Feb 2, 2010

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The Persecution of Kevin MacDonald

The Persecution of Kevin MacDonald

On January 26, 2010, a new campaign of intellectual and political persecution was launched against Kevin MacDonald, Professor of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach. The express goal of this campaign is to get Professor MacDonald fired from his job because of his research and political convictions.

Professor MacDonald’s research threatens the cultural and political hegemony of the organized Jewish community by exposing their ongoing subversion of Western civilization. This research has made Professor MacDonald a target of persecution by Jewish individuals, organizations, front groups, and their dupes for nearly a decade.

This persecution has intensified of late because of Professor MacDonald’s affiliation with the newly-formed American Third Position political party, which threatens Jewish hegemony by explicitly representing the interests of white Americans, who are being culturally and politically dispossessed by Jews and their non-white allies.

Student agitators affiliated with Jewish front groups called “Students Fight Back” and the “Party for Socialism and Liberation” entered Professor MacDonald’s classrooms on the first day of the Spring semester and passed out propaganda to induce students to drop his classes. The agitators also threatened to circulate a petition calling for Professor MacDonald’s dismissal.

See Douglas Kauffman, “Long Beach students boycott fascist professor Kevin MacDonald,” on the website of the Party for Socialism and Libertation and Sonia Scherr’s “Student Activists Confront Anti-Semitic California Prof” on the website of Professor MacDonald’s long-time persecutors the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Professor MacDonald has commented on the latest round of harassment on The Occidental Observer Blog: “The multi-cultural left’s broad definitions of ‘racism’ — and aggressive tactics” and “The academic left’s involvement in politics.”

Professor MacDonald’s enemies try to cloak their radical agenda in standard liberal pieties, but whether from cynicism or mere stupidity, their attempts are so clumsy that any child can see through them.

For instance, one of the agitators, Marylou Cabral, is concerned that Professor MacDonald’s research and political commitments might color his teaching. The fact that she does not apply the same standards to politically engaged leftist professors, indeed to entire politically engaged disciplines — women’s studies, black studies, gay and lesbian studies, etc. — shows that her objection is not to academic political engagement per se, but merely to Professor MacDonald’s views.

Another agitator, Douglas Kauffman, said: “Our campus is one of the most diverse in the country, and that really flies in the face of having a Nazi as a professor.” Student Shavanda Williams echoed these sentiments, asking: “Why is he here if he has these white supremacist ideas?”

Genuine liberals should find such statements dismaying. After all, “liberal education” is not supposed to mean education by a bunch of dogmatic liberals who all think alike. Liberal education is an education that expands the horizons of students by exposing them to a variety of different viewpoints.

Thus, although it really is not fair to characterize Professor MacDonald as a Nazi or a white supremacist, even if he were, the presence of a faculty member with such unusual viewpoints would make CSLB more intellectually diverse

Of course Kauffman, Cabral, & co. are not liberals. They are left-wing totalitarians. For them, “diversity” is merely a euphemism for the stigmatization and dispossession of whites by Jews and non-whites.

“Diversity” does not mean diversity of opinion. It means black leftists, lesbian leftists, Asian leftists, mestizo leftists, feminist leftists, etc. all working under the tutelage of Jewish leftists to root out every possible form of white racial consciousness.

“Diversity” does not mean that all races and ethnic groups should take pride in themselves and watch out for their interests. No, when whites do that, it is not “diversity,” it is “hate.” And the fanatical persecution of “hate” is what leftists call “tolerance” — and, presumably, “love” (they are all just snarling and sputtering with love).

Before Kevin MacDonald is nailed to the cross of tolerance, I hope we will hear some voices of protest from the genuine liberals — faculty, administrators, and students — at his university and in academia at large. Academia being what it is, we can’t expect anything much better than sincere liberals. But genuine liberalism should be enough to protect Kevin MacDonald’s freedom to think, write, teach, and exercise his political rights as he sees fit.

We will be watching.


