May 7, 2012

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Social Isolation Effects

Social Isolation Effects

In keeping with my resolve to shift the content of this web site toward the task of providing a bit of practical utility in your everyday lives, I have decided to talk about one of the most powerful forces in our society, namely social isolation and its predictable consequences. And of course my use of the term “society” in the singular is, I admit, wildly inaccurate precisely because social isolation produces dozens of different societies and thousands of sub-societies within the United States – and provides the ultimate cause of the lack of trust that leads to “bowling alone” and “The Big Sort” as coping mechanisms.

At the urging of a friend who is a hedge fund manager I sat down to watch the documentary Page One, Inside the New York Times. At about 30 minutes into this movie – after watching the morning editor’s meeting – you begin to see clearly that every reporter and section editor carries with him a shared set of unspoken beliefs and assumptions about politics, the newspaper business, and the importance of “journalism”, which, of course, makes the process of selecting “all the news that fits” those assumptions very quick and efficient. The vast and far reaching sub-texts left unmentioned by the participants at the meeting were glaringly obvious. But the signal that runs much deeper than that visible subtext is the central point that truly important shared beliefs and assumptions are never to be mentioned, much less questioned.

You will never land a job at the New York Times, much less get to the page one editors meeting, unless you share all of those assumptions. But even more important, you must also have the ability to channel the social signal that the shared assumptions and beliefs are so important that they must not only never be questioned, but they must never even be mentioned. After all, to mention an assumption or belief is to topple it down from the pantheon of received truth and place it in contention with other beliefs and assumptions that are up for grabs in “the market place of ideas.” Thus the mere mention of a shared belief, even to defend that belief, has the inevitable effect of demoting the belief and assumptions that underlie it down to the level playing field of equality with other contenting beliefs. Thus, “debate” decides nothing, because the truly important ideas and values are utterly beyond debate.

In truth, they are beyond being named.

And that is a fundamental reality of the world of employment at every large company or institution in the United States. The interview process will be designed primarily to detect those who carry with them the belief systems and assumptions of the rest of the existing work force and thus present, as the HR people like to say, “a good fit”.

The hedge fund manager friend and I often debate and disagree about the consumer fad stocks or “cocktail party” stocks – broadly defined as the stocks yuppies buy because the company produces whatever new gadget that fills yuppie hands – or his or her coffee cup – or wastes the most yuppie time surfing the internet at the moment.

Recently, perhaps as a sign of a bullish psychological extreme in the markets, the phenomenon has moved downscale to decidedly middle class and lower middle class pursuits such as Harley Davidson (HOG), Sturm Ruger (RGR) and Smith and Wesson (SWHC) for the middle, and most stunning and surprising, Dollar Tree (DLTR) and Ross Stores (ROST) for the very bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. These stocks are all moon shots that will make boat loads of money for those smart enough to “get the hell out of Dodge” before the inevitable carnage begins. With the exception of DLTR and ROST, they all have very large pools of “fan boys” who will keep buying as the institutional managers distribute stock to them. The moon shots of DLTR and ROST are bets on a metastasizing welfare class in the U.S., and exponential growth of federal deficits to fund the transfer payments to keep them shopping and off the streets.

Of course, my friend and I talk about and debate these stocks a great deal, largely because we don’t understand the psychological drivers that move them and thus are unable to peg tops and bottoms based on valuation. And  DLTR and ROST are fundamental bets against collapse and for uninterrupted growth in federal deficits – bets that we both think are foolish. Naturally we spend no time at all debating the “BTUs in the ground” theme that we do invest in. We do spend time analyzing those “BTUs in the ground” investments, and in particular gathering information on the expectations of the major investment players in that market and their propensity to herd and get the timing wrong.

But most important, these companies are all in a despised “goy” commodity industry with no sex appeal or irrational fan boy crowds pushing prices beyond relatively predictable extremes. And because they are commodity businesses, they do not purchase retail advertising from the media, which means that they are constantly open to media attacks which can produce bargain prices.

But the unifying characteristic of all of these fad stocks we enjoy friendly arguments about is the social isolation of those who participate in the fad. For example, my friend and I love to debate Apple (AAPL). Of course he owns the iPhone, and as he waxes euphoric over “the tremendous quality of Apple products” I chuckle. Like my hedge fund friend, my daughters all own iPhones and tablets. They all have professional jobs and these devices allow them to monitor their portfolios, send and receive emails while they are commuting or tending to other daily chores such as shopping or eating out. On weekends these devices allow them to put to productive use those intermittent 20 minute slices of time between errands or the kids soccer practice. In short, the smart phone and the tablet are quintessential time savers for busy yuppies – manna from heaven for recouping some of the commuting time lost to suburban White flight and the loss of the traditional sexual division of labor when both spouses must join the labor force.

My wife and I are both cell phone Neanderthals. We need only mobile phone capability, and I prefer older technology which cannot be tracked passively when the phone is turned off.

But several weeks ago my wife’s phone entered its death throes, and she decided to go to the AT&T store and get a new iPhone 4 advertised for less than $100. However, when the clerk began processing the order my wife discovered that between the added data charge and the added texting charge, the bill for our family would increase $60 per month or $720 per year. She walked out of the store. I refrained from cheering and high-fiving her until we were safely out of view of the store. My daughters who all have iPhones tell me their service plans cost $1,200 per year. As retirees, the iPhone doesn’t free up time worth an additional $720 per year above what we now pay and its “entertainment” potential which seems to attract morons with money to burn is entirely irrelevant. It is that simple.

Note to all Apple fan boys! There is a limit to how many people on this planet can afford $1200 per year for a cell phone.

In his latest weekly missive, John Hussman delivers a profound and very valuable metric for judging consumer fad stocks under the title “Notes on exponential revenue growth” in the following post.

Hussman is spot on with his conclusion that unit sales growth slows once a new product has penetrated 30% of the ultimate market. Revenue and earnings misses are sure to follow.

He is also spot on about Apple, factoring in not only a demand curve related to market size but also a curve representing the rate of change in the average rate of replacement – or upgrades to the next version of the product. In this respect the “quality” of the Apple product is a liability for the stock price, because the rapid replacement cycle caused by the fan boys lining up over night to participate in the street theater of buying the latest iPhone or iPad at an Apple store nearby – and to revel in the sensation that an overpriced consumer purchase can produce social connection – however fleeting – creates a huge aftermarket of used product – an aftermarket that will more than satisfy demand from those who are not reliant on the latest iPhone for status display, but only for the time saved by the ability to conduct business while doing daily chores and eating meals.

The truth is that smart phone users tend to interact almost exclusively with other smart phone users. They are likely to fall victim to the idea that the entire world is just like them, and therein lies the danger of social reinforcement for fan-boy investing and overestimation of ultimate market size. And in this respect we of the WN persuasion have a significant edge.

My hedge fund managing friend tells me that a Jewish hedge fund manager he met told him that Blacks in South Central L.A. could easily teach themselves physics and the nuances of Shakespeare if we would just give them all laptops.

I had always believed that most liberals – and certainly Jews – were far too smart to actually believe nonsense about human equality. After all, intelligence – being the product of a physical organ – is as heritable as lifting power or running speed, which are also products of physical organs. I have this tendency to assume that they must be lying to us about something so obvious for political reasons, but that when their own money is on the line, they must recognize reality and adjust world wide market size expectations by subtracting the vast populations with IQs below 85 in Africa, Latin America, and South East Asia (Malasia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, the Phillipines and much of India) who will not have the capacity to add enough value to their economies to afford $1,200 per annum for an iPhone.

