Dec 19, 2010

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The Shape of the Future

The Shape of the Future

The “Secession is a Bad Idea” post certainly got the pot boiling over here at TOQ.

But I would like all of you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

We all react powerfully to the videos of helicopter gun ships blasting groups of supposed “terrorists” on the ground in central Asia. We react equally to videos of very expensive munitions fired from drones that slaughter groups of these supposed “terrorists”.

I say “supposed” for the simple reason that the men being slaughtered happen to be half way around the World from us, and have no visible means of getting to our shores unless we provide the means. Indeed, if the population of the U.S. were entirely homogeneous and light skinned, there would be little fear of terrorism simply because we could not see any of these central Asian Muslims around us.

Thus, the fear of terror would be implausible, and support for trillion dollar expenditures to support a vast anti-terror bureaucracy is very much at risk, unless that anti-terror bureaucracy—coincident with the bombings and slaughters—imported relatives of the victims to circulate among us and make the threat of domestic terror visible, and hence support for the anti-terror machine and its trillion dollar budgets plausible.

As usual, multiculturalism is always and everywhere a means by which a minority can impose its will and its system of social control by pitting one group against another.

But the key to survival in this modern world is to see the pieces of the puzzle that are in plain view right in front of you and from their shape, accurately deduce the shape and nature of the pieces of the puzzle that are not visible.

For example: is it necessarily true that the regime would use helicopter gun ships and air to ground rockets fired from drones to exterminate domestic revolutionaries? Would the regime need to “go loud” like this and risk alarming the neighbors and waking them from their stupor?

So what is it about the populations that do get bombed and strafed that might differentiate them from us. After all, while they get bombed and strafed, racialists in the U.S. are free to fly unhindered; we are treated with extraordinary courtesy during traffic stops; and are typically let go with a smile and a warning (no snickering or winks and nods from the Cat 3 peanut gallery please!). Despite early attempts to shut down racialist web sites, the powers that be are allowing them to multiply like mushrooms in spring rain during recent years.

In similar fashion, there is a huge commerce in firearms—mostly assault rifles—that the regime tolerates with total equanimity.

Is there a unifying characteristic of those differing people who get bombs dropped on them from safe altitudes? Anything beyond the simple fact that they hate the regime because they supposedly “hate our freedom”, while we hate the regime because of our loss of freedom?

Let me make a radical suggestion.

The populations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Serbia do share a common characteristic. And it is obviously not the Muslim religion or brown skin color. Serbia is the “Ethiopian in the fuel supply” that tips us off to the shape and nature of the puzzle pieces that are not visible.

Serbs are as White as Austrians, and they are Eastern Orthodox Christians, heroes who for centuries have repelled invasions of numerous Asian and Muslim hordes seeking to invade Europe.

But at the time of our most excellent adventure over the skies of Serbia, they maintained an autarchic economy and did not participate in the Western banking system. In short, while Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan may have had local banks, and while varying percentages of their populations may have had bank accounts and credit cards—scaling from perhaps a majority in Serbia, to a minority in Iraq, to a miniscule number in Afghanistan—neither the Serbian, the Iraqi nor the Afghan banking arrangements were within the reach of Interpol or the FBI (which, curiously, seems to operate worldwide).

One day several years ago I walked into a branch of Wells Fargo and sat down to chat with the branch manager. I asked her whether the FBI could simply erase my checking account, and if so would they have to notify the bank first. She said that the FBI has a direct electronic connection to the accounts at that bank and every other bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System and they can delete or freeze an account at any time without ever having to notify the bank.

Then I said, “How about my investment account with your brokerage subsidiary? Same answer. They can delete or freeze it electronically and they do not need to tell us why. (Same with your credit card and debit card, by the way.)

If they were to do that, the victim could not sell his house and collect the proceeds, and he would not have the means to hire a lawyer and file for relief in Federal Court. He would be immobilized, unable to purchase an airline ticket, and unable to fill the gas tank in the car or buy food.

