekend in spite of the initial Great White attacks, and finally, in frustration, Dreyfus says, “I’m not going to stand around here and argue with someone who is lining up to become a hot lunch!”

    And, really, does it get any crazier than this? People calling themselves “conservatives” falling all over themselves to demographically eliminate their own party, their own civilization, their own people and quite possibly their own great-great-grandchildren.

  5. White realist said:

    “If our race is to survive in America, the Republican Party must die.” – Sam Francis

  6. tma_sierrahills said:

    Note: In an earlier post, thinking of elected officials who are already elderly and may already have grand-children, I wrote great-great-grandchildren. Even then, that is pretty optimistic, even for those protected by wealth and social status, as far as White demise by at least random and not to random violent crime and dispossession. The word ‘grandchildren’ definitely would have sufficed.

  7. White realist said:

    The elites are afraid of pro-White populism. The stranglehold that politically correct political establishments have over electoral systems creates opportunities for right-wing populist candidates and parties.

    Robert Reich warns of White Nationalist takeover

    Danish People’s Party

  8. One of our problems as white folks is that we do not have regular panel discussions about white strategy on internet radio. I am host for The European Ameerican Hour every Thursday on VOR. I welcome people ,who are serious,to contact me about being on my show as part of a panel discussion format. You can reach me by my email address above.

  9. “The Republican Party has two choices:
    1. Preserve the Euro-American majority in a peaceful political process now, or…
    2. Allow Euro-Americans to slip into a permanent minority status in which their interests can only be defended through violence and secession.”

    Well we certainly saw choice number one get immediately discarded for the 2012 elections when the powers that be put the kibosh on Haley Barbour’s presidential ambitions after he dared whisper a positive word about the dreaded White Citizens’ Councils of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

  10. Excellent article

    The uneasy peace between minorities and whites in the US can only last as long as whites maintain a steady stream of tax dollars and concessions to minorities. Without white subsidies millions of Blacks and Hispanics would face genuine poverty. Relations between whites and minorities aren’t much better in France, Britain and New Zealand (the transfer of wealth from whites to browns in New Zealand is possibly the highest in any western country, since it also includes land, resources and media rights as well as tax dollars and affirmative action policies).

    As the white population ages and the economy worsens this income stream will dry up. We have already glimpsed this in previous recessions, when cutbacks lead to NAM rioting (think the US in the 60s, UK in the early 80s, US in the early 90s and France in the mid 90s).

  11. Sam Davidson said:

    The choice has already been made. A majority of children born in the U.S. are now non-white.

    The major political parties are both in the hands of Jewish power and they have no reason to pander to a dwindling minority of whites that have been (politically) disarmed since WW2.

    • Very True……Along With The Jewish Bolshevik Kids Who Created SDS, The Weather Underground And Other Commie Bolshevik Groups In The 60’s And 70’s. The Republicans Are Finished, If They Don’t Elect Romney In November….. There Will Be A third Party…..One The ‘Leftist Jewish Run Media’ Will say…..They Are The New NAZI’ Party.

  12. “Nothing less than a gathering of the greatest intellects in the WN movement intent on forging a national plan to establish a permanent network of WN centers can ever hope to bring our cause and our message to our people. “Secret” clubs won’t do it, Internet forums won’t do it, . . .”

    I agree!!

    Now that the consequences of shipping middle class jobs to China are finally being felt by American Whites, the time has arrived when many Whites will understand the need for mutual aid societies to counteract that loss of job opportunity and the adverse impact of race disabilities imposed on Whites.

    To succeed, White Nationalism must confer tangible benefits upon its adherents. Thus the need for local WN centers is clear. Whites are going to have to begin sharing information about job openings, investments and local business opportunities. To be effective, successful Whites are going to have to make themselves available to spread Ideas that made them successful to other Whites.

    Obviously, as these local groups grow in size they will become more valuable as the opportunities for sharing valuable information and contacts multiply.

    The big challenge for our race will be breaking apart the rigid occupational stratification and the extreme social isolation by IQ that prevents us from helping our fellow Whites. Breaking the stratification and social isolation will allow us to do the sort of mentoring described in the short novels of Horatio Alger over a century ago. We can also begin to finance small business start-ups just like the Korean and the Asian-Indian communities do.