But my hedge fund managing friend assures me that only one out of about 60 or so fund managers he has spoken with is even aware of the low IQ issue as a limiting factor in economic performance. The overwhelming majority have never heard such a thing mentioned or even thought about the possibility.

Time to clam up about the issue among the investoriat if we wish to keep our advantage!

As I was finishing up the movie “Page One” it occurred to me that the vast subtext of unmentioned and unmentionable belief has a significant bearing on our own outreach to our fellow Whites.

What if the “Implicit Whiteness” that is so glaringly obvious in White flight to the suburbs, The Big Sort, the Tea Party and the racial composition of the Republican Party is – like the beliefs and values the infuse the New York Times – beyond debate and beyond mention?

What if, in the minds of our liberal, integrationist Whites, explicit mention of what we can all plainly see with our own eyes, namely race differences, merely topples what we all see and know  “down from the pantheon of received truth and places it in contention with other beliefs and assumptions that are up for grabs in the market place of ideas.”

Stop and think about it! Think for a moment about the fundamental unspoken assumption undergirding the 1950’s and 1960’s Supreme Court decisions on busing and racial integration of schools and neighborhoods from the perspective of the White justices who rendered those decisions. Isn’t the subtext underlying these decisions a belief that Whites are so wonderful, so smart, so beautiful, so caring and good, and so vastly superior that extensive contact with Whites will have a transformative effect on the blacks and browns once Whites are forced to associate with them? Seriously, how could the liberal, integrationist White justices possibly have believed or felt anything else – or entertained any other subtext that could justify such a decision?

Liberal judges are just like any other professional group. They tend to associate almost exclusively with other liberal attorneys. After all, the legal professions is, from a pure economic perspective, a parasitic trade primarily engaged in wealth transfers from those that have to those that have not. It stands to reason that most attorneys will need to escape the tawdry economic reality of what their trade actually accomplishes and create for themselves, as much as for the public, an elaborate mythos about “justice” and “fairness” all of which will serve to justify their position and power. Is this any different from the remarkably arrogant and elitist mythos on display at the New York Times? – their mantra of the overarching public importance of “professional journalism” which is ever so evenhandedly neutral and so essential for informing the public and so diligent in suppressing error and misinformation?

The public does not need the myths and most likely does not take them at face value. It is the employees of the New York Times who need to feel good about themselves and their work that is the source of the myths.

And isn’t a second and much deeper unmentionable subtext that liberal Whites are so superior that they are justified in imposing the burden of the supposedly ennobling and transformative contact with blacks and browns upon on the lower orders of their fellow Whites?

Isn’t the unspoken premise behind the notion that extensive contact with Whites will transform the black and brown races really the one and only true White Supremacy? How could one wade through Arnold Toynbee’s The World and the West without realizing that the suffocatingly sentimental sense of noblesse oblige oozing from every page could lead otherwise than to the unspoken and unspeakable subtext that we are so superior that the poor wogs must envy and hate us.

Look at the social isolation of policemen, of university professors and indeed of most of the working population that now tends to socialize almost exclusively with those they meet at work.

We tend to think of the racial agenda of liberals and of globalists as anti white because the practical effect of these agendas has been anti White. We tend to infer that the practical effect is intended and that the subjective intent of liberals and globalists must be malevolent. In effect they are conspiring to destroy the White race.

But their reality is quite different.

Virtually all people conspire. They do it all the time.

But they conspire to craft and adopt belief systems that will make them feel good about themselves.

University professors feel that they are saving the world. Employees of the New York Times feel that they are saving the world. Lawyers feel that they are saving the world. Police and Judges feel that they are the last bulwark against social breakdown and chaos. The management of international corporations believe that they are raising living standards all across the planet. Jews feel that their control of the media and entertainment has allowed them to benefit us goyim by freeing us from a sexually repressive and tyrannical religion, namely Christianity. By and large, they sincerely believe that through their benign guidance they have improved our lives.

And like all socially isolated groups, destructive effects and negative outcomes are attributed to chance or are ignored entirely.

The employees of DHS cannot imagine where right wing Americans could possibly get the idea that they were preparing concentration camps for the purpose of imprisoning defenders of the black letter text of the Constitution. Nevertheless the camps are being built and DHS along with NSA is actively spying on them (and us), saving and analyzing every electronic communication.

Similarly, the employees of TSA are going to believe that they are protecting Americans by the airport searches, xray scans and crotch groping. They can’t imagine why anyone would be opposed.

The fact that these measures have not caught a single terrorist does not alter the view of employees on the inside about the vital importance of their “services”. Given the fundamental disconnect between the population being searched and the stated purpose of the searches, is it any surprise that outsiders naturally will look for alternative malevolent motivations? Could the real purpose of the sociopaths that very often rise to the top of such organizations be to condition the upper middle class to routinely submit to searches absent probable cause, or even statistically reasonable suspicion?

But you protect American citizens by spying on their enemies, not by spying on Americans. By definition, Americans cannot possibly be enemies of the state even as they disagree about what the state ought to be doing.

The internal rationale is that many Americans are “anti-government” and must be watched. But then democracy cannot possibly work unless large numbers of Americans are vehemently opposed to what the government is doing. After all, the fact that all the special interest legislation coming out of Congress concentrates the benefits on the few but diffuses the costs by imposing them on the many does not alter the fact that a multitude of diffused costs and burdens are being imposed on the citizenry who are not organized to defend themselves through the political process.

Rather than spying on citizen discontent, it is the duty of these police forces and security agencies to concentrate their resources on disrupting the flow of special favors and thus minimizing the burdens being imposed on the disorganized citizenry. Thousands of such opportunities presented themselves during the financial crisis but were never pursued.

The broad point here is that the delusions that arise out of the need of most humans to feel good about themselves and their work will, in the majority of cases, to be objectively wrong and thus appear venal to outsiders. The wrong-headedness of such internal rationalizations will be particularly strong when the insiders paychecks and economic security are at stake.

This universal human tendency has significance for us in the movement.

First, offering a benighted institution a new mission or a new focus will be infinitely easier than attacking it as evil and driven by bad motives. The latter course will provoke the maximum opposition from the institution, its employees and any outside constituencies that it serves.

But a more important danger that can arise from our own social isolation – beyond the obvious limits it will impose upon our opportunities to convert those outside our circle – is the tendency to craft ideologies and intellectual abstractions that will make us feel good about ourselves and thus “sell” within the group, even though they have no practical utility for conversion and growth outside our group.

There is within our movement an intellectual recognition of the need for the  “metapolitical project” which means a broad scale undertaking to rework of the popular culture of White people world wide. The theory behind the metapolitical project or “meta-politics” as it is called, is that the culture must change first and that the desirable political outcomes will then follow.


But when viewed in terms of allocation of currently available human and financial resources within our movement, the meta-political project is so vastly beyond our means as to appear whimsical. To the extent that the meta-political project is an implied criticism of what I call the “conference model” – an essentially 1930s model of giving motivational speeches to crowds –  I tend to agree that discussion of the idea and the fleshing out of proposed details of implementation might be useful.

