Dec 19, 2010

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The Shape of the Future

The Shape of the Future

The “Secession is a Bad Idea” post certainly got the pot boiling over here at TOQ.

But I would like all of you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

We all react powerfully to the videos of helicopter gun ships blasting groups of supposed “terrorists” on the ground in central Asia. We react equally to videos of very expensive munitions fired from drones that slaughter groups of these supposed “terrorists”.

I say “supposed” for the simple reason that the men being slaughtered happen to be half way around the World from us, and have no visible means of getting to our shores unless we provide the means. Indeed, if the population of the U.S. were entirely homogeneous and light skinned, there would be little fear of terrorism simply because we could not see any of these central Asian Muslims around us.

Thus, the fear of terror would be implausible, and support for trillion dollar expenditures to support a vast anti-terror bureaucracy is very much at risk, unless that anti-terror bureaucracy—coincident with the bombings and slaughters—imported relatives of the victims to circulate among us and make the threat of domestic terror visible, and hence support for the anti-terror machine and its trillion dollar budgets plausible.

As usual, multiculturalism is always and everywhere a means by which a minority can impose its will and its system of social control by pitting one group against another.

But the key to survival in this modern world is to see the pieces of the puzzle that are in plain view right in front of you and from their shape, accurately deduce the shape and nature of the pieces of the puzzle that are not visible.

For example: is it necessarily true that the regime would use helicopter gun ships and air to ground rockets fired from drones to exterminate domestic revolutionaries? Would the regime need to “go loud” like this and risk alarming the neighbors and waking them from their stupor?

So what is it about the populations that do get bombed and strafed that might differentiate them from us. After all, while they get bombed and strafed, racialists in the U.S. are free to fly unhindered; we are treated with extraordinary courtesy during traffic stops; and are typically let go with a smile and a warning (no snickering or winks and nods from the Cat 3 peanut gallery please!). Despite early attempts to shut down racialist web sites, the powers that be are allowing them to multiply like mushrooms in spring rain during recent years.

In similar fashion, there is a huge commerce in firearms—mostly assault rifles—that the regime tolerates with total equanimity.

Is there a unifying characteristic of those differing people who get bombs dropped on them from safe altitudes? Anything beyond the simple fact that they hate the regime because they supposedly “hate our freedom”, while we hate the regime because of our loss of freedom?

Let me make a radical suggestion.

The populations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Serbia do share a common characteristic. And it is obviously not the Muslim religion or brown skin color. Serbia is the “Ethiopian in the fuel supply” that tips us off to the shape and nature of the puzzle pieces that are not visible.

Serbs are as White as Austrians, and they are Eastern Orthodox Christians, heroes who for centuries have repelled invasions of numerous Asian and Muslim hordes seeking to invade Europe.

But at the time of our most excellent adventure over the skies of Serbia, they maintained an autarchic economy and did not participate in the Western banking system. In short, while Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan may have had local banks, and while varying percentages of their populations may have had bank accounts and credit cards—scaling from perhaps a majority in Serbia, to a minority in Iraq, to a miniscule number in Afghanistan—neither the Serbian, the Iraqi nor the Afghan banking arrangements were within the reach of Interpol or the FBI (which, curiously, seems to operate worldwide).

One day several years ago I walked into a branch of Wells Fargo and sat down to chat with the branch manager. I asked her whether the FBI could simply erase my checking account, and if so would they have to notify the bank first. She said that the FBI has a direct electronic connection to the accounts at that bank and every other bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System and they can delete or freeze an account at any time without ever having to notify the bank.

Then I said, “How about my investment account with your brokerage subsidiary? Same answer. They can delete or freeze it electronically and they do not need to tell us why. (Same with your credit card and debit card, by the way.)

If they were to do that, the victim could not sell his house and collect the proceeds, and he would not have the means to hire a lawyer and file for relief in Federal Court. He would be immobilized, unable to purchase an airline ticket, and unable to fill the gas tank in the car or buy food.

What could a fellow do under those circumstances? Go complain to the neighbors that all his accounts have been deleted by the government and risk getting himself committed to a mental institution? From the regime's perspective it sure beats having a helicopter gun ship scare the crap out of the neighbors by strafing and demolishing someone’s house, killing him with 20mm cannon fire!