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  1. David, SC said:

    If Dr. MacDonald wasn’t scaring the hell out of the Jewish Communists, there would be no problem with him…obviously, the Man is doing exactly what ALL White Nationalists should do, and brave the venom of the vipers who seek to dominate all other races-and say it like it is!
    After all, if we keep allowing the Jews and their non-White storm troopers to shut us down, we have a terrible future, one that history teaches us will end in the pit, with a bullet to the head.
    Russia, Ukraine : NEVER FORGIVE, NEVER FORGET, as the Jews love to say.
    God bless you, Doc!…thank you for standing, as a Hero, for our People.

  2. People ask what can be done? Contact CSU-LB and tell them you are in full support of Kevin MacDonald and believe in his rights as an american citizen and learned fellow.

  3. @ Patrick Sullivan,

    You espouse almost every fallacy that our enemies would want us to believe. For instance you wrote,

    Generally, the more melanin you have in your skin the more likely that you are to be put to put in to a variety of unnecessary difficult situations. The same things do happen to white folks, though it is based more upon economic class.

    Although that is non-sensical gobbledy-gook, I think you are saying that darker people are more likely to be discriminated against. Although it is true that non-Whites tend to produce difficult circumstances for themselves, it isn’t because of the amount of melanin they have, it’s because they have low IQs. They are discriminated in favor of, not against. But that point is moot, there shouldn’t be a need to discriminate one way or the other in their regard, they simply shouldn’t be in our lands at all.

    Perhaps the most egregiously fallacious thing you wrote was,

    Why did the colonialists kidnap the people from the land of the good people and bring them to these shores? Obvious, Labor. They wanted to steal their labor by enslaving them.

    Of course, colonialists didn’t “kidnap” any one. Africans did, however, enslave other Africans and Jewish international slave traders did buy a number of them from their African owners and trade them around the world. Something like 0.0000000001% of all of the Africans that the Jews have traded around the world were owned by White Americans. Furthermore, that trade was was ended by White men. Now its time White men end the Jewish slave trade of White eastern European people around the world.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have time to debunk all of the fallacies present in your comments. But I think you get the idea. You need to reconsider your sources of information.

  4. The world needs more brave professors like Dr. MacDonald. Shame on his university’s admin if it does not defend him. Or does it prefer to defend a convicted torturer of women (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Karenga)? Probably.

  5. I just dont see the dumbed down, brainwashed masses in the US or Europe unplugging themselves from the Zionist-contolled Matrix even in the distant future.

    Well over half of Americans didn’t read a single book last year and some 50% of the British think Sherlock Holmes really existed.

    Here in Croatia, thanks in large part to organizations like Soros’ “Open Society” which funded well over 100 organizations and individuals to undermine Croatia’s sovereignty, communism has ideologically been fully rehabilitated.

    At present, Stjepan Hršak (one of hundreds of communist mass murderers who are enjoying a privileged retirement in Croatia), the orchestrator of the massacre in the Macelj woods, head of the Krapina district OZN (Yugoslav communist equivalent of the Soviet NKVD) resides in a confiscated villa in the elite quart of Zagreb.

    At Macelj, some eleven thousand Croat POWs and civilians were murdered over a seven day period in May of 1945. Out of 143 mass graves located in the area, the 23 which were fully or partially examined yielded the remains of 1,169 victims. Hršak himself killed, amongst others, 21 Catholic priests and seminarians with a Walther-P 38 which he keeps behind a glass case on his wall.

    At Macelj, many were murdered with the blunt end of axes so that others could watch what was in store for them.

    Thus far in Slovenia alone 657 mass graves of communist victims have been located and in Croatia 947. The west should call for the punishment of these monsters.

    • Mr. Curious said:

      Our Hungarian government, with the instalment of the FIDESZ government, is finally free of the judeo-communist grip. Our former left MSZD party consisted almost enitirly of former jewish communists. They sold what little there was left of my raped, murdered and pillaged country (after 65years of judeo communist occupation). Eg. they sold our national airline MALEV for a mere 900.000 euros to a russian zionist. In almost all former soviet eastern european countries it is almost impossible to prosecute these communist mass murderers because the countries made a pact after the iron curtain fel: No communist will be prosecuted for their attrocities and you will get your land and government back. To be able to prosecute FIDESZ now adopted a law which is basically the same as the holocaust denial law, only it applies to the denial of communist attrocities 😉 The first jewish communist mass murderer has already been arrested for belittling communist crimes! He’s is 80+ years old and lived in the richest neigborhood of Budapest. There is a way to get back at these monsters! I hope they’ll lock him up the rest of his miserable life and he rots away in a cellar 30 floors below the surface. It will save him lots of travelling time to hell, where he belongs!