But I should note that none of those wishing for a transformational meta-politics seems to have a clear view of evolving external reality outside of our movement.

None seem to have noticed that the project has already begun in fits and starts in response to external market demand. In movies, the trend is unmistakeable. For example BBC has clearly learned that if you want to make money, you must provide a White, middle class audience with an escape from the tension, stress and aesthetic ugliness of multiculturalism. One need only look at the fabulously successful series Downton Abbey for a classic example of a period piece escape from the stress of multiculturalism. Other recent examples are the new film versions of the Jane Austin novels, all of which were profitable. For a film which goes beyond the aesthetic that we crave and delivers a conditioning message consistent with our view of group conflict, rent or stream the movie “An Education.” Another in the same genre is “Water for Elephants” which features a remarkably unflattering image of the Jewish boss.

For further confirmation, all you need do is review and watch the filmography of Robert Pattinson, the young Brit who has vaulted into the rarified atmosphere of the $20 million a year actor. While the Jewish talent agents in Beverly Hills are unlikely ever to admit it, if you want to get rich as a White actor, turn down all scripts that will include black actors in roles other than dangerous enemies and turn down scripts that are heavily laden with Queer or explicitly Jewish themes. Pattinson’s films routinely gross over $700 million and routinely get bad reviews from the critics.

Rather than playing “inside pool” within the movement, anyone interested in the meta-political project needs to find the head of a studio that is in financial trouble (as was RKO Pictures back in the 1930s) and find a modern day equivalent of Pandro Berman and give him a script that will offer the audience an hour and 40 minutes of pleasing escape from the stress of multiculturalism –  the stress of having your eyes always diverted to the potentially threatening and unpredictable black squares on the black and white checkerboard that is the multicultural film.

While at financially struggling RKO, Pandro Berman produced a number of films that contain outstandingly constructive conditioning messages for Whites. If you haven’t seen “Allegheny Uprising” – the ultimate militia movie – you have really missed out. If you have not watched the entire Fred Astaire – Ginger Rogers set of films that kept RKO financially afloat throughout the 1930’s you cannot be serious about your WN aesthetic.

While movies from the 1930’s take a bit of getting used to, there is no question that Fred and Ginger, under the direction and financing from Pandro, introduced the American middle and working class to images of elegance and grace in a way that has never been equaled, and produced such classics as “Top Hat” and “Swing Time”. I defy anyone to find a movie scene with more grace and charm than the Fred and Ginger dance number “Lets Face the Music and Dance” in the movie “Follow the Fleet.”

In fact, there are hundreds of films already in existence that condition White audiences in ways that we find agreeable.

But to get in on the game now, one need never announce that one’s politics are WN. You just need to prepare and sell a script that will make money and find an agent or a studio willing to produce it.

One need only join an existing trend.

But beyond culture we need smart political organization.

For over 20 years we have been herding relatively large numbers of middle aged men who could afford to spend upwards of $800 into gatherings in which they spent most of the day as a captive audience listening to motivational speeches. The implied assumption behind this activity was that the attendees, after being so motivated,  would somehow spontaneously go out and set up the necessary political structures to change our society and our laws.

Similarly a huge volume of internet posts have come online in the past 15 years that seem to have the same underlying assumption, namely, that if enough people accept the ideology, that they will go out and spontaneously establish the necessary political, social and economic structures to improve our society.

The propagation of ideas is important, and the internet has been a godsend to us, as has the crippling of the print media. But a lot of difficult and tedious work is required in order to convert ideological enthusiasm into political and economic muscle in the real world. Far more work, effort and skill is required than one should expect to see flower spontaneously from the aftermath of a speech.

But at those many conferences the uniform message of the attendees during the breaks and around the bar in the evenings was that they came for the social contact and the opportunity to network and make friends among normal people.

We have learned over the years that gathering resources through anonymous direct snail mail, email and web based appeals is like pulling teeth. However there were a few visionaries who did listen to our “customers” in the corridors of those conferences and have, after a decade of trial and error, produced a real world social model of face to face contact that, if cloned throughout the country, could realistically produce human, organizational and financial resources sufficient to reverse the legislation and court decisions that now threaten our collective survival, and in the process, provide participants with an opportunity to enjoy life in the company of like minded friends at the same time and at modest expense.

The beauty of this effort is that we do not have to “convert” all 180 million whites and then hope that they organize themselves to accomplish something useful. All we need to do is find and identify those who agree with us. And – setting aside for the moment the significance of some infrastructure investments that will speed the process – the identification process is remarkably easy.

All you need do is ask “Are you worried about how your grandchildren will be treated 40 years from now when they become a minority in America?”  If the answer is yes, they are with us. If the answer is “Of course, they will be fine,” or “I don’t know, haven’t given it much thought” pass and go on to the next contact.

Simplicity itself!

And the beauty of the social model is that, unlike anonymous appeals from strangers for money or volunteer effort, we get nearly a 100 percent response rate within the social model.

DHS and Mossad-Amdocs have built a list of from 10 to 20 million whites who agree with us, more or less, based on profiling and mapping the neural networks of who communicates with  whom. All we need do is a) find the 1 or 2 million of them that seek social interaction with realistic people and b) promise security to those who need anonymity, and we can can easily control Congress on our issues and then begin to work on reforming the political complexion of the Federal judiciary (the second legislative branch of our government).

Of course highly articulated ideologies that have the effect of making us feel remarkably good about ourselves and increase our social isolation at the same time will only slow down or halt the effort.

We must learn to identify the basic and very simple impulse behind group survival and organize around that impulse.

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  1. An excellent project. The point is to know folks – in the old fashioned sense – recognize them on the street, talk with each other, employ each other, form our own tribe.

    The problem is that I’m very busy and successful in the fragmented world. I am equal parts heathen and Christian – yet I belong to a church congregation and I have some status there. It’s an old fashioned church and as such we have a number of things in common. I’m also very deeply connected to the performing arts community. In that social alliance there are a great many people who I have no intimate connection with nor would I want any. But there are some – and I need to recognise them.

  2. Because of the internet anyone with “the very basic and simple impulse” is aware of situation and can connect if he wants too. Yet nothing of relevance happens.

    Look at the western European nations. They are swamped by Middle-Easterners and Sub-Saharan Africans and how do they react ? They overcome the “social isolation” and gather to sing the “children of the rainbow”-song because they’ve found out that Breivik hates the song.
    Nevermind that in the “rainbow-nation” South-Africa the whites (who haven’t already left) are targeted for murder and for punishment by prison-rape. The Norwegians have decided to go gently into oblivion.

    In US, the White-Europeans have even less ethnic consciousness than the Norwegians who, after all, are an old ethnic group with a clear identity and a history.
    I guess that there are just too few, maybe around 5%, who care of these issues.
    It still means 8-9 millions of them in US. Maybe out of them you can create a nation, or at least a hard-core of trouble makers who will set the dead wood alight.

  3. Handskakning said:

    A fine article and project.

    The simple question (“Are you worried about how your grandchildren will be treated 40 years from now when they become a minority in America?”) cuts to the core of the problem with today’s failing Western world.

    It is ingenious, in that it grabs the definition of problems from the hands of the Left, which for a long time have promoted their own view of what are political problems (currently “racism” and so on) and gradually have steered the way we interpret, talk and think about our world.