Lets back out for a larger look at the numbers.

In the U.S., we have approximately 55 million adults who are on welfare and we have another 30 million adults who are receiving and are dependent upon Social Security/Old Age benefits. This group is completely under the thumb of the regime. A cancellation of the automatic deposit or a failure to reload the plastic food card would cast any individual revolutionary in this group into the hedge rows to starve. And the government knows exactly who these people are.

Next, look at the number of people with credit card debt. Odds are overwhelming that these people are loyal “consumers” and have no stash of cash or precious metals that could see them through an account deletion. Again any dissident individual in this category could be immobilized and would starve in the hedge rows.

The gold dealers and gold bug websites estimate that only one half of one percent of the population owns physical gold or silver. All large purchases of gold or silver must be made by wire or credit card, so the regime has a pretty good handle on who has substantial stashes of the metal. There may be some extraordinarily disciplined savers that buy a few hundred dollars worth of silver rounds every month with cash, but those are almost certainly confined to those who have no credit card debt, narrowing the pool in which to search for suspects.

Similarly, cash withdrawals from banks are monitored, and any sudden large cash withdrawals must be reported as suspicious by the teller. An army fights on its stomach, as the saying goes, and it would take massive amounts of cash or sales of precious metals in order to finance the movement of a few thousand men to the Pacific Northwest. Why do you think that in the latest “Patriot” Act the government required 1099 filings for sales of precious metals back to dealers?

They are watching for this, and any sudden pattern of cash withdrawals or physical metal sales would be detected and correlated with lists of known dissidents and with the individuals who show up on the carefully mapped neural networks of persons who call or email these known dissidents. The regime doesn't care what you say, they only need care who you are saying it to.

So it seems completely clear to me that the reasons for the helicopter gun ships, the missile launching drones, and the bombs falling from safe altitudes half way around the world are two-fold.

First and foremost, Iraqis and Afghans are not “consumers” tied to the credit system, and therefore there is no way of controlling them other than by armed force. And second, the broadcast of carefully selected videos of these slaughters serves to impress upon the public mind the terror that the regime, in all its majesty, can inflict upon those who are not addicted to cable TV and going into debt to buy expensive toys and expensive vacations. These slaughters serve the same purpose as was served by the Coliseum in Rome and the gladiatorial amphitheaters constructed throughout the Roman Empire and are, in the eyes of the regime, worth the trillions that the videos cost.

Given the new tools that modern technology and modern consumer behavior have bestowed upon the regime, it seems clear that they can control us without violence, and I would bet big money that they have no intention of ever blasting us wrong-thinking “consumers” with helicopter gun ships or missiles fired from drones.

Even if we were to begin funding a mass movement of men and arms, we would be picked up quietly, most likely on the road or outside a store with little or now show of force and most likely with the same solicitude that Cat Threes are greeted on the highway. After all, there is no way the regime would be stupid enough to start a panic and trigger copy cats by using our pathetically inadequate movement of funds and men to signal that an armed revolution is afoot. To do so would be to allow us to leverage their resources to our purposes.

What would lead any of us to believe that the regime has not learned the lessons of Ruby Ridge and Waco? Americans are not going to be entertained by videos of neighbors who have always left them alone being burned to death or shot to pieces by helicopter gun ships. As long as you are not a “public figure” and have no swastikas or rebel flags on the wall, the regime is unlikely to sacrifice its image by frying you or chopping you into hamburger meat in public. Unlike the helicopter gunship videos from Afghanistan which show the targets only at a distance, such a slaughter on U.S. soil would result in close up cell phone videos of the corpses all over the Internet.

Dead veterans wearing their old dog tags would be a deeply troubling propaganda disaster for the regime.

Now let us back out and look at the puzzle pieces before us from an even more distant perspective.

Each new layer of complexity designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs in our economy increases its fragility and renders it more vulnerable to black swan events. Our just-in-time delivery systems give us about five days worth of food and about ten days of gasoline. Bernanke's loss of control over long term interest rates—that QE-2 was intended to lower—could lead to a series of financial catastrophes that destabilize our society and leave our population cold and hungry.

The real danger to the regime is a military coup as a result of one or more of these catastrophes.