What could a fellow do under those circumstances? Go complain to the neighbors that all his accounts have been deleted by the government and risk getting himself committed to a mental institution? From the regime's perspective it sure beats having a helicopter gun ship scare the crap out of the neighbors by strafing and demolishing someone’s house, killing him with 20mm cannon fire!

Lets back out for a larger look at the numbers.

In the U.S., we have approximately 55 million adults who are on welfare and we have another 30 million adults who are receiving and are dependent upon Social Security/Old Age benefits. This group is completely under the thumb of the regime. A cancellation of the automatic deposit or a failure to reload the plastic food card would cast any individual revolutionary in this group into the hedge rows to starve. And the government knows exactly who these people are.

Next, look at the number of people with credit card debt. Odds are overwhelming that these people are loyal “consumers” and have no stash of cash or precious metals that could see them through an account deletion. Again any dissident individual in this category could be immobilized and would starve in the hedge rows.

The gold dealers and gold bug websites estimate that only one half of one percent of the population owns physical gold or silver. All large purchases of gold or silver must be made by wire or credit card, so the regime has a pretty good handle on who has substantial stashes of the metal. There may be some extraordinarily disciplined savers that buy a few hundred dollars worth of silver rounds every month with cash, but those are almost certainly confined to those who have no credit card debt, narrowing the pool in which to search for suspects.

Similarly, cash withdrawals from banks are monitored, and any sudden large cash withdrawals must be reported as suspicious by the teller. An army fights on its stomach, as the saying goes, and it would take massive amounts of cash or sales of precious metals in order to finance the movement of a few thousand men to the Pacific Northwest. Why do you think that in the latest “Patriot” Act the government required 1099 filings for sales of precious metals back to dealers?

They are watching for this, and any sudden pattern of cash withdrawals or physical metal sales would be detected and correlated with lists of known dissidents and with the individuals who show up on the carefully mapped neural networks of persons who call or email these known dissidents. The regime doesn't care what you say, they only need care who you are saying it to.

So it seems completely clear to me that the reasons for the helicopter gun ships, the missile launching drones, and the bombs falling from safe altitudes half way around the world are two-fold.

First and foremost, Iraqis and Afghans are not “consumers” tied to the credit system, and therefore there is no way of controlling them other than by armed force. And second, the broadcast of carefully selected videos of these slaughters serves to impress upon the public mind the terror that the regime, in all its majesty, can inflict upon those who are not addicted to cable TV and going into debt to buy expensive toys and expensive vacations. These slaughters serve the same purpose as was served by the Coliseum in Rome and the gladiatorial amphitheaters constructed throughout the Roman Empire and are, in the eyes of the regime, worth the trillions that the videos cost.

Given the new tools that modern technology and modern consumer behavior have bestowed upon the regime, it seems clear that they can control us without violence, and I would bet big money that they have no intention of ever blasting us wrong-thinking “consumers” with helicopter gun ships or missiles fired from drones.

Even if we were to begin funding a mass movement of men and arms, we would be picked up quietly, most likely on the road or outside a store with little or now show of force and most likely with the same solicitude that Cat Threes are greeted on the highway. After all, there is no way the regime would be stupid enough to start a panic and trigger copy cats by using our pathetically inadequate movement of funds and men to signal that an armed revolution is afoot. To do so would be to allow us to leverage their resources to our purposes.

What would lead any of us to believe that the regime has not learned the lessons of Ruby Ridge and Waco? Americans are not going to be entertained by videos of neighbors who have always left them alone being burned to death or shot to pieces by helicopter gun ships. As long as you are not a “public figure” and have no swastikas or rebel flags on the wall, the regime is unlikely to sacrifice its image by frying you or chopping you into hamburger meat in public. Unlike the helicopter gunship videos from Afghanistan which show the targets only at a distance, such a slaughter on U.S. soil would result in close up cell phone videos of the corpses all over the Internet.

Dead veterans wearing their old dog tags would be a deeply troubling propaganda disaster for the regime.

Now let us back out and look at the puzzle pieces before us from an even more distant perspective.