    With growing unease in the face of apparent social deterioration the time is ripe to build social capital and a political counter-movement by cutting past the haze of Newspeech delusions that fetters people’s minds through a question that points out simple reality: the central problem of our time. It is fundamental to make people realize what is important.

    What is vitally important is our survival, not the brainwash of racism, gender roles, discrimination, Breivik and Hitler. It’s time to turn heads.

    Furthermore, the description in this article, of the “feel good” and actually White-aggrandizing thought patterns of most adherents of the Social Liberal regime, is true. The way to shatter such delusions must be to reintroduce a consciousness of threat to one’s ethnic group. This is probably best done by asking people if they are worried about their grandchildren’s future when they become a minority in their own country.


  4. A good article. I think racial fellowship is important and have noticed that the best part of many a conference is socializing with other whites.

  5. Genotype said:

    “Does anyone really believe that the typical White gentile liberal has the mental toughness to consciously embrace humiliating the White working class by polluting their genes, destroying their family cohesion and plunging them into poverty by moving their jobs to China and still feel good about himself?”

    Either you’ve misspoken or are becoming delusional. Throughout most of this country Jews, Negroes, and Mexicans don’t sit in the star chambers that indict and convict members of the white working class for defending themselves against the imposition of racial egalitarianism. These chambers are comprised of liberal white gentiles who are angels in their pronouncements on how the white working class must behave, and devils in their condemnation of infractions and imposition of punishment.

    Interesting that your friend thinks first about giving laptops to Negroes and not to the white children of Appalachia, southern Missouri, or Oklahoma.

    Your speculating friends are smart. Their eyes don’t deceive them. There’s little need to be knowledgeable of or even discuss detailed racial minutiae when one’s focus is on acquiring large piles of money with little physical effort. Money buys separation. Separation means racial problem solved. Your friends inwardly despise those awful hillbilly, redneck, white trash members of the white working class because, historically, from that class most likely comes your friends’ closest social, economic, and political competitors. Increased competition not only means less money for your friends, but the integration of their genetic legacies with Negroes and Mestizos.

    • First of all let me make clear that my hedge fund manager friend is a WN. The Jew he was describing was not his friend, but rather a passing acquaintance he met at an investment conference. That Jewish passing acquaintance did not have any idea how my friend thought about these issues. But what it tells you is that Jews drink their own poison cool aid.

      Hard to believe, but it is true. One need only look to the 50% intermarriage rate and the 1.2 completed births per Jewish woman in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 to see where their cool aid drinking is taking them.

      In the grand sweep of things it doesn’t matter whether the destructive effects of liberal policies enacted by mass liberal opinion are the product of malevolent intent of the overwhelming majority of liberal individuals who adopt such views, or whether such individuals adopt the delusions of mass liberal opinion in order to feel good about themselves and for status displays of “benevolent opinions” that they use to impress one another within their isolated social circle. The objective effects are the same.

      For example, the attack on public enforcement (whether by force of law or public opinion and social opprobrium) of Christian morals, monogamous marriage, and premarital abstinence back in the early 1960’s was justified by liberals as removing social pressures and providing individuals with more “choices”. However, statistics show that if the choice happened to be the traditional choice of lifelong monogamous marriage with children, such a choice became vastly more difficult for most individuals to achieve, particularly for working class Whites.

      In the third world county in which I live, White females in the lower half of the IQ spectrum cannot find White males willing to marry them, and if they want to become an unwed mother and have a child, no White male wants to pay child support. So the only males that are willing to impregnate them are too shiftless or stupid to care about child support, meaning primarily blacks and browns, as the local Walmart will so visibly attest.

      In the process, upper middle class Whites are losing their base of racial support and protection against a hostile underclass of black, brown and mulatto.

      Like you, I get seriously annoyed when I hear people say liberals are well intentioned or well meaning. I apply the ancient criminal law maxim to politics, namely, that people intend the ordinary and probable consequences of their actions.

      And the ordinary and probable consequence of liberal opinion is the destruction of the White Race.

      But then our movement needs to produce a White middle class with substantial assets and no debt, and many WN multi-millionaires and a few billionaires. Absent a total breakdown in law and order that will be our only chance of reversing the negative trends. And in order to do that we, as powerless outsiders, are going to have to understand how the majority of asset managers think. Their ignorance about race differences in IQ – whether borne of ignorance or willful denial of fact – has important investment implications. In this and several other contexts the subjective intentions of our opponents are very important.

      That was the broad point I was trying to make in the post above.

      Because of their delusions born of their need for social support from their socially isolated group we can beat them and displace them, if we have the wit to spot the opportunities

      • “Jews drink their own poison cool aid…people intend the ordinary and probable consequences of their actions.”

        So.. the liberal Jews in US intend the “Vernichtung der Juden” ?.
        Maybe it is self hating. Maybe after so many centuries of bashing they have “internalized” the European culture of anti-Semitism (“identification with the aggressor”-defense mechanism, Freud) and now they carry it themselves.
        Actually most Jews still support Obama despite Obama’s lukewarm attitude toward Israel and Obama’s attempt to force Netanyahu to accept the “two-states” solution with 1967 borders as its starting point for negociations. We will see how this will unfold.

        As for the WN-movement I believe that media-internet- “culture must change first” is what makes things change. People became aware of the cultural-racial differences (and similarities) and this creates a sense of unity and identity (of racial nationalism) to people otherwise separated geographically by large distances.
        Media development (the growth of printed books and with the technical development of print as a whole) was what led to rise of nationalism with an amazing speed in the 19th century Europe (Benedict Anderson-theory of nationalism)

  6. Ex-Pro White Activist said:


    And in order to do that we, as powerless outsiders, are going to have to understand how the majority of asset managers think. Their ignorance about race differences in IQ – whether borne of ignorance or willful denial of fact – has important investment implications.

    I think you are fundamentally mistaken on this point and on the deductions you are drawing from it. Do you actually believe a Jew fund manager (or anyone else in institutional finance these days) would actually speak his honest inner opinions on the subject of race to passing strangers or even to professional acquaintances?

    The third and most probable scenario is everyone is dissimulating on this point for the potential benefit of FINRA, the NASD, NYSE, SEC, the EEOC and ultimately the DoJ, not to mention their employers, partners and clients.

    Consequently this sort of anecdotal data is completely worthless.

    • @Ex-pro-white-activist

      You raise a valid objection about Yggdrasil’s anecdotal evidence that Jewish big money men believe in elasticity of intelligence across racial lines. You seem to believe that the money men are aware of human biodiversity.

      I have known some rich people — CEO’s, investment bankers, trust fund heirs and heiresses.

      They don’t use their money to read books. They use their money for coke and hookers and yachts. Their money insulates them from feedback, and appears to dull their intellectual curiosity. In place of intellectual curiosity, there is an extravagant dreaming, delusion, and fantasy. The degree of delusion is directly proportional to the size of the fortune and the amount of time they have possessed this fortune.

      In short, extravagant wealth makes people crazy. I’ve seen it enough times that I’m pretty sure it’s not an anecdote. I’ve met dozens of millionaires, and not one of them was not suffering from a lack of feedback because of their wealth. It was a spectrum from mild eccentricity to a guy who partially built a castle, but he kept firing contractors and not paying them mid-job and hiring other ones, so his castle is a mess.