But a coup by the military would only capture and disable the facade of government—the elected and appointed officials in Washington. In fairness to the military, they do know that they would have to get control of the radio and TV stations, turn off the satellite feeds, and get control of the broadcasts.

But it is very unlikely that the the officer corps would have any idea how to identify and capture the real government of the U.S.—the people in New York and Los Angeles who would oppose their takeover, turn their coup into a propaganda disaster, and likely defeat them unless quickly deprived of their power—which would almost certainly require our help. We are the only ones who could identify the moles who would do everything in their power to subvert the coup and topple the military.

Once we were given access to the computers of the surveillance state, a few well designed database queries would give us a list of the real government, and all of them could have their bank, brokerage and credit cards erased or frozen, which would then immobilize them and cast them back into the lowly and dependent “consumer” status that they have so carefully crafted for us while avoiding a bloody mess and the feelings of revulsion that would turn the people against the military.

Few would have to be detained. For a coup to succeed, one must understand the levers of power that inhere in the surveillance apparatus of the state.

A far more likely scenario is a slow withering away of the regime's resources, and a gradual abandonment of functions it can no longer afford.

Secession happens slowly, by degrees.

First there are the noticeable stresses and fissures that become visible: rising unemployment, falling real incomes for our children, and government policies that deprive us of secure savings opportunities.

In this case we would be wise to stay where we are and make ourselves useful to local officials: the county sheriff and the elected state representatives, those with the power to quietly and unobtrusively reverse the policies which unfairly burden our people, as we transform ourselves from an educational charity to a welfare organization that helps our people through rough times, provides teachers and schools for the gifted (when these programs are canceled for lack of funds), organizes medical care as the insurance system collapses, and provides emergency food and shelter for those most likely to rebound and contribute. These are all activities that, through selection of recipients, provide help in ways that reverse the wildly dysgenic effects of the welfare state on the fitness of our people.

Already serious strains are showing up in state and local finances that put the local authorities at odds with the Feds. Most of the states have elected representatives who actively solicit educated, unpaid volunteers to serve as legislative analysts. Since most of the TOQ crowd have college degrees, and many have graduate degrees, we are particularly qualified to take advantage of these stresses by helping our elected state legislators.

If you have a Republican state representative, call him or her and volunteer. With every analysis you are asked to do, you prepare an estimate of the impact of the proposed legislation on Republican voters, a useful proxy for Whites capable of being salvaged. This will condition your Republican representative to actually think about the interests of their Republican voters—something which Republicans generally are not inclined to do. Of course, you never mention WN, but you should constantly remind them that a Republican must motivate the base, and that real political motivation requires not just remote benefits to a universalized “everyman”, but benefits us and not the identifiable “them” who oppose us and our interests.

In Texas, we have a part time legislature and those elected to serve in the Texas House (as opposed to the Senate) have no budget for staff beyond a lone secretary/receptionist. It will be the same in most other states. So the opportunity for meaningful activism is there. Carpe diem!

Now is also the time to declare independence from the consumer culture:

  • We cancel our cable subscriptions.
  • We stop watching professional sports.
  • We sell the big house and trade down to a smaller house (and do it early to beat the rush).
  • We cut up our credit cards, start saving money, and begin buying silver rounds for cash as insurance against a total collapse of the monetary system.
  • We boycott brand-name goods in favor of generics.

In short, we starve the beast.

The good news is that millions of Americans are canceling their cable, and millions more have stopped watching pro sports (the NBA has begun playing White basketball players even though any idiot can see that the black players do what they can to avoid passing them the ball).

We need to recognize and ride these trends. We need to pace our fellow Whites and encourage the above behaviors.

Most of all, we must be good and useful neighbors to our fellow Whites, building awareness and understanding,  always making ourselves helpful and useful.


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  1. Oh, I forgot to ask in my post above; since I am not “in the loop”, what is “Cat Three”?