    One effort to form such groups is already under way, but will not be visible for a while. The challenge will be to identify those Whites who sense danger and threat from the demographic changes that are unfolding and to get them to begin interacting with each other and building trust on a local level. Once core groups of Whites form then racial identity can be socially reinforced.

    It is only through face to face social interaction that we will be able to get our folk to adopt “lifestyle activism” measures – boycotting name brands in favor of generics, cancelling cable TV, ceasing to watch sports, and a host of other changes that will save our folk money and gradually empower them to bypass the political parties and fund candidates for public office.

    And it is only through face to face social interaction that we can focus them on specific projects and actions and motivate them to take and complete those actions.

    If the groups become large enough, they can serve as home schooling co-ops, and hold social events such as dances for children that can serve to isolate them from the black and brown that surrounds them and help them make appropriate mating choices.

    Due to current economic conditions the time is right for such an effort to succeed. And due to the longer term stresses of demographic change, the local WN groups or “centers” once established will continue to grow.

    The template recognizes that most WNs active on the internet boards have outsized needs for personal recognition and validation, and care will have to be taken to prevent these groups or “centers” from being taken over by “leaders” who need a fan club or captive audience, rather than a need to help and mentor fellow Whites.

    If you subscribe to The Occidental Quarterly you will be invited to participate in this effort, so I would urge all of you reading this to go ahead and subscribe. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor, to make like minded friends in your area, and, hopefully, to empower your fellow whites and enhance their racial awareness.

    It is all about outreach, so reach out and subscribe!

  13. Why perpetuate this failed “either or” ideology? The Republicans are just as anti-white as the democrats, so just how will voting for them promote the interests of whites?

    Really what whites need to do is abandon this failed two party paradigm and establish an independent pro-white “third position” party of their own.

  14. The Republican Party?

    You mean the one controlled by AIPAC, and funded by billionaire chosenite Adelson?

    I have to remember to not take this Yggdrasil guy seriously anymore.

  15. As a young pro-White activist I have found that asking the older generations of Whites if they REALLY think that Juan, Muhammed and Chung are going to want to pay the pensions of a bunch of “old White people?”

    They suddenly realize that being at the mercy of a bunch of young non-Whites is not going to give them a secure retirement.

    As much as I resent them (They gave away the civilization that was my rightful inheritance, I own them nothing) I do recognize that they have tremendous political power and putting the fear of non-Whites refusing to pay their bills in old age works and pushes them into a more pro-White worldview.

  16. I am an old white woman on Social Security. I will turn 71 in September. I have taken care of myself and others all of my life. I have my own business. I have never had any desire to retire as long as I can work. I am still taking care of myself and others.
    My 2 children and all of my family have passed on now except for a Granddaughter, her husband and 2 Great Grandchildren who live two thousand miles away. I helped them to get an education and start a business. I pass along what I have learned and listen to them and help them along so that they can raise their children in this very difficult world.
    I use my training, talents and abilities to mentor people who are willing to work and want more from life than a free ride. That sometimes includes people who are not white.
    I use my “government money” to help people who are trying to help themselves by hiring them to do whatever they can to improve themselves and their families positions in this world. I would rather use it the way I want to than have the government use it the way they want to.
    I have never seen any point in building up money in bank accounts for the powers that be to take from me by means of inflation or outright theft like the “bailout”.
    The money, time and attention that I have given people over the last 50 years has been absolutely worth it. Helping them to set up their own business and teaching them how, encouraging them to keep trying and to overcome the roadblocks is a wonderful use of the things I have learned the hard way. Sometimes it was about teaching them how to fill out a job application or do a resume or giving them a recommendation. If I can ease their progress, that is a wonderful use of my time and resources.
    I just hired someone that I had helped 20 years ago. He remembers what I did and what he has learned in the meantime is an amazing augmentation to what I do.
    Most of the time, I never know how it turned out for the ones I helped. When I do, I am delighted to see what they have done with a little extra money, training and encouragement.
    I really think that the most formidable opponent is not organized into identifiable groups. It is about like-minded individuals helping other like-minded individuals who really want to do better but have been left behind by a society that wants them destroyed by any means possible.
    It is not about glory or honor or degrees or position or money. It is about the total satisfaction of seeing an individual or a family doing things they had never dreamed possible. It is about someone getting their dignity and self-respect back. It is about moral and ethical behavior being rewarded instead of being held in contempt. It is about teaching them to do the same for others.
    I have spent my life studying and trying to understand how society functions. I believe that the enemy encourages you to join groups so that you can be identified. Any time the people in power offer you an opportunity to come out of the shadows and join a group, it proves to be dangerous. All over the world people have been exterminated by that very method.
    I am old now and I have watched how things have turned out for the ones that I have helped and I can’t think of any better way to have spent my time on this earth. If they want to come and kill me now, they will find it is too late because I have left a lot of people behind who are doing the same thing I have done. I have made a difference. I doubt seriously that many people know about me or care for that matter. It was not about me. It was about passing along the wonderful things that I had learned and about honoring the people here and there that gave me a leg up, by doing the same for the people who came into my purview.
    I did not take their responsibility and do it for them; I simply helped them along.
    Each of us has something to offer, something to pass on, and something to teach, some experiences survived to share that encourages others. Do it.
    No power in the world can stand up to an idea whose time has come. Our time has come and we need to quietly stand up and simply be who we are. Be it.

