Mar 22, 2010

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The Psychopathology of Judaism

Ryssen2Translated by John de Nugent

Judaism is not merely a “religion,” as many Jews are overt atheists or agnostics, and they do not consider themselves less Jewish for all that. Jewry is also not a race even if it is true that a “trained eye,” most of the time, can recognize a Jewish appearance, that is to say, a characteristic pattern which is the result of their strict observance of endogamy for centuries. Jews see themselves as the “chosen ones” of God, and marriage outside the community is strictly frowned upon. However, mixed marriages do exist and have also helped to renew the blood of Israel during all the centuries spent in the various ghettos where the Jews preferred to live, separately and apart from the rest of the population. The essential condition for such mixed marriages is that the mother be Jewish, since Orthodox Rabbis recognize as Jewish only the child born of a Jewish mother. However, having just a Jewish father or grandparent can suffice for a person to identify completely with Judaism. Jewishness is therefore a “mental race” that has been shaped over the centuries by the Hebrew religion and the universalist project of Judaism.

Judaism is a Political Project

Judaism is essentially a political project. It is important for Jews to work toward the emergence of a world at “peace,” a peace meant to be universal and permanent. It is therefore not a coincidence that this word “peace” (shalom in Hebrew) is found frequently in Jewish discourse worldwide. In the perfect world that they are building, all conflicts will disappear between the nations. This is why Jews have been militating tirelessly for many years for the abolition of all borders, the dissolution of national identities and the establishment of a global empire of “peace.” The very existence of separate nations is considered to be responsible for the triggering of wars and turmoil. so they must be weakened and eventually replaced by a world government, a “one world government,” a “New World Order,” one single world-ruling authority that will permit happiness and prosperity to reign, Jewish-style, on earth.

We find this idea more or less developed both in the writings of certain intellectual Marxists such as Karl Marx himself and the Jewish-French philosopher Jacques Derrida and also in the discourse of liberal thinkers such as Karl Popper, Milton Friedman and France’s Alain Minc. The idea is to unify the world by all means necessary and to generate cultural conflicts that will weaken nation-states. It is for this One World that intellectuals Jews labor tirelessly all over the world. Whether they call themselves left- or right-wing, liberal or Marxist, believers or atheists, they are the most ardent propagandists of the pluralistic society and of universal miscegenation, that is of racial mixture.

Thus, all their strength the Jews – basically, ALL the vocal Jews in the world – encourage non-white immigration into every country in which they are located, not only because the multicultural society is their fundamental political aim, but also because the disintegration of national identity in each nation and the massive presence of anti-white immigrants is designed to prevent the original white population from succeeding in any nationalistic outbursts against the Jewish sway over finance, politics, and the media. All Jewish intellectuals, without any exception, are focused on this question of building the “pluralistic society” and for this they practice constant “vigilance against racism.” In France, influential writers and journalists such as Bernard-Henri Levy, Jacques Attali, Jean Daniel, Guy Sorman, and Guy Konopniki agree on pluralism and anti-racism despite their political divergences in other areas. This obsession, which is very characteristic of Judaism, is also manifested in movies, where many producers and directors are influential Jews. As soon as a film starts defending and promoting interbreeding, “tolerance” and pluralism, we can be sure that the producer of it is Jewish.

Now we can understand better why the former communists and leftists of the 1970s did not have to make such a big leap to become today’s “neoconservatives.” They have merely switched to a different strategy to achieve the same goal: the rule by racially pure Jews over a racially mixed society.

The fact is that after the Palestinian intifada began in October 2000, the Jews in France and the rest of the Western world have realized that nowadays the danger to their interests and their project comes primarily from Islam and from young African immigrants, both Arabic and black. Their aim is to strengthen the modern race-mixing and race-blending society, which they have contributed so much to establish in our country of France. But this mosaic now threatens to break up into separate communities, and this the Jews do not want. They want no separate identities or separateness at all, except a separate Jewish identity and Jewish separateness. Former Marxists in France such as Alexandre Adler, André Glucksmann, and Pascal Bruckner thus support nowadays, along with Alain Finkielkraut, the right-wing, pro-Washington, pro-Zionist party of Nicolas Sarkozy. And yet they have not become French patriots. They react only for the exclusive benefit of Jewry, asking, as American Jews proverbially do on every issue: “Is it good for the Jews ?”