  2. Curt Dane said:

    The ‘regime’ would not hesitate to use ‘soldiers’ against whites in the open streets if they could somehow suddenly transform our combat troops into forces comprised of a majority of or totally of non-whites. This they haven’t been able to accomplish due to the generally poor performance of blacks and latinos when it comes to combat training, despite the incredibly exaggerated stories of hispanic bravery – and Asian here and there – in battle (helped by our “Presidents” handing over the CMH to dark forces under circumstances that wouldn’t be deemed worthy if a white were held to the same criteria), The people in charge have tried to muddy up the troops, but now that they have the battle to expand Greater Izrael going full tilt, they’ve stepped up efforts, for now, to increase the number of white combat soldiers, as the tribe’s favorite two-legged weapons against whites don’t do too well when people are shooting back at them.

    It should also be noted that various tactics are being tried and different roads taken to shut down the internet. Those stupid white guys will find ways around this, you can bet on it. I believe that while whites will reclaim their lands, there are some battles ahead, including some in the streets. It is unavoidable. Our rulers probably hope for massive riots at some point as an excuse to shut things down, send in whatever forces they have. Sounds like science fiction but it will happen. In the long run it is not going to work. But in the short run, we are going to have to take our lumps. It will be the only way to wake some of our people up. Other people have stated what I have in different ways. I used to think they were out of touch, but not anymore. Based on the incredible cruelty and the wide eyed, fanatical hate the tribe has for us, this will happen as they get more desperate to wrap things up.

    It should also be noted that while QuantAnalyst states that Yggdrasil has posted rubbish regarding what the ‘law’ can do to your bank holdings, keep in mind who now controls the law, and what they can and will do to you if they get the urge. Meaning there is no true law and they’ll do whatever they damn well like. They already are.

  3. Sam Davidson said:

    One begins to wonder about the author’s convictions when he urges readers to work for Republican politicians and keep their mouths shut about White Nationalism.

    • What? The conviction that he might actually accomplish something concrete like immigration restrictions or an end to affirmative action?

      White nationalism exists implicitly by most white American’s living in white towns and neighborhoods and sending their children to white schools. Better to engage real whites about real issues affecting how they live their lives rather than cater to a bunch of Dungeons and Dragon fantasists calling for armed resistance against ZOG.

      • Exactly.

        If we should question the motivations of anyone, it should be the rhetorical radicals who counsel doing nothing to solve our problems, especially those whose great advice consists of actively trying to make matters worse than they already are.

        I first got into this scene because of my concern about immigration and changing demographics.

        I don’t see the vanguard doing anything about immigration or any other problem we are facing in the real world. It is also worth observing that the only people they attack are those who largely agree with us on these issues.

  4. Sam Davidson said:

    Let me clarify:

    1) I am a White Nationalist. My goal is to secure the existence of my people and a future for white children. Anything that moves us closer to this goal is good.

    2) There is no reason why we can not be explicitly pro-white and act like responsible adults. The people openly advocating violent extremism are usually revealed to be on the federal payroll, i.e. Hal Turner.

    3) Anyone who wants to shift the mainstream discourse in a pro-white direction has my complete support. I wish the best of luck in these efforts.

    4) The past fifty years of American political betrayals make our success within the dominant political framework to be unlikely at best. The politicians have been more than willing to abandon their base and embrace forced busing, forced integration, mass immigration policies, etc. When Arizona’s SB1070 was passed I predicted to myself that the courts would block it. Hell, this is what happened to Proposition 187. A preliminary injunction was issued against SB1070 before the law even took effect. The next decision will likely destroy the legislation entirely and undermine efforts in other states.

    5) The only reason that any party panders to Whites is to get votes. When the time comes they will likely betray us just as they have for the past fifty years. They’re afraid of being “out-niggered”, as George Wallace so honestly admitted.

    6) What can we do? The best assurance of protecting our people is to make them regain their sense of self-identity and self-worth. Hiding behind conservative “implicit whiteness” will not enable us to solve our problems. Our people need to be told they have a right to exist and there is nothing wrong with advocating so.

  5. (1) When you translate the “ideas” of White Nationalists into actual policy positions, we see that there is a lot of public support for many of those “ideas,” especially ending affirmative action, job killing free trade agreements, and illegal immigration.

    Plenty of White Nationalists say they want to “secure the existence of my people and a future for white children.” When it comes to actual doing something in the real world to implement that ideal, many of the same people can’t be motivated to lift a finger.