Each new layer of complexity designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs in our economy increases its fragility and renders it more vulnerable to black swan events. Our just-in-time delivery systems give us about five days worth of food and about ten days of gasoline. Bernanke's loss of control over long term interest rates—that QE-2 was intended to lower—could lead to a series of financial catastrophes that destabilize our society and leave our population cold and hungry.

The real danger to the regime is a military coup as a result of one or more of these catastrophes.

But a coup by the military would only capture and disable the facade of government—the elected and appointed officials in Washington. In fairness to the military, they do know that they would have to get control of the radio and TV stations, turn off the satellite feeds, and get control of the broadcasts.

But it is very unlikely that the the officer corps would have any idea how to identify and capture the real government of the U.S.—the people in New York and Los Angeles who would oppose their takeover, turn their coup into a propaganda disaster, and likely defeat them unless quickly deprived of their power—which would almost certainly require our help. We are the only ones who could identify the moles who would do everything in their power to subvert the coup and topple the military.

Once we were given access to the computers of the surveillance state, a few well designed database queries would give us a list of the real government, and all of them could have their bank, brokerage and credit cards erased or frozen, which would then immobilize them and cast them back into the lowly and dependent “consumer” status that they have so carefully crafted for us while avoiding a bloody mess and the feelings of revulsion that would turn the people against the military.

Few would have to be detained. For a coup to succeed, one must understand the levers of power that inhere in the surveillance apparatus of the state.

A far more likely scenario is a slow withering away of the regime's resources, and a gradual abandonment of functions it can no longer afford.

Secession happens slowly, by degrees.

First there are the noticeable stresses and fissures that become visible: rising unemployment, falling real incomes for our children, and government policies that deprive us of secure savings opportunities.

In this case we would be wise to stay where we are and make ourselves useful to local officials: the county sheriff and the elected state representatives, those with the power to quietly and unobtrusively reverse the policies which unfairly burden our people, as we transform ourselves from an educational charity to a welfare organization that helps our people through rough times, provides teachers and schools for the gifted (when these programs are canceled for lack of funds), organizes medical care as the insurance system collapses, and provides emergency food and shelter for those most likely to rebound and contribute. These are all activities that, through selection of recipients, provide help in ways that reverse the wildly dysgenic effects of the welfare state on the fitness of our people.

Already serious strains are showing up in state and local finances that put the local authorities at odds with the Feds. Most of the states have elected representatives who actively solicit educated, unpaid volunteers to serve as legislative analysts. Since most of the TOQ crowd have college degrees, and many have graduate degrees, we are particularly qualified to take advantage of these stresses by helping our elected state legislators.

If you have a Republican state representative, call him or her and volunteer. With every analysis you are asked to do, you prepare an estimate of the impact of the proposed legislation on Republican voters, a useful proxy for Whites capable of being salvaged. This will condition your Republican representative to actually think about the interests of their Republican voters—something which Republicans generally are not inclined to do. Of course, you never mention WN, but you should constantly remind them that a Republican must motivate the base, and that real political motivation requires not just remote benefits to a universalized “everyman”, but benefits us and not the identifiable “them” who oppose us and our interests.

In Texas, we have a part time legislature and those elected to serve in the Texas House (as opposed to the Senate) have no budget for staff beyond a lone secretary/receptionist. It will be the same in most other states. So the opportunity for meaningful activism is there. Carpe diem!

Now is also the time to declare independence from the consumer culture:

  • We cancel our cable subscriptions.
  • We stop watching professional sports.
  • We sell the big house and trade down to a smaller house (and do it early to beat the rush).
  • We cut up our credit cards, start saving money, and begin buying silver rounds for cash as insurance against a total collapse of the monetary system.
  • We boycott brand-name goods in favor of generics.

In short, we starve the beast.

The good news is that millions of Americans are canceling their cable, and millions more have stopped watching pro sports (the NBA has begun playing White basketball players even though any idiot can see that the black players do what they can to avoid passing them the ball).

We need to recognize and ride these trends. We need to pace our fellow Whites and encourage the above behaviors.

Most of all, we must be good and useful neighbors to our fellow Whites, building awareness and understanding,  always making ourselves helpful and useful.