“Tolerance” as a Weapon

The members of the Jewish sect are the most proselytizing people on earth, but unlike Christians or Muslims, who dream of converting all peoples of all races to their faith, the Jews have no plan to convert the world to their own faith, Judaism, but simply to encourage other nationalities to give up their national and religious identities – and live only for the goal of “tolerance.” The unceasing campaigns to blame all Whites for slavery, colonialism, the plundering of the Third World or for Auschwitz have no other purpose than putting the opponent on the defensive, and getting him on his knees not by violence but via guilt. When the Jews are the only people left on earth who are keeping their faith and their traditions, they will finally be recognized by everyone as God’s “chosen people.”

Their “mission” (and Jews frequently use this term “mission”) is to disarm the other peoples, to dissolve anything which is not Jewish or Jewish-controlled, to grind the people down to a powder for making a new identity-free work force, and thus to favor a universal “peace” among the peoples who have no more “divisive” identities.

As their prophet Isaiah said: “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, the tiger will rest with the kid, the lion and the ram shall live together, and a young child will lead them” (Isaiah 11: 6-9). The Messiah, coming from Israel, and awaited for three thousands years, will establish anew the kingdom of David and will give the Jews an empire over all the earth. And certain Jewish texts explicitly call for this.

Jews are therefore continuously encouraged to campaign, in whatever society they inhabit, in order to promote the unification of the world – and thus to also hasten the arrival of their promised and cherished Messiah. Propaganda is a Jewish specialty, and it is no coincidence that Jews become so influential in all the media. In their hands, the concepts of “tolerance” and “human rights” have become incredibly efficient weapons of white guilt and accusation against the majority culture. In fact, it is not through Jewish-sounding names or a Jewish physical appearance that we can best recognize Jews, but rather from what they write and say wherever they are on earth.

Selective Amnesia and Fabulation

Many Jews, as we know, played an absolutely huge role in the Soviet tragedy 1917-1991 and the thirty million deaths that marked this era. Let us remember that Karl Marx was born into a Jewish family and that Lenin himself had a Jewish maternal grandfather, that Leon Trotsky, the Bolshevik founder and head of the Red Army, was born a Bronstein, while Kamenev (real name: Rosenfeld) and Zinoviev (real name: Apfelbaum) were running the two Bolshevik-conquered capitals of Moscow and St. Petersburg. But the list of Jews who stood out in the mega-crimes of Communism is endless. It must be said and it must be repeated: Jewish officials and Jewish torturers bore a very heavy responsibility in this tragedy. The “perfect” world they concocted and which was supposedly “historically inevitable” turned out from the very beginning to be a nightmare for the Russian population. It was not until 1948 when the Jewish intellectual elite Jewish began distancing itself from the Stalinist government, and this was only because Stalin had launched his “anti-Zionist” campaign, meant to purge pro-Israel Jews from senior leadership positions.

This indisputable Jewish guilt for the gigantic crimes of Bolshevism is now systematically being shoved down the Memory Hole (the phrase from George Orwell’s 1984). In Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s 2002 book Two Centuries Together, the Nobel Laureate and 11-year veteran of the Bolshevik gulag expresses outrage that Jewish intellectuals were still refusing to recognize their ethnic responsibility in the slaughter of millions of Christians. Solzhenitsyn also denounces modern Jews who pose as victims of an “antisemitic” Bolshevik government when that government was in fact heavily Jewish and Jews were among the worst perpetrators.

This selective amnesia is necessary for a people who ceaselessly proclaim their “innocence” of any provocative acts, as we regularly note in their writings, for example in an editorial in Israel magazine of April 2003, “the first Israeli monthly magazine in the French language” written under the name of a certain André Darmon.

He wrote: “To kill a Jew or a child makes God cry, for we are exterminating [in the Jew] the bearer of universal ethics and innocence.”

No less!

With this mindset of absolute innocence Jews cannot conceive bearing any responsibility for their atrocities. Jews are only victims, only “scapegoats” in an evil and hostile world. But very soon the Messiah will punish the “wicked” and will restore the victimized sons of Israel to their full rights.