  17. Yggdrasil!! I thought you were dead. What a great pleasure to see you’re still at it, more brilliant than ever! I used to read your terrific posts back in the old days of Usenet, in the early 1990s, when you used the same unique username.

    I’ve known of the Occidental Quarterly and am an admirer of the great Kevin MacDonald, but have never been a regular reader. But now that I know you’re affiliated, I’ll be a regular reader of your blogs and probably subscribe to the print edition as well.

    It’s so cool to cross paths with you. Keep up the great work brother!

  18. phil white said:

    If history repeats the Republican party will disappear over two election cycles because it won’t face up to the major issue of the day, white genocide.
    That is what happened between 1856 and 1860. The Republican party itself came out of no where, running it’s first presidential candidate in 1856 and winning in 1860 and destroying the Whigg party.
    Of course stiff white resistance to genocide could cause a civil war this time.

  19. Silly bombast. At present the Republican Party is the only vehicle available for white progress. What we need to strive for is to develop a more racially conscious white faction in the party which can then split off to form an independent organization. This will only occur through slow hard work at the precinct and county level in white districts (abetted one hopes by the oncoming governmental fiscal bankruptcies at the state and federal level and the resultant and concomitant race riots.)

  20. You are so far off base you aren’t even wrong. Arguing against higher taxes, busing, and affirmative action at the local level is certainly more productive than fantasies about “gathering the greatest intellects” and forging a WN movement. What would that be? Another National Alliance? LOL

    Your “been there, done that” cynicism doesn’t cut it. Just because you have given up doesn’t mean the rest of us have. I will support Ron Paul in this election. I will continue to support truly conservative white candidates. We are already seeing the beginnings of civil unrest as the established order fails. Being supportive of white interests at the city and county level is the only way to win in the long term.

    I much prefer discussing and informing friends and neighbors about the genetic differences between ethnic groups and the economic downside to unlimited immigration. It takes communities of like minded whites raising children to build a healthy society.

    Reading adolescent tripe like your book about heroes from the 22nd century is exactly what we don’t need. You are nothing but an egocentric defeatist.

  21. Perhaps there is way too much detail in my post below, but then perhaps the message is so radical that it cannot even be perceived through corneas clouded by intense anger over the past.

    In its simplest form, I am suggesting that the one practical thing we can definitely accomplish is the formation of a mutual aid society for our fellow Whites. Along with practical aid and advantage comes realistic politics. Given current economic conditions, and the demographic disaster we face, individual Whites must learn to help one another in order to overcome the discrimination and economic deprivation that is coming.

    Simplicity itself.

    The sixty year up-wave of prosperity from 1940 and its resulting delusional optimism is over. It is best for us to put aside past frustrations of fighting against that up-wave of prosperity and delusion, and to start looking forward to the opportunities that the economic decline of the U.S. presents.

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