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  1. Why am I constantly put in this awful position of choosing between my love for my people and my love for Just-In-Time inventory management strategies? In a pinch, I suppose I would choose my people, but I surely hope that our future ethnostate won’t riddle itself with excess inventories and inefficient processes. What JIT lacks in stocked inventory, it makes up for in being nimble.

    Anecdotally, WalMart outperformed the world’s most powerful military and the world’s largest emergency management agency COMBINED at delivering critical supplies to the Hurricane Katrina disaster zone. Was this in spite of its aggressive commitment to lean methodologies? Au contraire! It was because of it!

    A week is plenty of time for countless industrial workshops to be converted over to producing biodiesel, with coal gasification on its heels. And they’ll get that fuel to the station just in time. Bear in mind that a crisis would result in the private sector ditching its diversity static at the drop of a hat and turning the reins over to the finest engineers and logisticians our nation has to offer. I’m not saying the system is invincible, but the world’s most creative and efficient workers are keeping “the beast” (as you and Dale from King of the Hill call it) alive.

    • The point of the post was not to suggest that a WN government would impose inefficiencies on our corporate distribution systems, but to urge individuals to declare their independence and “secede” from the fragility in the system by accumulating reserves of things that would be needed in the event of breakdown.

      Federal attempts to compensate for the fragility of the system only encourage individuals to believe someone will take care of them, when in fact the Federal systems have only compounded the danger, as FEMA so clearly demonstrated during the Katrina .

      • I couldn’t resist going on that tangential tirade about inventory management. My apologies.

        As for the actual point of your article, I’m in general agreement. I’ve striven to preach and apply frugality, “simple living”, “travel light”, and preparedness. For Christmas gifts, I purchase things like emergency wind-up radios, automotive emergency kits, and similar items because I believe they’re solid investments in the welfare of my loved ones and because they make natural conversation starters.

        One thing I think we should bear in mind regarding mainstream political engagement is that we’re the only single faction in American politics that can sincerely and realistically offer to perpetuate many of these entitlement programs that our own elderly, disabled, and poverty-stricken folks rely on. When austerity comes to America, and it’s coming, we’re capable of occupying a unique niche within the political landscape, that of being traditional, anti-austerity, and capable of pulling it off at the same time.

        If they turn to White Nationalism, they can have their cake and eat it too, balance the budget and put a chicken in every pot. They can pull this off because White America by itself produces enough wealth to balance its budget and support its own, but fails to do so because it’s taken on the unnecessary task of supporting an array of burdensome “others” both foreign and domestic.

        This argument won’t gain much traction, now, since austerity is one of those things that people only get mobilized about when it directly affects them. But now is the time to start honing that message, staking out that niche, and burrowing into accessible GOP support positions that empower one to influence discourse and policy formulation. While it’s been prudent to ride the Tea Party bandwagon up until now, we should be prepared to hop from it before it drives off a cliff: favoring recklessly libertarian and “Redbeardian” austerity measures that will have a sharply negative impact on untold tens of millions of our own.

    • What has just in time inventory management ever done for me? All the suppliers i know say it is a big stick the large producers use to beat them over the head with and it is always accompanied by threats to get the parts more quickly and cheaply from someone who uses illegal immigrants or is located in Mexico or wherever if the supplier can’t comply.

      This is part of a broader problem we face as whites when engaging with the Republican party. Republican elites have always held white workers in some degree of contempt. They currently justify “free trade” and unlimited immigration as being necessary in order to compete in the “global” market. What they really care about is driving down labor costs in order to maximize profits.

      It was not always thus. While always importing low wage workers at least the Republicans stood for high tariffs for their first hundred years through the 1950’s. And as well they should. NO industrial nation has ever developed its manufacturing base without protective tariffs and our industrial base is disappearing without them.

      I’m all for scientific management principles in theory but those that promote mindlessly expensive consumption eg. “branding” strategies for laundry detergent (or striped toothpaste for godssake) or that relentlessly drive up the hourly work week are inimical to white family life. And you can rest assured that while we work our fingers to the bone the fat cats have no problem finding time to hit the links with their children. Becoming like the worker automatons in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is not my idea of a white future.