Nevertheless, in this same Israel magazine editorial, a certain Frederick Stroussi asserted that the Nazi government was worse than the Stalin regime. He quoted the cruelties he claimed were perpetrated by certain SS men. For example, we learn from Stroussi that the Latvian SS man Cukur’s hobby was to toss Jewish babies in the air to shoot them in their head as in skeet shooting. He also writes of other episodes, such as the rape of children by the SS before they killed them. The Second World War has certainly stimulated the fertile imagination of the children of Israel.

Or perhaps this imagination is once again a case of the Jews’ own “projection” syndrome, that is, accusing others systematically of one’s very own crimes as a matter of consistent PR policy: always attack. We know in fact – even if the media never speak about it – that many Jews and their rabbis are involved in the felony crime of pedophilia (see Psychanalyse du Judaisme, 2007).

And murdering a child would seem to be more a Jewish specialty than a characteristic of the SS mind. The revelations of tenured professor Ariel Toaff of Bar Eilan University in Israel – the son of the former Grand Rabbi of Rome – and buttressed in February 2007 by his 147-page, heavily footnoted, scholarly work Pasqua di Sangue [ Blood Passover] – reveals proof of ritual murder among some Ashkenazi Jews (Jews of Eastern European origin).

jews_whining_montageEmotional Fragility

We outsiders are thus supposed to understand that the sufferings of Jews cannot be compared to those of any others. As a consequence, we are supposed to get as indignant as they do when a serious historian such as Stephane Courtois states (in the preface of his famous Black Book of Communism): “The death of a Ukrainian child of Kulak origin [ from the independent farmer class] who is deliberately forced to starve to death by the Stalinist government is as significant as the death of a Jewish child in the Warsaw ghetto.” These simple words were enough to provoke the ire of Frederic Stroussi who declares he was “stunned” by such an affront. Such a remark, according to him, was “despicable” and represented a vulgar attack against Israel: “What does this comparison have to do here?” he writes. “Why do we have to use the slaughter of a Jewish child to transmit this underlying, false and hateful rumor that the Jews overshadow all other victims of totalitarianism and monopolize all the attention on themselves?”

The author of the article, as we can notice, reacts in a outraged and totally disproportionate way to the modest and certainly justified intentions of the level-headed historian Stephane Courtois. Stroussi demonstrates here the “great intolerance to the frustration” which are so characteristic of the Jewish intellectual. Such reactions are clearly not “normal.”

We note that Israel magazine is a monthly magazine designed for the Jewish community and that, consequently, one can hardly accuse Frederick Sroussi of lying to goyish readers, or hiding from the goyim the true nature of Bolshevism and the supposedly malefic cruelty of the SS. His discourse here does not correspond to any false dialectic, as anti-Semites claim, but here, in this magazine by and for Jews, he is reflecting, as a Jew among Jews, writing to Jews, the very essence of their soul: 1) We are always innocent – and 2) Jewish lives are more valuable than those of others.

There is an “attack anti-Semitism” that stems from a failure to understand the Jewish identity and only sees deliberate perfidy where there is in reality a genuine existential anxiety, one generated by a deep psychological dysfunction.

jews_whiningHysterical People

The Jews have never dared to collectively approach the mirror on their inner lives represented by Freudian psychoanalysis, a prism through which the Jews claim to see all humanity, but which, on closer analysis, sheds far more light on the specific neuroses of Judaism. Psychoanalysis, like Marxism, is a “Jewish science” and a product of the Jewish mind. It was therefore logical to wonder how this Freudian “discovery” corresponds to Jewish specificities.

The answer was not initially obvious to the author, and it took the reading and analysis of hundreds of books of all kinds, mostly written by Jews themselves, for him to realize that the searing question of incest stands at the throbbing heart of the Jewish question, and not theoretically either.

Jewish mothers do love their sons, as is well known, but outright incest is at the origin of a well-known mental illness – one that especially afflicts Jews – called “hysteria.” Incest attracted early the attentions of Freud while he was developing his theories. The parallels between Judaism and hysterical pathology are quite natural.

Jewry is well-known for these syndromes: Hysteria, depression, introspection, amnesia, manipulation, pathological lying, ambivalent identity, prophetic deception, sexual ambiguity, and so on. Every Jewish symptom is found in hysteria.