    There is a vast gap between the rhetoric of White Nationalism and the deeds that accompany that ideal.

    (2) In theory, there is no necessary contradiction between being a responsible adult and acting being explicitly pro-White.

    In reality, this is often not the case. There are people in the comments above who seriously believe that IRA-style violence is the way to advance our views in the public sphere.

    (3) That’s good to hear.

    In order to shift the political discourse in a pro-White direction, we must be willing start where people are today and lead them to a more reasonable position on race. Unfortunately, plenty of White Nationalists consider the concept of leadership tantamount “selling out.”

    (4) The past fifty years is illustrative of the inability of White Nationalists to communicate with their target audience. In particular, the last sixteen years demonstrates that the internet has been abused as a medium for fantasism and escapism.

    The betrayals of mainstream politicians are really not that surprising. When the neocons infiltrated and took over the conservative movement, White Nationalists were robbing banks and holding rallies in cow pastures and waiting for the imminent collapse of civilization.

    There is no pressure on the mainstream political spectrum coming from the Far Right. The pressure comes exclusively from the Left. That’s why American culture and politics is constantly pulled in that direction.

    Arizona’s SB 1070 is being litigated in federal court. It will be appealed to the Supreme Court. The copycat laws in other states will result in conflicting decisions in less liberal federal districts. The Supreme Court will weigh in on the matter this year and will likely uphold the law.

    (5) The Tea Party has come up with an innovative solution to that problem: the primary challenge.

    Primary challenges to the likes of Lisa Murkowski, Arlen Specter, and Robert Bennett has already succeeded in forcing the dozen Republican Senators who once voted for the DREAM Act to vote against it and kill the bill three times last year.

    (6) The best assurance to protect our people is working within the mainstream: to secure the border, expel illegals, undermine the 14th Amendment, cut legal immigration, mainstream the anti-White concept, abolish affirmative action, disenfranchise minorities through tough anti-crime laws, and protect our First and Second Amendment rights, among the many other points in common we have with the majority of White people in this country.

    The surest way to lose is to do nothing but talk on the internet for another twenty years and act on “the methods of Connelly and Pearce” which Harold Covington and other radical vanguardists advocate.

    If you want to see how Americans would respond to “the methods of Connelly and Pearce,” turn on cable television right now.

  6. Michael O’ Mera is right. The materialism of the Enlightenment, Calvanism and Protestantism killed our people. That is not to defend Catholicism but only to say that it is or was more tolerant of our traditions and culture, that is, less reason and more spirit. Reject it or watch it consume us.

    • Lunacy. The Reformation was a populist revolt by our people against the tyranny of an obsolete and still largely feudalistic political order. And the only people who are going to be “consumed” are those idiots who would put reason aside.

      • A populist revolt? By who? Illiterate serfs? The Reformation INCREASED the power of the feudal lords as they took property from the Chuch and remade Christianity with them at the head of the religion instead of a Pope. Anyway, no use arguing history on here but you seem to have a dog in this fight, that is a ideoligical commitment to the Enlightenment and to Protestantism. My priorities lie elsewhere.

        The Enlightenment lead directly to communism and the dehuminization of mass society.

        • Craicher wrote:
          “A populist revolt? By who? (sic)”

          By the nascent middle class, ie. prosperous peasant farmers, craftsmen, tradesmen, and merchants. And the devolution of religio/political power from a single pope to multiple princes was part and parcel of it.

          And what the Enlightenment led directly to was a Whiggish political order that brought us the Industrial Revolution and reliable electrical generation, sewage systems, the 40 hour work week, tetracycline, automobiles, central heating, and carbon fiber fly rods. I find that a sound roof over my head and central heating in the wintertime to be quite “human” indeed.

          Romantic nostalgia for a non-existent past and an obsolete political order that does not fit the times is worse than useless. It is positively harmful by diverting energy away from what should be our true racial interests.

          • You are quite the revisionist historian Rudel. A middle class? In the 16th c.? So Henry VIII was part of this revolution? Or how about Gustav Vasa of Sweden? Oh wait your are speaking of one tiny sect of Protestantism.