      You may think I sound like a raving Marxist but I can assure you I have no aversion to hard work or engaging in time deferral gratification strategies. We just need to be aware of the powerful hold anti-worker (and hence anti-white family) ideologies have among Republican elites as we engage their party.

      There were very good reasons that whites used to belong to the Democratic Party in such large numbers. Just because the Democrats have abandoned whites does not mean the Republicans are automatically addressing those reasons.

      • Rudel,
        We’re on the same page regarding the White American worker and the GOP’s questionable record/prospects as an advocate for him. I would note that Japan both leads the world in applying lean strategies to production and in protecting its workers with both defensive trade agreements and tight immigration policies. If anything, I assert that the caste of slave laborers American corporations import lull them into taking efficiency less seriously, putting off process improvement, automation, and innovation.

  2. Ygg’s strategy is good for the near and intermediate term, because it allows us to preserve options until we see how events are going to break. First, do no harm! :) However, the idea of armed cadres exploiting a power vacuum , moving to control a fluid political situation or using violence to trigger a political upheaval should not be dismissed lightly.

    We all need to avoid becoming didactic.

  3. AlexanderWolfe-Murray said:

    I agree (what do I know) that precious metals should be a pretty good investment over the next couple of years (fingers crossed) but I can’t imagine “they who own the actual money” allowing their dollar to become worthless. Either way, unless my penny stocks start paying a dividend I shall have to eventually sell the things to realize any (fingers crossed again) gain. It also wouldn’t surprise me if an actual shortage of dollars was on the horizon and they became valuable again. While “The gold dealers and gold bug websites estimate that only one half of one percent of the population owns physical gold or silver” it would be interesting to know what percentage of the population has dollar bills stashed away.

  4. I would sue my bank in a heartbeat I’d they allowed a deletion of my account. When the fess freeze asserts they file a forfeiture action and you get the unhappy burden of proof to get it back but I annoy ware of these possible deletions actually happening. But I still like and agree with the article.

  5. Michael O'Meara said:

    Ygg, Old boy!

    I didn’t know who you were until just recently (after figuring out how to put 2 and 2 together). Our relations would have been much different if I had known you were Yggdrasil — the one who taught me the fundamentals of WN.

    I didn’t think much of Peterson’s argument and I pretty much see things the way you do above (though through Catholic and Communist rather than middle-class Republican experience). There is, though, one little point I would add to yours.

    I no longer think secession is the question. The US in 6, at the most 12 years, will either be a collapsed state, like the former SU, or it will what 4GW calls a hollow state, like the present Mexican state. Things at that point will get wild (not MadMaxville but more like present-day Ciudad Juarez) and all bets on how things will turn out will be called off.

    There’s an important tactical question that needs addressing here.

    But the really interesting and decisive question seems to be the civilizational one. I think we might be at that stage in history (Spengler’s Winter), where the counter-civilization born in 1789 (anticipated in 1776) — this monstrosity of our own making that is now literally destroying us — this evil system associated with the American Dream — this apotheosis of the modern world — the United States — is at last starting to break down — collapsing as they say from the weight of its own perverted contradictions.

    We’re probably at the beginning (long or short?) of the interregnum.

    The main question for me now is how are we going to get through the crisis and what ‘s going to follow.

    • Michael:

      You are exactly right. This will be a slow moving train wreck, in which the birth, death and fractures of governmental entities will impact less upon the survival of our people and the processes by which they will recover control over their own evolutionary destiny (That’s evolution with a small e, for our Christian friends).

      As the regime creaks and groans under the demographic strains that it has imposed upon itself, perhaps we will have a chance to insulate our people from the culture of Hollywood, finally put a wooden stake in the heart of Jean Jacques Rousseau, and reintroduce them to a true European culture that matches their aesthetic sense and redirects the sexual selection process in such a way as to embrace standards that ensure their survival.

      And in this respect, I value very highly your writings on race and culture.