Freud, as a loyal Jew, merely projected the traits of a specific community onto the rest of humanity. In reality, there is no “Oedipus complex” but rather an Israel complex (all Jews together technically being Israel, not just the Near Eastern state). In fact, Jews do not seem to really wish to discuss the topic of incest within their families. On the other hand, all the psychiatrists mention: “The hysterical woman so much wants a child from her father or her doctor that she can persuade herself that she is pregnant by one of them and thus develops a ‘nervous pregnancy.’”

It is interesting that all Jewish writers use the same term to refer to the coming of their Messiah, namely, the “delivery” of the Messiah. The whole Jewish community, we must understand, is “the wife of God” (the Shekhinah of the Kabbalist) who is some day supposed to give birth to the Messiah, and thus the whole of Jewry is indeed suffering from a “nervous pregnancy” not unlike that found in nervous, hysterical women.

Karl Kraus, the Austrian Jewish journalist who did not agree with Freud, wrote sarcastically: “Psychoanalysis is the mental illness of which it claims to be the cure.” But the right and the best formula can be stated in ten words: “Judaism is the disease that psychoanalysis is meant to cure.”

Ryssen4The Sexual Revolution

After Freud, other Jewish thinkers came along who produced a symbiosis between Freudian doctrine and Marxism. Wilhelm Reich and Herbert Marcuse preached sexual revolution in order to break down the patriarchal family and unleash “free sex.” Their theories largely inspired the student riots of May ’68. The 1970s saw a new wave of Freudo-Marxism and Jewish women were in the forefront (such as Gisele Halimi and Elisabeth Badinter in France and Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem in the USA). As time passed, a series of Jewish-inspired laws appeared, one after the other, designed to dissolve the family. In France, a Neuwirth-promoted law legalized the contraceptive pill (1967), then came the challenge to the authority of the father as head of the household (1970), then divorce by mutual consent (1974) and the “right” to abortion promoted by “Holocaust survivor” Simone Veil (1975). A great wave of movie porn accompanied this “liberation” from traditional family values. Here we are compelled to note that Jewish producers and film directors play a very important role in the sex film industry. (See my La Mafia Juive [The Jewish Mafia], 400 pages, 2008). Parallel to this, the Freudian concept of bisexuality favored the acceptance of overt “gay pride” and homosexuality.

A War Machine against Humanity

In fact, the only tangible results of this moral “liberation” was the systematic demoralization and criminalization of the white man, who is denounced tirelessly in movies, literature and history as the cause of all the planet’s ills and of the collapse of the West. The appeal of egalitarianism – as intended by Jewry – tends to level all ethnic differences and identities and brings about their slow destruction.

Yitzhak Attia, director of French-language seminars at the Yad Vashem Holocaust institute in Tel Aviv wrote this himself in the same issue of Israel magazine:

Even if reason tells us, even shouts with all its force the very absurdity of this confrontation between the small and insignificant people of Israel [i.e, all Jewry worldwide, not just “the State of Israel”] and the rest of humanity… as absurd, as incoherent and as monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations – and it can only be genocidal and total because it is about our and their identities.

You read it right : Between the Jewish people and the rest of humanity the struggle can only be “genocidal and total.” The “peace” which Israel intends to confer is no more and no less than “genocide,” the warrant for the execution of all humanity – except for those allowed to live as cultureless slaves.

The Neutralization of the Devil

The question is whether the aggressiveness of Judaism can be neutralized in order to save humanity from its evils, evils that could prove even more serious than Marxism such as psychoanalysis and the ideology of globalism. First of all, we must face the facts: After all these centuries of mutual misunderstanding, the antisemitic Christians, the Muslims, and Hitler have all failed to resolve the Jewish question. The fact is that the Jews feed on and grow off the hatred they have engendered among all the peoples of this world. This hatred, it must be said, is vital for their survival and for their spiritual genetics. It has allowed them for many centuries now to close ranks within their community against an external enemy, while other civilizations have disappeared.

For their part, the rabbis spare no efforts to keep their gene pool Jewish. And so even a renegade Jew remains a Jew, and therefore it is perfectly useless to attempt to leave the Jewish prison community. Judaism is indeed a prison. Claiming that a Jew cannot ever stop being Jewish works in favor of Jewry’s survival.