      I believe that their benevolent feelings towards non-whites are how they salve their consciences after the coke and hookers. it’s like their religion, their confessional to the priest.

      They are not truly intellectually curious. They do not seek the truths of objective reality; they seek brain rushes, sensations, even more than non-rich people. and this impairs them intellectually and morally. They are like an electrical circuit without a “load” in the middle (load being a light bulb or an electric motor) — with the rich, Line 1 goes straight to neutral — in other words, a short circuit. The rich have short-circuited morality and intellect.

      Yggdrasil believes that we can take advantage of their short circuited nature to overthrow them. I think it’s within the realm of possibility, but it certainly won’t be easy.

      I think that a few dozen millionaires who are getting good feedback could make a huge difference for us. The danger of course is that our own rich people will get corrupted or go insane. But just because that’s a risk doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pursue this course; we should. We should just be aware of this risk.

      As for what to do concretely, I think we should go after the convenience store niches and rental property. Specifically, have rental property in walking distance from convenience stores, hire very loyal, honest convenience store workers, and include their rent and health insurance and (gold) 401k as a fringe benefit on the condition that they do not own a personal car (so that they have money left over after their paycheck). Also, be sure to have “dead peasants insurance” on your workers like Wal-mart does.

      The Americna working class has to get used to the idea of car sharing and other ways of avoiding private car ownership. People making 10 bucks an hour cannot afford automobile ownership, and people making 15 an hour can ill afford a car. That car is their savings, their health insurance, their retirement.

      The convenience store chains is a way to find who is moral, honest and reliable. There will be cameras everywhere so pilferers will get caught and weeded out of being part of the pro-white network. Also, convenience store owners/workers who live in walking distance from their store can have more time to do high investment child raising.

      • Ex-Pro White Activist said:


        I have known some rich people — CEO’s, investment bankers, trust fund heirs and heiresses.

        I know such people too. There is a distinct difference between the ‘working rich’ and dissolute heirs & heiresses. This latter group often behaves as bad or worse than the underclass welfare denizens the judeo-kahnservantives love to demonize.

        I believe that their benevolent feelings towards non-whites are how they salve their consciences after the coke and hookers. it’s like their religion, their confessional to the priest.

        I believe that as a group they are engaged in labor relations at white working class expense. The many Jews among them are more complexly motivated.

        You will never find any area with a high density of Jews that doesn’t also have vast slums directly adjacent to it. Florida’s east coast along A1A is a classic example. The ocean front is dominated by Jews and Jew wannabees from West Palm Beach down to Key Biscayne. Back across the intercoastal waterway one block from the water are lines of slums filled with black and non-white Hispanic menial workforces.

        In aggregate the Jew wants to continue to deflect all blame onto the ‘racist’ white middle class, few of whom benefit at all from non-white labor.

        Yggdrasil believes that we can take advantage of their short circuited nature to overthrow them. I think it’s within the realm of possibility, but it certainly won’t be easy. I think that a few dozen millionaires who are getting good feedback could make a huge difference for us.

        This is the group Ygg claims he wants. From my viewpoint he’s just advocating a much expanded Charles Martel Society on steroids. If this were a traditional “conservative” versus “liberal” debate this is the moment when Conservative me accuses Liberal Ygg of: “X failed so now you claim 10x will work!”

        ”As for what to do concretely, I think…”

        I think we should assess what is actually going on and what is likely to go on in the next few decades. This is typically different from what we often hope will happen.

        The Ygg and I can continue to discourse in genteel fashion but I see no prospect of any meeting of the minds. My sense from his original post is that he thinks the existing political economy – to include the modern primacy of financial markets – is just dandy apart from the fact it is dominated by Jews and increasingly other non-whites. He proposes that a juiced up CMS can cleverly mount a peaceful coup of sorts. My position is: 1) ain’t gonna happen and 2) this existing system is precisely what facilitated the rise of the white-hating overclass Ygg claims to be against.

        I think Ygg will be better occupied focusing on his “Whites Only” social club.


        • I believe that as a group they are engaged in labor relations at white working class expense. The many Jews among them are more complexly motivated.

          You will never find any area with a high density of Jews that doesn’t also have vast slums directly adjacent to it.

          Fascinating and damning point, XPWA! But isn’t that just a wee bit anti-semitic now?

          Jews just love them some slaves, especially slaves that are paid for by the white working and middle classes!

          This is a particular point that we don’t harp on nearly enough. I have floated the idea of a White Americanist Labor Union — that is, we organize along those lines and do boycotts and protests against “scab” (Jewish) businesses. that sort of thing.

        • “My sense from his original post is that he thinks the existing political economy – to include the modern primacy of financial markets – is just dandy apart from the fact it is dominated by Jews and increasingly other non-whites.”

          Not so. The existing political economy is an abomination, with its globalism and its rent seeking financial industry. However, we will never be able to stop it unless we learn to make money off of it in direct competition with our enemies, which is to say to beat the globalist rent seekers at their own game.

          More than anything else, this movement needs financial resources.

          I would favor policies that tax heavily global corporations that move jobs from the U.S. to overseas locations and any other moderate measures to increase the income levels of the American middle class. And I would end once and for all the importation of cheap – and ultimately politically dependent – immigrant labor.

          But before we can make any of these policy changes we need the resources to fund political careers, and the only way we will get those resources is through a combination of outmaneuvering our adversaries in the current parasitic financial system, and assisting our young recruits in setting up their own businesses, thereby creating a new generation of self employed entrepreneurs with the resources and the freedom to control politicians.

          Keyboard warriors will not accomplish that task. Only the face-t0-face social model will accomplish that goal.

          It is a bit premature to predict that a model that has never been tried will fail.

          • Ex-Pro White Activist said:


            More than anything else, this movement needs financial resources.

            I entirely agree in principle. This movement completely lacks any economic dimension whatsoever.

            outmaneuvering our adversaries in the current parasitic financial system, and assisting our young recruits in setting up their own businesses, thereby creating a new generation of self employed entrepreneurs with the resources and the freedom to control politicians.

            Or entire communities. But generally, big yes again.

            I think we also agree that presently we are “powerless”. Since this is the case any near term strategy we adopt must adapt itself to conditions as they are and will be in the near term.

            I think the first order of business should be conducting extensive “due diligence” (investment idea) or an “estimate of the situation” (Command & General Staff College-ese).

            What in fact is going on now? And what can we foresee will be going on in the coming years? I think this assessment deserves quite a bit of preliminary effort. And this is an appropriate time.

            A number of the non-Movement’s long-held articles of faith have been fulfilled lately without noticeably improving our situation. The publishing/print monopoly that existed from roughly the 1960s to late 1990s is no more. All the books that some people thought would change the world are readily available on Amazon. Since Amazon is now 50% of publishing this is equivalent to having broken into one of the two major bookstore chains of the 1980s.

            And most of them are even available free-free elsewhere on the ‘net. We could even have our own portfolio of town and small city newspapers if we were dumb enough to buy them.

            And white nationalist vids and radio are readily clicked up on the main room Big Tube now by anyone who has both a Wii and a wireless router in their house. And so are a million other offerings. There is still a lack of WN specific content. In my opinion this is primarily the result of a lack of effective distribution channels.

            And we also had a Big Estate Crash beginning in mid 2006, followed by a BigFinancial Crash in 2008. These events also failed to catalyze large masses of American white people into collective action.