  6. You can bet the pervert organization, Anti-Defamation League, ADL, is the big banana behind these attacks on Kevin McDonald.

  7. Dr. MacDonald has the full support of VSS behind him. Hang in there Professor, Communists come and go like rising and falling ocean tides.


  8. (Tried sending an e-mail, and have not received a response.)

    To Whom it May Concern:

    It has come to our attention that the photo on the Occidental Quartery Online website, http://www.toqonline.com/2010/02/the-persecution-of-kevin-macdonald/, was taken from our website, http://www.daily49er.com/news/students-call-for-removal-of-psychology-professor-1.2156180, without our consent or attribution to our publication and the photographer. We have all rights to the work, as it is copyrighted under the Daily 49er.

    Please remove the photo or attribute it to Marcus Bockman / Daily 49er, and in the future ask our publication for permission to reprint photos and/or articles. There is a “contact” page on our Web site at http://www.daily49er.com, in which you can send those inquiries to us via e-mail, or our office phone contact information is available there as well.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
    Joanne Tucker
    Editor in Chief

    Daily 49er
    (562) 985-7998 – office

    • Greg Johnson said:

      Posting this comment suffices to establish the photo credit.

      My source for the photo is: http://www.pslweb.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=13591&news_iv_ctrl=1030, which was linked in the article.

      Since the presence of Douglas Kauffman, who is on the left in the photo, in Professor MacDonald’s classroom was a criminal act of trespassing, was Marcus Bockman, the photographer, also trespassing, or was he a legitimate student who just happened to snap a photo with his phone? If he was there specifically to photograph the event, did he not also commit criminal trespass, and was he not also part of a conspiracy to do this before the fact?

      Greg Johnson

  9. “Party for Socialism and Liberation” is a Zionist front group. They will use people of color to push the zionest agenda. Using them to cover for the crimes of Zionist on the gentiles. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned us years ago. Now people are awake and listening. Kevin MacDonald understands this too, and he is warning the public about the evils of Zionism.

    They have destroyed African culture and European culture. And Latino culture is heading down the same path of ruin. Who controls the media, Hollywood, the banks? Pop culture? Politics? Look at the billions send to Israel a rich country to attack innocent Muslims and Christians in Gaza. Who is telling our children to ruin their lives with drugs, legal and illegal? Commit violence toward one another? Dumb down the gentiles just a little more with shows like Jersey Shore on MTV.

  10. Nice response Greg. Shall we guess her political persuasion? They will attack or intimidate any way they can…

  11. The white race was created through monogamy. Skin color isn’t why Europeans conquered the world. They did so because they outlawed polygamy. Population stability, romantic love and human rights are European phenomena; they can only happen when a man searches for a lifelong mate.

    Does MacDonald understand this?

  12. Marcus Bockman is a student in the class. He was not trespassing. The Daily 49er is the student run newspaper at Cal State Long Beach. And PSL has fixed the photo credit on their end as well:


    I am just doing my job as editor in chief of the paper, so my writers and photographers receive proper credit for their work. We have no political persuasion.
    Here is a link to our story: (I realized for some reason the last one was faulty)


    We would appreciate proper credit, as again, this is copyright infringement.
    Joanne Tucker
    Editor in Chief

    Daily 49er
    (562) 985-7998 – offic

  13. God Forbid white people have a heritage; we’ve only been getting stomped on for thirty years now. Every group should be proud of its ethnic heritage but white people; we should be ashamed and crawl into a hole. Once again you could choke on the proof and recent statistics say that over 56 percent of suicides in America are white men over thirty. We have lost our identity, and if we try to stand up to support our race then we must be racist.
    What these people are afraid of is that all of their hard work at character assassination will be undone, white people will actually become proud again, create their own markets, their own communities and do business with only white companies just like the Jews do.

  14. The secret to happiness–is it good for the Jews?

    “Before Professor Dershowitz accused me of being an anti-Semite (news to me), I was a happy person. Since then, I’m still a happy person”. –Michael Santomauro

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