      For as you certainly understand, the problem is not so much governments and borders (although those are hardly trivial concerns), but rather cultural institutions that must be built or reconstructed so as to save our race.

      Bill Bishop – a true believer in the secular religion of human equality – has written a book titled “The Big Sort” in which he laments the fact that Americans are moving to areas and communities where they find people who agree with them on values and politics, and that these migrations splitting the country apart and are the forerunners of conflict and secession.

      The book also has some profound observations on how the modern mega-churches market themselves – through processes that would have direct application to the birth of new cultural institutions and the spread of WN.

      I would love to hear your reactions to that book – even a review – which given the importance of the subject, could be a “lead article”

      You have my email address. Let us talk about some projects, a continuing relationship with TOQ, and coordinate with Kevin MacDonald.

      We need your talents.

  6. Very inciteful and interesting, but as one political of the cold war put it, no one knew what to do after we won. Afterall victory could come quick and painless. And before TOQ waxes incessantly about shiny new elite(which I place on the shelf right next to the new and inproved laundry detergent) I would like to hear some answers to long standing issues. More to the point, I’m speaking of that very plague of our system, that something that has plagued us for centuries . . .the monitary system. How will it work?

    • There are many credible theories regarding this and I belive they all amount to a safe guarded system run by A GOY ONLY system who act on behalf of all it’s citizens. The states each ahd there won currency including the confedaeracy and was backed by many of the same types reasonable assets we have used back to the times of the roamn empire and many states minted there own coinage. This is an easy fix and the greatness of our people to build the a new white homeland free of zionist money changers, traitors and degenerates.

      • A history of money demonstrates the difficulty in it.
        Better yet, why not try to organize a monetary system, now, within the Empire; it could make for a softer landing.

  7. I have sold off the property, dropped all my credit cards and will only use a pre paid for puproses such as supporting TOQ and other organizations on our isle. I have plenty of silver and buy it ferquently as I do an aboundant amount of high caloric foods with long shelf lifes like pastas and a lot of water. I have tried not to support the RNC but to my dismay like a hurt child I go running back every time only to be shaken and sent to the corner by the angry elephant father drunk on greed again..
    The north west is fresh with meat goat farms and retired farmers with knack and know how to grow enough to feed an army…. The battle will come or we will bring it too them I know this.
    We are not tired nor restless and we are many..

    • “I have tried not to support the RNC but to my dismay like a hurt child I go running back every time only to be shaken and sent to the corner by the angry elephant father drunk on greed again.”

      It does not have to be an all or nothing proposition. Supporting the RNC doesn’t make much sense but supporting individual politicians on specific issues makes does. Even Democrats if the issue calls for it. There are still union constituencies within the Democratic Party that oppose immigration as a jobs issue.

      White Nationalism should be advanced on multiple fronts. Kill your television. Read Lenin.

  8. Rudel, what city do you live in wherein the cops are gunning down unarmed citizens, and are they colored or white or both?

    As for the cops, they are a mixed bag. I recently had a run-in with Menlo Park cops. Probably a jew noticed me showing a new gun to a friend . We were bent over the trunk. I have a bumper sticker ” America First, Not Israel” on all my cars. When from a afar a short time after the gun-show was over, I noticed the police turned up. I went over to them to explain the situation and they got rough and hand-cuffed me and placed me in a police car. When I managed to calm them down they sent for their boss. He and a couple fresh cops show up and I tell them what’s what, they release me, and we have a chat, in which I, 1, tell them that I am an ex-probation officer, pro-cop, and so on. I also give them a little talk about Israel. They are willing to talk about it.

    Their behavior was way out of line and they knew it and by the time it was over, it was Mr. Webb this and Mr. Webb that. I did not file a complaint. I need them on my side or at least more neutral as the DA’s office wants me. So…what is the point? Cultivate the cops if you can. The cops know whati’s what but they cannot talk about the niggers and the mexers.