            So where away now?

            I’m game if you are.


  7. “All we need do is ask, “Are you worried about how your grandchildren will be treated 40 years from now when they become a minority in America?” If the answer is yes, they are with us. If the answer is “They will be fine,” or “I don’t known, haven’t given it much thought” terminate the conversation and go on to the next contact.”

    Jesus put it succinctly when he said, “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” and “whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them.”

    Jesus and Adolf Hitler committed the most unpardonable sin when they took the Jew’s power and used it to destroy the elite priesthood’s entrenched, corrupt, economic system. For this act alone, they became the two most hated men in Jewish history.

    It’s been many years and a lot of water has spilled over the causeway. Good to hear from you again Ygg.


  8. The question about grandchildren is a pretty good litmus test.

  9. robroysimmons said:

    Condensed version is that the jewish intelligencia builds a castle in the sky (in part of pieces made by brilliant gentile minds) and fills it full of knaves and harlots. We outlanders then have comparitive advantage. Practical terms it means I took a long dated put for AAPL at $524 rode thru the “AAPL to a $1000” hysteria and caught the first downdraft panic when the cloud castle looked fragile.

    As for “btu’s in the ground” take a look at the officers’ names for ACI, a few IPs, and of course I cursed myself after the fact when I dug this up.

    • Why? Coal companies are a bargain right now regardless of the ethnicity of the shareholders.

      • Ex-Pro White Activist said:

        Why? Coal companies are a bargain right now regardless of the ethnicity of the shareholders.

        That is why the coal companies are a bargain. This article details an instructive episode, too. A ‘white’ billionaire, Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake Energy, is acting in concert with Jew billionaire Michael Bloomberg to eliminate white coal miners’ jobs and ultimately raise grid electricity prices for white people.

        In terms of real policy (attention A3P) the correct move is to use the domestic natural gas bonanza to displace more expensive imported oil for transportation fuel. See here for the long term pricing in terms of million btus for coal, natural gas and crude oil.

        Instead ‘billionaires’ both Jewish and apparently gentile are acting in concert to use natural gas to displace low priced steam boiler coal and retain high priced foreign crude oil. This is how the Jews controlling Wall Street maximize their opportunities to financially profit from arbitraging commodity trades. And it’s how working class and increasingly former middle class whites are made too poor to afford healthy families.

        The net result will be higher average energy prices, more profit for Jews and more financial pressure on young white people.

        This also illustrates why I don’t think Yggdrasil’s idea of recruiting ‘white billionaires’ to a supersized CMS is ever likely to grow legs. Let’s assume that someone like Aubrey McClendon were recruited to ‘the cause’. Z.O.G. Inc. will simply destroy him financially and it will do so in very short order.

        White billionaire’s access to funding will vanish, his businesses will be tied in knots by the regulatory bureaucracies and by lawsuits from lawyers far and wide. He will be demonized non-stop in the usual media outlets by the usual Judeo-presstitutes. And politicians will stop taking his phone calls. His wife and family will be ostracized and cut-off both socially and in their own professional lives. It will be an effective full court press.

        • “This also illustrates why I don’t think Yggdrasil’s idea of recruiting ‘white billionaires’ to a supersized CMS is ever likely to grow legs. Let’s assume that someone like Aubrey McClendon were recruited to ‘the cause’. Z.O.G. Inc. will simply destroy him financially and it will do so in very short order.”

          Ironically, ZOG is already doing its utmost to destroy McClendon, even though he is not a WN, as far as we know. Just look at the last names of those in the MSM who author articles critical of him, and look at the vulture group led by Icahn buying up his thus cheapened stock.

          Successful White Gentile business leaders get picked off one by one and those few that remain on top always fail to see the pattern. But then our objective is not the super rich, but rather the talented sons and daughters of the middle class who we attempt to mentor and encourage to start businesses rather than working for someone else, thereby giving up their right of free speech and political activity.

          It is a modest effort, but it is one of those useful things that we actually can accomplish in our relatively powerless state.

          I should also add that you underestimate our ability to keep secret the identity of wealthy individuals who might want to help us and “hang out” with us. Let me assure you that we have become very good at this.

        • Your arguments simply bolster my feeling that it is time to buy. If the price goes down, from here then the wise move is to buy even more. I am a firm believer in Peak Oil. When the financial shake out ultimately occurs then the world economy will start growing again. Demand for energy will zoom. Peabody and Arch possess BTUs in the ground that will eventually prove to be highly profitable.

          • Ex-Pro White Activist said:

            “I am a firm believer in Peak Oil.”

            I am not a believer in the predicted effects of Peak Oil (ill-defined ‘collapse’ et al) manifesting themselves anytime in the 21st Century.

            “Peabody and Arch possess BTUs in the ground”

            I think you are seriously underestimating the quantity of hydrocarbon ‘BTUs in the ground’ and above ground worldwide, the many proven processes already available for fuel synthesis and the ready interchangeability of these fuels.

            High hydrocarbon fuel prices are solely the product of intentional political policy. And so are high electricity prices. The non-free structured financial and commodity exchanges so beloved by so many are part of a conscious political-economy system design. The goal is to first create and subsequently provide opportunities to financially arbitrage resource scarcities at a centralized level.

            Thinking that one can ‘beat the Jew at his own game’ here makes less sense to me than believing one could beat a casino that openly advertises it uses marked cards, loaded dice and electro-magnetic roulette wheels.

          • There is nothing “ill-defined” about the effect of Hubbert’s Peak. The effect is that there will be a steady rise in the price of oil. It does not necessarily predict a collapse of anything. I predict it will increase the demand for coal. And many of those processes that you refer to involve coal. You appear to be ill-informed.

  10. Genotype said:


    Judging by Osama Bin Laden’s late 1990s goals ZOG is probably winning its war. The Saudi regime is as secure as ever, as are the rest of the Gulf oil states. Iraq has been shattered by 9 years of democide.

    Look here:

    US 10 Year Bonds presently look primed to set new all time highs.

    With this kind of news from Japan and the Eurozone it will be extremely hard to start the long prophesied ‘collapse’ of the Judeo-Federal Reserve System.

    What about energy?

    “Utilities and grid operators have warned the switch away from nuclear could create a power gap of 10 gigawatts by 2020 – more than 10 percent of the maximum national load demand. Paradoxically, Germany is looking to return to fossil fuel power stations, especially *gas* plants which are friendlier to the environment than coal plants, to plug the gap.”

    *”Gas” translated as “Gazprom”:

    Direct Russia to Germany gas pipeline on the Baltic seabed. Merkel and Medvedev opened the line in November 2011.

    Instead of replacing high cost imported oil with natural gas the push is to replace low cost domestic coal with (presently) slightly more expensive n-g. This is how white people are made too poor to afford children. And it’s how Jew traders maximize their arbitrage profits. The NYTimes article above is strewn with Jewish names, starting with billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his $50 million of agit-prop funding.

    This is the kind of golden agit-prop opportunity that flies right over the heads of the CMS and A3P.

    Meanwhile the “Silent Generation” is dying off. Baby boomers will follow in 10-15 years.

  11. Genotype said:


    “It is a bit premature to predict that a model that has never been tried will fail.”

    We’re not opposed to a “model that has never been tried” simply because it hasn’t been tried. We are opposed to more of the same.