Our mission must be to accommodate these sick among us, because the Jews are not “perfidious” people as much as they are sick people to be cured.

Jews are to be loved individually and sincerely in order to free them from the prison in which they are locked. Only then will they become free from the cult’s grip – and from the threat they pose to themselves and to all humanity.

Only then we will become free from this grip, and at the same time, they will free themselves from the evil inside them that threatens all mankind.

Autumn 2007


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  1. This is great work, thanks Mr. Nugent. Hopefully this will lead us past the failed policies that amounted to shrieking at the Jews. The recomendation in the conclusion also blends well with Whitaker’s Mantra and how we face and deal with these “genocidal” urges by the Jews and their acolytes.

  2. Apparently, the Jewish plan of salvation, has come to be endorsed by many Christians. Churches support anti-racism in every white country and ONLY in white countries. Only whites are to be genocided.

    • Benjamin Freedman in “Facts Are Facts” (read free online) explained how “Judeo-Christianity” is a deception devised to deceive Christians and is an antonym, not a synonym. He also explains a few other things to set the historical record straight from mistranslations and mistinterpretations resulting in misunderstandings/misperceptions.

  3. Fred Scrooby said:

    ”The revelations of tenured professor Ariel Toaff of Bar Eilan University in Israel – the son of the former Grand Rabbi of Rome – and buttressed in February 2007 by his 147-page, heavily footnoted, scholarly work Pasqua di Sangue [Blood Passover] – reveals proof of ritual murder among some Ashkenazi Jews (Jews of Eastern European origin).” ( — from the log entry)

    Here is the book:

    Take a good look at it, those who are interested, or download it into your computer – certainly the Jews are not going to permit this book to remain available online much longer.

  4. Great article until he says, “Jews need to be loved individually and sincerely in order to free them from the prison in which they are locked. Only then will they become free from the cult’s grip – and from the threat they pose to themselves and to all humanity.”

    If that was a workable solution, I’d be in favor, but I don’t think it’s workable.

    We have to view it in the way of microbes evolving against anti-biotics. We need to become resistant to Jewicillin, via horizontal transfer of plasmids that confer resistance to Jewicillin.

    These plasmids we can get from Muslims — Taqiyah, Jihad and Asabiyah. We need (Muslim) Semitic Mind-Weapons to fight (Jewish) Semitic Mind-Weapons.

  5. John Walters said:

    ‘the Jews are not going to permit this book to remain available online much longer.’

    It’s not a question of what the Jews allow.

    The Jews do not have total control over the Internet.

    Consider, for example, Iran and Malaysia.

    These two jurisdictions are technologically advanced enough to maintain Internet connection without foreign assistance.

    If a white foreigner were to set up a network server in Malaysia, laden with documentation concerning alternate views of history – I suspect the Malaysian authorities would prefer freedom of speech on that one issue. This does not mean I suggest trying to host all sorts of books in Malaysia. Books about sex, weapons, and drugs might be unpopular. But books about alternate historical views – I think various Muslim countries would be broad-minded enough to allow such documents to exist in their jurisdictions.

    Bear in mind that the Internet is a big, big territory, and it contains a lot of obscure niches that are hard for outsiders to find, much less serve legal papers against.

    As a side note on the Eastern European angle of blood drinking – there are plenty of histories detailing non-Jewish blood drinking in Eastern Europe. No one should be surprised when they find that Eastern European Ashkenazim persist in such habits.

    For that matter, one need merely point to the frequent outbreaks of herpes in newly circumcised infants to point out that some Jews suck blood during bris rituals.

    I first heard complaints of such herpes transmission from Jews in the early 1990s. The complaints persisted even in 2005. Blood sucking is so traditional that some fraction of the Jewish community would rather see their infants die of herpes than compromise tradition.

  6. Michael O'Meara said:

    Because Herve Ryssen is so insightful into the Jewish mind, he is insightful into the Jewish ideology that rules the white man’s mind. How much I have learned from him.

    Understand, though, that he is forced to write some things in order to write about others.

  7. John Walters said:

    ‘Great article until he says, “Jews need to be loved individually and sincerely in order to free them from the prison in which they are locked. Only then will they become free from the cult’s grip – and from the threat they pose to themselves and to all humanity.”

    If that was a workable solution, I’d be in favor, but I don’t think it’s workable.’