    As fpr the potential for breakdown, I am doubtful about the scenario outlined by Ygg and Michael. As someone who has “faith” in the market, that is, that the market runs itself largely, despite the tamperings by the Fed and the Keynesians, it is resilient. For example right now the economy is trying to rev-up. Why? Because lots of money ($3 trillion per the WSJ a couple weeks ago ) of corporate cash is waiting on the sidelines. Then there is another large amount (?) that the banks are sitting on out of fear. You do not make money by sitting on the sidelines. The turtle finally sticks its head out when it feels safe. There is such a thing as pent-up demand. A couple years of squishing the air out of the system has left a sounder basis for a fresh start.

    Right now there age good signs in the economy despite the still lousy housing market. I think the Wall St. money grubbers are going to police themselves (gov’t regulators) because they know how dangerous things got in ’08 , etc. These folks may be greedy but they are not stupid.

    Then of course, we got huge fiscal crises going on, from Fed, to State, to County. There are going to be severe cuts to social programs, welfare, education, and ?. Jerry Brown is already issuing warnings of such to his shocked troops in California. The War Budget will come under the axe too. There is no alternative. Things will be straightened for sure. Immigration will remain a growing issue, When the niggers and mexers start burning the cities, the police will open fire this time. Everybody should be armed.

    Maybe I am just allergic to catatrophist thinking having been around a family for years for whom the Revolution was just around the next depression.

    The compelling example of Rome and Greece slowly wimpering into miscegenatiion and corruption….that seems pretty compelling. No bang.

    Nevertheless, I agree that things are fragile. Please forget about “peak oil”. WSJ a few years ran a few articles about how we are not running out of oil but running into it– at least 100 years worth.. Then there are oceans of natural gas and coal. Can we indeed soil our nest? Of course, but that will be a long time coming. and is not our fight. If we lose, and the planet goes into some kind of shock, the first folks to die will be those without arms or brains. Whites should be able to survive while the coloreds die like rats. Yes, the cities are vulnerable, etc. another story.

    Political crisis is coming, not economic breakdown. Social breakdown is coming, race struggle is coming…it is already here. Things fall apart, and the Center, thank god, cannot hold. Civil war will come maybe and eveybody will have enough money for guns and ammo, that is Whites,but those things should be purchased now. There are huge numbers of guns in the U.S. many many millions. And the liberals ain’t got any, they let the jews do their killing.

    But Not to sound romantic…the first thing is to maintain the political struggle with whatever can be done locally. This is practical politics. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty with practical efforts to persuade folks, you don’t have what it takes for the long haul. We do not have enough time to march thru the institutions, but we do have time maybe to start forming alliances and build trust for our vision, which after all is confirmed by everything in the news and everyday experience. All you have to do in point it out to folks. More than one person has said to me, “I have been waiting for someone to say it.” Don’t mouth it up too much…let your pitch not me a monologue. If your interlocutor is not speaking, stop until he or she says something, Otherwise, stop.


    • Joe, my personal observations re: the police over the last 40 or 50 years is that they now resort more to their guns rather than to their saps and billy clubs, which are now illegal in many jurisdictions, when dealing with perceived threats. Some of this is due to the admittance of 115 pound women into the ranks of patrol officers but most of it is part of the general trend towards the militarization of local police forces.

  9. Wns scare themselves witless. I’ll say this again and maybe mycell phone won’t botch up the spelling. Federal govt files forfeiture actions to confiscate property. They don’t delete. Show me deletion cuz I am not aware of it happening. The tough thing about forfeiture actions is the bop goes on the owner to get stuff back.

    Mad max is nowhere near us. Good idea to prepare. Good to limit dependence on things we hate. Not a good idea to wait for god or some unwon favor. If we presume to lead we must make our own luck.

  10. Native American said:

    Secession happens slowly, by degrees.

    I thought this is what all secessionists believed. Covington is insane.

  11. Insane is close, but delusional might be better. Of course, his comic-book fantasies are dangerous because they appeal to the lowest common denominator. It is like light drugs as opposed to heavy drugs. Some folks just cannot handle them while others can recreationally use them more or less without lasting harm to brain or one’s life.