    Perhaps John Malone is the kind of ‘white billionaire’ you have in mind?

    Sirius is publicly listed. Malone would need the jews’ “Good Anglo-Goyim Housekeeping Seal of Approval” to gain enough share vote proxies and share votes for control, not to mention approval by the FCC and courts.

    Presumably it is thought the likes of Malone could be brought over because we already have the tentative support of a few millionaires. That our present coterie of millionaires have not been reduced to penury and imprisoned, however, is due to their ineffectiveness.

    “Good Goyim Seals of Approval,” FCC and court approvals are revocable. “Tentative” support for a cause becomes public “apology” and “disavowal” when pressure is applied. Assuming the likes of Malone become a genuine threat they would be turned into paupers and imprisoned among the ‘general population.’

    The intelligent millionaire knows that real politics is low-intensity warfare. He understands that war is not peace, submission buys time, and money buys separation and that its perquisites (one of which is racial separation) are timeless. He needn’t defend a cause that isn’t his to fight.

    For paupers time is critical. So, with the white birthrate under 50%, the Silent Generation in the midst of its rapid die-off phase and the Boomers following in 10-15 years, do you have a back-up plan?

    We’re not altogether opposed to everything you are saying here. You have my email address. Feel free to correspond privately.

    • “The intelligent millionaire knows that real politics is low-intensity warfare. He understands that war is not peace, submission buys time, and money buys separation and that its perquisites (one of which is racial separation) are timeless. He needn’t defend a cause that isn’t his to fight.

      For paupers time is critical.”

      You have nailed it in the above quote.

      On an individual level you are right that millionaires can simply buy racial separation and peace for themselves for one generation. However even assuming that their grandchildren can maintain the same standard of living – and do not deviate back toward the population mean IQ and thus succumb to the undertow of downward social mobility – it is impossible to understand how they will be safe in a society in which they are a minority surrounded by blacks and browns who have been conditioned for generations to be angry and hostile.

      Ultimately, the gentile grandchildren of today’s gentile millionaires will become like wandering jews, subject to low intensity ethnic cleansing of the kind that now occurs at the edge of our black and brown ghettos, and as the Al Sharptons of the world come to control our politics, expulsions and worse.

      It is only recency bias and normalcy bias that prevents our millionaires from seeing the obvious.

    • Ex-Pro White Activist said:


      But then our movement needs to produce a White middle class with substantial assets and no debt

      I find it interesting that you use Revilo P. Oliver’s definition of “middle class”. GT and I also think that regaining such a class of people is absolutely critical and a prerequisite to further progress. The actual white middle class is nearly extinct at this point. Even most $100k per year persons fall into Oliver’s classification of “well-paid proletarians” since their net worth is so little and their debts are so great. Loss of job means certain bankruptcy in short order. This job loss can occur because of un-PC expressions of “free speech”. Neutralizing this very real political-economic weapon is mandatory to further developing WN power.

      “Assets” are either tangible (land, buildings, equipment) or intangible (cash, “goodwill”, intellectual property and other intangible financial instruments).

      Before we can extinguish “debts” we need to determine where and how they arise. In the Third World Country I live in young whites of child bearing age incur these debts by two primary vectors:

      1. Mortgage debt for a home.

      2. Student loan debts. (the new serfdom).

      Consumer installment debt (car loans, credit cards, etc) is a distant third compared to the Big Two. Thrift and skill are frequently substitutable for the credit and cash used to purchase the consumer items.

      Well now, it seems two primary questions are how can we facilitate the elimination of mortgage and student loan debts? Obviously we need alternate means of acquiring homes and useful educations that don’t involve the creation of debt.

      and many WN multi-millionaires and a few billionaires.

      Do you think many wealthy white individuals willing to help facilitate the above goals exist? “Multimillionaires” and “billionaires” are rich because they hold large amounts of financial assets. These assets often include “debts” incurred by those with fewer assets. The first part of our tentative project directly targets extinguishing these debts so far as white people are concerned.


      • Let me say first that I consider anyone who spends less than he or she earns and saves the difference is “middle class” of the sort we want to encourage.

        Historically, most of the wealth and net worth among WNs has been in real estate, an thus something that tended to be local and easily understood.

        Unfortunately, at the very time our political opportunities are rising due to economic discontent, the movement has less assets/ free cash flow with which to take advantage of the political opportunity largely because their real estate holdings have fallen in value.

        Thus, our resources challenge has three aspects.

        The first is to provide our people with a status marker for spending less than they earn and building up savings.

        The second is to improve the longer term recognition skills of those who already have a positive net worth, so that their net assets do the heavy lifting for them. Thus, we need to train those who have the ability and integrity to look at the data on race differences and upon the universality of group competition and conflict, and apply that same ability to their investments so that they can recognize a housing bubble and act to protect themselves – and thereby protect the race at the margin. Wealth and political power ultimately flow from the ability to recognize the beginning of long lasting shifts in the markets – gold in 2003, exit real estate in 2007, and long natural gas companies now and short U.S. Treasury bonds in the near future.

        Third, we must do a better job of spotting business opportunities and then spread those ideas among ourselves, and encourage younger WNs to set up their own businesses so that they can speak their minds and engage in political activity. If our youth merely go work for a large company they give up their civil rights and their ability to make a political impact.

      • Genotype said:


        “Let me say first that I consider anyone who spends less than he or she earns and saves the difference is “middle class” of the sort we want to encourage.” – Ygg

        This is not Revilo P. Oliver’s definition of middle class. Self-employed or not most people meeting this definition are one to three checks from the street due to mortgage and education debt.

        Ygg’s approach is extremely conservative and appears to be mixed with extreme pessimism toward the prospect of collective action at lower levels. He is unwilling to admit or lend credence to the possibility of any human organizational forms outside the lines that ZOG has already drawn for him. This is typical of millionaires.

        At the same time Ygg cannot dispute your hyper-factual diagnosis of which debts must be eliminated. Advocating debt elimination and maximizing energy independence is counter to his strategy, which is to facilitate the exploitation of housing bubbles and maximize energy profits for the select few he intends to have speak for us. It is also how he makes his money.

        These are fundamental disagreements beyond reconciliation. This forum belongs to Ygg and his friends. Therefore I recommend discontinuing the discussion.

  12. Yggdrasil:
    “Anyone interested in joining this project should email me at [email protected] and include your postal zip code.”

    “…you underestimate our ability to keep secret the identity of wealthy individuals who might want to help us and “hang out” with us. Let me assure you that we have become very good at this.”

    If any of these wealthy individuals ever wrote to you at your gmail address or visited TOQ’s Facebook page jewry knows who they are.

    Or jewry could just look at the Google Analytics logs for this page and geolocate anyone in a pricey enough zip code.

    • “…you underestimate our ability to keep secret the identity of wealthy individuals who might want to help us and “hang out” with us. Let me assure you that we have become very good at this.”

      There is a critical difference between mere contact and “help us and ‘hang out’ with us”

      All kinds of people subscribe to the Occidental Quarterly who, by their names and email addresses are affiliated with organizations opposed to our point of view. Similarly those of us who sponsor the Quarterly and this web site regularly receive emails from family members who oppose our views as well as business and social contacts who are unaware of those views or would oppose them.