    This is indeed a workable solution, for Christians in the mold of Father Coughlin.

    Sincerely repentant Jews – preferably those so young that they have not yet had children – can demonstrate the sincere depth of their repentance by living celibate lives, with few material luxuries and no political activism beyond simple harmony with their neighbors. (Life in a monastery or hermitage might make this easier.) Rejection of the Talmud could be demonstrated by (e.g.) operating pig farms, and since they would be celibate, they would have no children to circumcise.

    After their working hours, they could occupy themselves with the traditional devotions of monks – singing praise to Jesus, giving thanks for geniuses such as Martin Luther, examination of conscience, etc. Under such circumstances, I believe love and forgiveness would soon flow.

    Brother Nathanael Kapner, of “Real Jew News,” converted to Orthodox Christianity. No doubt he has his imperfections, as all mortals do, but I consider that he is sincerely trying to purify his soul. What Christian would be so hard-hearted as to deny Brother Kapner a prayer? Even if one believes Kapner to sinful, one could pray that God will some day enlighten him with true grace.

  8. CompassionateFascist said:

    Insightful, informative essay on collective Jewish psychology and behavior. But, as Kievsky points out, Ryssen’s humanist conclusion is way off the mark. The Jews murderous universalism is not “curable.” It is genetically fixed: as proven by the flow of genome studies from Zion itself, they are a biological entity, a race. And the Jewish race well understands that, to universalize and dominate humankind — their current globalization drive — they must first exterminate the (armed) American white middle class. And that is why all the leaders of the “anti-gun” movement are Jews and Jewesses: Jew Soros, Jew Bloomberg, Jewess Feinstein, Jew Schumer, Jewess Peters, Jewess Marcus….They know that they cannot do a Ukraine on us until they disarm us. And we know, Ryssen notwithstanding, that we will survive not by “loving and curing” the Jews, but by rendering them harmless. At a minimum, they must return to the ghetto. If they refuse, then we must and will do whatever is necessary to save our race.

  9. “They have merely switched to a different strategy to achieve the same goal: the rule by racially pure Jews over a racially mixed society.”

    Yes, that is exactly what the Jews want — to rule over the masses of moronic mongrels.

  10. Michael O'Meara said:


    You are becoming increasingly less compassionate.

    And more fascist.

    I too take the advice of Joe Webb.

  11. I really enjoyed reading this well-researched, erudite, and insightful article. What we need to do more of is name the jew — like this author does for feminism, etc. We need to name their malady too. I have always said the Jews are ill. They are masters at projecting their depravity on others. However, we need to understand that this is indeed a genetic malady and set about finding ways to cure it with this in mind. From my studies in behavioral genetics, there are several lines of evidence showing that it is undeniably a genetic malady which is also reflected in their religion. This is how the Jewish religion has helped shape them. Remember that in the past they stoned or killed Jews who did not follow their laws. They also practiced eugenic match-making techniques and have some of the most exclusive genetics of any human group. They everywhere do the same things (religious or no) and react to things in the same way in history. They have more than a few specific genetic diseases, like Tay-sachs disease, which are characteristic of their race. several of these are brain-related genetic diseases (the organ of behavior) and have been shown to be linked to the genetics behind their specific brand of high-verbal IQ. Like other genetic diseases, such as sickle-cell anemia in blacks, the disease comes from a mutation that confers some advantage in other ways that make the disease side of the mutation a worth while trade-off. That many of their diseases are brain and even specifically their-own-brand-of-IQ-related means that they are on their own path genetically in their behavior which fits with their historical manipulations and deceptions within gentile civilizations. Even in Egypt, it was written thousands of years ago that the Jews were ALL expelled from Egypt because they had “diseases.” (They obviously / logically meant mental / genetic diseases — think about it…) There are enough exclusive Jewish genes that you can tell without question with simple genetic testing who has had even one Jewish grandparent. So we have genetic, temperament, cultural across time and space, IQ, the unique selective / evolutionary niche they occupy which fits this other evidence, and other direct evidence of a genetic basis for their disease.

    CompassionateFascist makes a good point with his naming the Jew in gun control as well. I think that the entire body of evidence we have in history supports what he is saying about the Jewish elimination of the European white male and his truths from the world stage as their mortal enemy — a genetic enemy. We have different genetic programs. We cannot hide from this truth just because it is unpleasant. The truth about it does not however mean that there are no peaceful solutions. There are.