            Ok, so you support Calvanism, i.e. Puritanism, the most distructive “lunacy” for our culture imaginable. A utopian heresy. The very same Puritans who invaded the South to save the Africans? The very same Puritans who ran Reconstruction and put Africans in power over our people. The very same Puritans who were the seed of liberalism, and all forms of secular utopianism.

            Maybe you should put your energy into something more consistent with your beliefs. Most of your fellow travelers would not share your views on race.

  7. Our traditional order is feudal and hierarchical. That is not to say that one should support any feudal order just because it is feudal. Did you know that the Freeemasons, those acolytes of the Enlightenment, used their lodges as safe houses for runaway slaves?

    What is “lunacy” about our natural order?

    • Tying pre-industrial farmers to specific plots of land by birth is hardly natural.

      • Did I say something about farmers or land. This is about an organic (not food) society based upon a natural hieracrchy. What plots of land have to do with it is beyound me.

        Why do you focus on the lowest (the serfs you reference as being “tied to the land”?) Is this envy? An organic society would lack class or caste antagonisms.

        • Craicher wrote:
          “Did I say something about farmers or land?”

          What !???! You appear to have absolutely no idea what feudalism even is. It is the organization of agricultural production consisting of lords, manors, and serfs that devolved from the villa system of agriculture prevalent in the late Roman empire.

          • Mr. Rudel, someone else needs an education. In the Indo-European tradition there exist a caste society that you either are ignorant of by situation of age or don’t know about by lack of your own education. This organic society exists outside the Medieval period that seems to be the limit of your reach.

            Our traditional world consist of King-priest at the top, noble warriors below and the economic functions as the lowest. I

            If you are a young man then I do hope that you learn about our traditions, if not, then I think you are in the wrong place.

  8. Mr. Rudel, your egalitarianism belongs elsewhere and is the root of our woes.

    • My egalitarianism (what little their is of it) belongs wherever I decide it belongs and there is nothing distinctly “Indo-Aryan” about the hierarchical societies that grew out of the adoption of grain cultivation at the end of the Neolithic as the resultant societies in China and pre-Columbian America demonstrate.

      Get a grip Craich, your adolescent Dungeons and Dragons fantasies have no relevance to our current situation.

      • Dungeons and Dragons? Really? Why the infantile insults? What does this have to do with the traditions of our people? Do you know about our history and traditions? Or are you hear just to wreak havoc?

        Umm, who founded those civilizations in China and America? Who were the green eyed emperors? Where was tula (thula)? Who were those red bearded gods of the aztecs?

        • Craicher,

          The development of large scale rice farming in East Asia pre-dated Mongol rule by millennia and the hierarchical nature of the political order of mass grain production and storage is a matter of form following function.

          If you honestly believe that some mythical red-bearded strangers were responsible for the rise of the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca civilizations then yes, you are a certified lunatic. And anyway, everyone knows those strange large scale geoglyphs found in South American rocks were created by space aliens.

          I don’t support puritanical Calvinism (other than showing up for work sober and on time), but I do recognize it as step in the political liberation of our people from their feudal overlords. And again, please, get a grip. If you are white (and I don’t care if you are from Iceland or Albania) population demographic analysis proves that it is statistically certain that you are both directly descended from Charlemagne and that the majority of your ancestors were peasant farmers. Enough with your silly snobbishness, thank you very much.

          Since there is nothing other than the real, ie. material, world then there is no other “higher” function (whatever that’s supposed to mean.)

          As for wreaking havoc, then I certainly hope so, at least in the following sense. The entire WN scene has been pretty much populated by two groups: 1) extreme ultra montaigne reactionary rightists like O’Meara who profess all sorts of irrational and mystical superstitions and beliefs, along with other bourgeois but less educated and deluded followers and hangers-on such as yourself; and 2) pissed off members from the lower echelons of the working class, the sort of folks who have borne the brunt of any economic downturns and in their anger have gravitated towards the KKK and skinhead movements.

          To the first group of pointy headed intellectuals I would say: STFU and get a real job. I have far more sympathy for my brothers in the second group and we need to focus on getting the rest of our white brethren (the ones with jobs, education, businesses, and families to support) on board an explicit white agenda.

          The current economic downturn has generated an indigenous white revolt against the status quo. It greatly behooves white nationalists to get behind, on board, and hopefully in front of the Tea Party movement for it is currently leading the way!!!