      Thus the neural networks of “who calls who” built by Amdocs and Mossad have little utility. Similarly, the million employees of the intelligence agencies and now private corporations subcontracting to sift the vast ocean of email messages and cell phone conversations – all of which are recorded in that exponentially growing “garbage can of intelligence”- are slogging through that vast ocean sized cesspool of stupidity and meaningless drivel in an attempt to find a few grains of meaning.

      Your tax dollars at work!!

      The initial contact has no significance. It is the measures we control that follow the initial contact that ring fence the assistance and protect jobs and reputations.

  13. as the white race is dying out, so are the intelligent assimilated white jews. jews are intermarrying, & also having less children. the jewish population which is exploding is the hasidim. there are now 300,000 of them in NYC. they have 10 plus children, hardly speak english & are throw backs from poland year 1800. many are on welfare. in several generations, they will be the norm for white jews. that plus the death of the white christian race is frightening to me. whats left? mexicans? bananna republic? a nation of unskilled laborers? btw, jews dont put them selves in the same class as blacks & hispanics. you do, thats an oxi-moron. the worst insult. many of us are anti globalism, anti obama, anti multiculturalism, & want our country back.

    • “many of us

      It all depends upon what the word “many” means.

      If the day ever comes in which 80% of white Jews actively oppose multiculturalism, open borders, and anti white discrimination, we would have ample cause to re-evaluate.

      However right now the numbers are reversed – with the older generation of Jews being particularly destructive of White interests. And we are allowed no escape route. No nation on earth is allowed to be overwhelmingly White. All must be overwhelmed by dark skin and low IQ.

      80% of U.S. Jews will not rest until Whites are outnumbered in every White province and county in which they reside.

      And this attack is directed only at White gentiles. Han Chinese can have their racially pure nation. The Japanese can have their racially pure nation.

      We must defend ourselves from this attack, and we will.

      While many of us recognize that there are Jews – indeed significant numbers of them – who oppose multiculturalism now that fundamentalist Moslems have been let into their prime feeding grounds. But I have yet to know of one who feels deeply about the injustice being done to White gentiles as a group and who is not motivated primarily by “what’s good for Jews”.

      We will not be deterred from defending our own group interest.

  14. Structural Racist said:

    A remarkably clearheaded article from Yggdrasil, someone I’ve followed for years since coming across his movie list.
    But horrible comments. “80% of Jews won’t rest”. “What’s good for Jews”, etc etc. Han-Chinese have a racially pure nation- not quite. But I’ll accept your point.

    The Japanese and Chinese have demonstrated throughout history they have no problem brutally subjugating their own people to slavery. With the Enlightenment in Europe came racial theory and it was realized that extracting hard labor through inferior races was economically and socially preferable to oppressing members of the white racial group.

    As a high-IQ white group, Jews tend to share manifold interests with high-IQ white gentiles. These interests include caste societies where groups of lesser intelligence serve us as menial laborers. Since emancipation, the African throws a wrench into this schema but that’s another issue altogether. Yggdrasil was correct in addressing White multiculturalists as the real supremacists – we are. We either are well aware of their low-IQ and worry more about Welfare Statism than their presence or have so little contact we consider them almost equal in learning ability and hence no threat out of sheer ignorance(laptops). There is an affection and responsibility felt toward the servant by his better and this is why Whites both Jewish and non-Jewish alternate between ‘babying’ and ‘tough love’ stances with non-Whites.

  15. Elizabeth said:

    It does not take an organized group or a lot of money to do this.

    This country was established by committed individuals not by organized groups.

    Each time you see an intelligent, undereducated (by design) person who has the desire to better himself, give them a hand up. Hire them, educate them, inspire them and treat them with respect. When you do that, you have started a whole new cycle. Pay them as they grow and teach them whatever you know and give them a hand up if they outgrow you.

    When you make charitable contributions, find people who really need help and give them what you no longer need. Teach them how to live a better life, with nicer things. People in our society equate what you have with who you are. Mentor them and help them to make that transition in their own minds. Each step up helps. Things don’t make a better person, but the perception of being socially inferior does hurt them terribly.

    Talk to them as equals. You will frequently be surprised at the knowledge and understanding they do have about what is happening in this society. Having someone treat them with the respect they deserve is a huge step in their growth process. They have been beaten down for a very long time.

    Intelligence is not a financial commodity and cannot be bought or sold at any price. A job or a degree can be given to a person, but ignorant people with a high position and a major degree are still ignorant. An intelligent person with a lousy job and no degree is more than a match for them in the long run.

    Mentor each one you find who can start their own company, hire others, teach others, and pass along what you have each time you get more and have extra and teach them to do the same. Teach them to help each other in these ways.

    Show them that you care about what is being done to them. You have more money and position.

    Telling them they have to be debt free is unrealistic. They have been put in one of two positions. 1. They couldn’t have debt if they wanted it. 2. They couldn’t have a home or car or better job if they didn’t have debt.

    It is easy to look down on people and to think that you are so much better than they are instead of realizing that if we don’t help each other, no one else is going to do it.

    What will happen to your grandchildren? Good things can. This could all be turned around in short order. We don’t have to model ourselves on the Jews behavior.

    The Slavemasters cannot feed themselves, build a hose, or make anything. They don’t know how. If they have all the money in the world, they can’t eat if we don’t produce for them.

    We can produce, help each other and raise our prices to them. The idea that they are smarter and have control of us is exactly what keeps us from doing this.

    I can tell you that the Jews I have had working for me were not overly intelligent. They were often very clever about how to get more pay for less work, but cleverness and intelligence are not the same thing.

    Stop looking at other whites as inferior to yourself. If you spend your life trying to do battle with the Jews on their own terms, you will lose. If you forget about them entirely and work with your own people, you can make more of a difference than you ever imagined.

    I have spent my life doing this and I am always delighted to see people that I have mentored with their own successful businesses.

    Sometimes I just recommend them for jobs with likeminded people. Not everyone needs their own business, but everyone needs a job they are good at with people they can like and respect and that appreciate them in return and pay them fairly.

    Sometimes I give them money or things as appropriate. Public charities usually only benefit the administrators of the charity. People giving to people is so much better.

    Sticking together is a very important concept. Other groups do that. We should.

    Not everyone had the good fortune to have a rich family or a good education. A bank account and a degree are not the most important things about a person. The most important thing is to work with your God given talents and help and encourage others to do the same.

    Even our people who got the degrees are being used to train people in other countries to take their jobs away from them because they will receive lower pay for the same work. Meanwhile our people will still be paying off the student loans they took on to get their own overpriced education.

    Start thinking of each other as your extended family. There is always time to help someone else along the way and the satisfaction is greater than huge numbers in a bank account that someone else will inherit. This way you get to see the results as you age and the good will is very fulfilling.

  16. Yggdrasil, What do you think about the UN’s agenda 21 plan?

  17. james hamilton said:

    I honestly had pretty much given up hope, including on ‘the TOQ/TOO’ crowd. The cold hard rationality etc that is so usually missing, i found in this thread. ‘Elizabeth’s comments are probably too good to be true but maybe someone out there will listen. Maybe there is still one small shred of hope. I see Ygg’s pov & i agree with ‘Ex-WN et al’s criticisms, they are the sort i would have made. Thank you all.
    Be careful what you name yourself after, ‘Ygg’. ‘That tree the roots of which no man knows…’

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