  12. Junghans said:

    Some excellent observations here on Ryssen’s incisive writing about the paradoxical Jewish mindset. The collective, stereotypical Jewish psyche of today, is indeed a reflection of the ancient genetic detritus of the desert races (Wüstenraßen), that led to the ethnogenisis of the original Habiru Sagaz. That this old, and odd gene pool has morphed into the highly racially motivated, yet, schizophrenically duplicitous mindset of today’s ethnocentric Jews, is the result of extraneous mental alleles in aberrant combination. The upshot of this strange genetic evolution is what H.S. Chamberlain called the Jewish ‘Anti-race’, or ‘Gegenraße‘. A misanthropic Anti-race, in denial of its own foibles, yet ever ready to project its flaws onto others, who, it hypocritically rationalizes as theirs to manipulate and exploit.

    Thanks to John de Nugent for the translation. Ryssen’s works all need to be translated into English, along with the works of Drumont and Lambelin.

    White culture, Jewish culture, and the origins of psychotherapy

  14. The Red Skull said:

    The was indeed the most insightful article I’ve ever had the pleasure to read on the jew mentality, and fills so many holes in my own knowledge as to WHY this certain tribe of “people” is so eager to impose their will on the entire planet. Coffee-colored ignorant slaves for their Corporate Plantations, while the Whites who resist are disarmed/imprisoned/or worse-NKVD’d.

    I agree 100% with Compassionate Facsist and also disagree with the authors humanist,teddy-bear,love hug solution. Its unworkable because the jews are inflexible in their “holy mission” as we must be in ours to save our Race and People, and they will never voluntarily or politically give up their stranglehold on this (USA) or any other nation. That’s why all White Americans who have half a loaf and some spare money are making guns and ammo fly off the shelves at record rates still. They will pull a Ukraine on us as soon as they disarm us.

    How many of us are willing to refresh the Tree of Liberty?

  15. “…the Freudian concept of bisexuality favored the acceptance of overt “gay pride” and homosexuality.”

    A very informative article. Until now, I did not know that the Greeks and Romans were Jews.

  16. Thanks for the translation!

    How good to know that also in France there are educated and intelligent people such as Hervé Ryssel, contribution in a scientific fashion to our common struggle for truth and freedom, by exposing the mortal threat posed to the European Peoples by the actions and strategies of organized Jewry.

    Since Hervé Ryssel mentions Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy, I’d like to use the occasion to link to my article about this French/Jewish philosopher, who is hailed in European anti-(Muslim)immigration circles as ‘Bravest spokesman for freedom of speech’. With videos and transcripts featuring:

    David Remnick, Editor of the New Yorker (Jewish – moderator)
    Bernard-Henri Lévy, Author and French/Jewish Philosopher
    Philippe Schmidt, Chairman of INACH and Vice-President of LICRA (Jewish)
    Professor Kent Greenawalt, Columbia Law School
    Peter Awn, Director of Columbia’s Middle East Institute

    Balder Blog July 7 2010Bravest spokesman for freedom of speech: French-Jewish philospher Bernard-Henri Lévy

  17. Confiscation then expulsion or deportation to Palestine would be the answer. That cannot come without reclaiming the governments of Christian countries. Campaign finance reform would eliminate one of the levers of power used by the Jews, campaign contributions. 1/3 of the U.S. Supreme court is Jewish which is an obstacle.
    Control and ownership of the media could be corrected by government.
    Government regulation and break up of banks didn’t happen because the financial system is Jewish owned and controlled.
    Step one must be education, information given to people to open their eyes to the problem.
    It’s like removing blinders, once perception is clear people will see the proofs and understand the disconnect between nominally democratic governments and what the majority of the people want that isn’t being done.
    Once you know the cause the many symptoms become apparent. Why are white men in TV commercials all idiots? Why are there so many interracial couples on television? Why is the Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew? Why do we pay interest to the Federal Reserve?
    Change the context in which things are viewed. Viewed in the context of an organized or genetic-instinctive plot to destroy white people perhaps enough whites will retain an instinct of self-preservation and do what is necessary.

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