          • Not sure why I’m wasting my breath on you but your insults reveal one, your age or two, your status as a troll. Which one is it?

            Ever heard of the Tocharians Rudel? Are they something made up by “certified lunatics”? How about the Aryans? Yes, the real ones. Have you read any books Rudel or do you just like the sound of your own voice?

            You seem to think you know everything already and are not open to learning. If so, why read this magazine?

            And why the complex about your or other’s caste origins? You might find a home amoung the Bolshiveks with such an envious attitude.

          • The existence of a few white people in Tibet c.1500 BC had absolutely nothing to do with the adoption of rice farming in the coastal areas of China 4000 years earlier. The more you post, the more you embarrass yourself.

      • But for the record, could you just tell us why we should support puritanical calvanism? Exactly what will this do for us?

        And could you explain why the veneration of the lowest function, the material function, will help us?

  9. Sam Davidson said:
    “1) I am a White Nationalist. My goal is to secure the existence of my people and a future for white children. Anything that moves us closer to this goal is good.”

    same here but, I’m in disagreement with most WN.
    It’s my observation that most WN envision a future where a white nation can be created. IMHO this is a delusional fantasy not supported by the facts.
    If you were to stick your head into the maternity ward of a hospital and count up the number of non-white babies they already make up 50% of the total. So what that means is in 25 years once those babies grow up to become adults, the USA will no longer be a white nation. No if’s and’s or but’s.

    Since it is the ultimate fate for whites to become the minority in the USA I see only one solution and that is to adopt a system of “separate development” aka South African style apartheid which once existed. If I had a choice of living in a society where whites made up the majority but 90% of everybody was ignorant of HBD and anybody who opened their mouth got bashed over the head
    Living in a society where whites are the minority but people understand very clearly the reality of HBD and white people defend their rights strongly with no apologies

    I’d take the 2nd option.
    my 2 cents

  10. Sam Davidson said:


    Most sensible White Nationalists don’t want to assert control over the entire U.S. – only the parts that are still mostly white.

    The South African system was intended upon creating an all-white ethnostate by gradually moving the non-whites into their own geographic areas away from whites. That is a logical and humane idea but I doubt White Americans will have either the political power or time to accomplish something like that.

  11. Sam Davidson said:
    “Most sensible White Nationalists don’t want to assert control over the entire U.S. – only the parts that are still mostly white.”

    Unfortunately I do not see that as an option and here’s why.
    Suppose in the future everybody both whites and blacks became convinced that HBD is the truth.
    Even if they were convinced they had lower IQ, blacks will not leave white society alone. They will still demand Whitey to pay up and create the impossible task of financial equality amongst all races.

    In the future Blacks and Latinos can use their superior demographic numbers and thus majority votes to use government as a tool to transfer wealth from whites to non-whites. Therefore whites have only one choice and that is to take control of government.

    just a theory.
    The future will ultimately tell the story…

  12. Continuing your excellent work, Y.

    The new, for me at least, format is exceptional.

  13. Stonelifter said:

    Now I remember why I stopped reading here. It’s all jiber jabber, White men bickering, America sucks and very little useful info.
    If you want White folks to trun things around you have to show them all they have to be proud of and inspire love of race, God and country becuase those are things that matter to most White men.

  14. Your father had it just about right, except that all of us need to condition our fellow whites to stand up for their interests, and we need to leverage our conditioning efforts by focusing on those decentralized and dispersed centers of local power which the tribe, due to its own catastrophically low birth rates, is no longer able to police.

  15. They may not be able to put a lid on it but they will surely put some spin on it. You would simply be labeled a “person of interest” in some right-wing terrorist plot that they were trying to prevent under auspices of the Patriot Act or some other such federal law or regulation. They have already frozen the assets of Arab-Americans that they have accused of giving material support to Middle Eastern organizations that are out of favor with the government.

    It is also against the law even as we speak, to publicize the fact that they have done so.

  16. Mimir's Well said:

    It would backfire. They could spin it all they want, but like Waco and Ruby Ridge, the truth would come out. When the public sees that we are normal people with familys they would give us a major publicity event the likes we have never experienced. The internet will be their downfall.

  17. “They could spin it all they want, but like Waco and Ruby Ridge, the truth would come out.”

    Oh yeah, and then what? Every podunk county sheriffs department seems to have at least one armored personnel carrier nowadays thanks to federal war on drugs funding. The police in my city regularly gun down un-armed citizens. Things have gotten worse not better since Waco as far as the use of military power by the police forces.

    The only major publicity event you are going to see if you step over the line is a headline reading: “Government seizes funds of white power conspirators in terrorist plot to blow up the state capitol!”

  18. Mimir's Well said:

    ” Every podunk county sheriffs department seems to have at least one armored personnel carrier nowadays thanks to federal war on drugs funding.”

    Armored personnel carriers do not randomly run down people, no more than TVs randomly spew out crap. Someone operates them. Unlike TVs, armored personnel carrier operators probably have more in common with you (especially in Podunk, USA) and are unlikely to obey orders to run you down for your political beliefs.

    “The police in my city regularly gun down un-armed citizens.”


    “Things have gotten worse not better since Waco as far as the use of military power by the police forces.’


    “The only major publicity event you are going to see if you step over the line is a headline reading: “Government seizes funds of white power conspirators in terrorist plot to blow up the state capitol!””

    Nothing I do, nor suggested by Ygg “steps over the line.”

  19. “Nothing I do, nor suggested by Ygg “steps over the line.”

    Laughable. You are the one that claimed the government couldn’t get away with seizing assets if and when they choose. You are wrong. And they will be the ones to decide where the line is.

  20. Mimir's Well said:

    Guess we better run and hide. Don’t speak of this to anyone, O.K.? Gotta go…I hear a rumble down the road…just might be an armored personnel carrier…must have crossed their line at some point…be afraid…Be very afraid…

  21. Haha. Be afraid as you like. I was merely agreeing with Ygg that they can do it.

  22. Mimir's Well said:

    Look, of course they can do it. But they won’t do it until it has the potential to be effective. And by then it would be too late. Look at WWII revisionism. Many of its chroniclers are in jail. Has the message been stopped? No. When you resort to jailing people you will lose.

  23. This url has a clearer copy:

    The list is full of Tea Party and White activists.

    It has become something of a badge of honor!

  24. I don’t know about the FBI but the IRS certainly has and does exercise its power to issue liens and seize bank assets without notifying the account holder of the seizure ahead of time.

  25. Yggdrasil said:

    Indeed in most cases the FBI does get a court order before they freeze an account. Call me a cynic, but as any practicing attorney knows, in most cases warrants are rubber stamped by judges. There is never an independent investigation of the facts in an affidavit (now typically an email) supporting the warrant by the judiciary.

    And in cases involving anti terrorism, there is a special panel of judges who do the rubber stamping. And as you know, these federal judges are nominated for such duty by Homeland Security, and are a self selecting bunch based on their belief that the terrorism threat is severe – contrary to statistical fact.

    Thus, once you become an “enemy of the state” new rules apply.

    In all of these cases the warrants are obtained ex parte. Your note would seem to imply that the defendant gets a hearing first before the account is frozen, and you know that is not true.

    The plumbing matters.

    Orders freezing accounts in anti terrorism cases are executed by the FBI directly. Judges do not wire the banks and execute the “warrants” they sign in such cases. The entire purpose of freezing an account is surprise, as you certainly know. There is no notice to the depositor nor to the branch manager.

    As I noted in the post, the regime is reasonably well behaved toward us right now. But the purpose of the post was to point out that the machinery is in place to facilitate quick and massive immobilization of our electronically controlled assets, at the first whiff of civil disturbance.

    The fact that the government chooses to follow the forms of “due process” for the time being does not alter the power inherent in the plumbing that they have created.

    I can understand how one, such as yourself, who makes his living in the financial industry might take alarm at public disclosure at just how ephemeral our digital asset accounts really are. But that was one of the purposes of the post.

    I should also note that we have our own algos to detect patterns in posts planted by professional trolls. Yours fits the pattern.

    I am flattered that the post hit a nerve raw enough to merit your presence.

    And as for moderation, you are obviously an outsider. Your ultimate appeal on the issue is to Yggdrasil.

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