    Clinton for example. Of course, “lifestyle” is another matter. Weed smokers become lazy, or go into various rackets, like Clinton, the First Black President. This is true with regard to sex, shuck and jive, and miscegenation. I hope Chelsea dumps her White boyfriend and has her parents guess who is coming to dinner. Joe

  12. Michael O'Meara said:


    The liberal-modernist mindset (i.e., progressivism) of your Communist parents made them think that the workers’ paradise was just around the corner. The same mindset prevents you, like Fukuyama, from seeing the possibility — at this point, the near inevitably — of history beginning again and the present perverted system coming to an end.

    Covington is not insane or delusional — except for those liberal modernists (many of whom call themselves WN) who cannot imagine anything other the reign of quantity and the ideal of brute power.

    Covington has read Irish and German history and knows something about how national revolutions are made. The question, moreover, is not one of objective possibility, but rather subjective will. Perhaps it’s likely that American Whites are too far gone to fight for their existence. But there’s nothing crazy about those who still carry the old flame and try to ignite it in their brothers. What’s really crazy at this point in history is the conservative “realism” that can’t think outside the virtualist mindset of liberal modernism — a mindset whose fabricated realities and egalitarian fantasies are now hurtling toward the abyss.

    Joe, what you call the “lowest common denominator” is nothing of the kind — it’s something distinct to our Promethean spirit — but all the conservative and middle-class ideals you’ve embraced in reaction to your Communist parents seems to have alienated you from it.

    The comic-book fantasy is what we’re living today.

    And BTW, Chelsea’s husband is not White.

    • Native American said:

      Michael O’Meara,

      My orientation is around old stock Americans, especially in the South, and more northwest Europeans in general.

      I haven’t yet read Covington’s book, only the articles here, though perhaps I ought to. I’d figured we ought to dig in here, build cultural institutions, get involved in local politics, and await the collapse.

      Too many seem to believe the “will to be naughty” is all that’s needed. As you say too many have the “Promethean spirit”, which needs to die. A return to higher values, pious values, is needed. Nietzsche, the Cosmotheists, Attarian’s Economites, etc. they’re all soulless and must be removed for a higher, more noble society to arise – strength through spiritual purity. The magicians will merely meddle in things they don’t understand and ultimately destroy all that’s good.

      I know your comment wasn’t directed at me, but I just wanted to be clear of my position. My ideal approaches Plato’s Republic, and the fallen Atlantians must be stopped.

      • Native American said:

        Oh, I see you were recommending a Promethian spirit as alternative to consumerism. But really the two are the same. One embraces the void, creates a delusion, and produces a will from it; the other embraces the void and just puts along not caring for more than base pleasantries.

        The alternative I think is piety – men with Weaver’s guiding moral center or Evola’s worldview.

  13. Dear Michael., so did Chelsea marry a jew?

    The striking aspect of your remarks above is that history can begin again and the present system end. You seem to place me in the company of Fukiyama. I am not in his camp in the least. I think LIberal Capitalism, Liberal Politics, Liberal liberality, etc. will end. And yes I think that there can be a new beginning. However that new beginning will not be quick, like some kind of revolutionary breakthrough. This reminds me of Lenin’s ” Voluntarist” heresy of skipping the capitalist stage of history and going directly to socialism. The extreme voluntarism of Leninism, whether of the October Revolution and War Communism, or Mao’s Great Leap Forward, or Cultural Revolution….led only to mega deaths.

    Then you talk about Subjective Will as opposed to , I suppose Reality. There is a place for subjective will and that is what we are all doing, more or less. But Reality has to support it. In fact, our reality right now shows us and leads us. We are the only folks actually in contact with reality. Still, that reality imposes limits and conditions on what we can do. Remember Marx’s (I think) ‘Man makes his own history, but he does not make it just as he pleases’. Something like that.

    My remark about the lowest common denomiinator was not a reference to Covington, it was about the folks who seem to think that they can grunt and call people pussies, or whatever, and thereby advance our cause.

    I don’t see how you can say that I have embraced conservative and middle class ideals. Conservatives in this country are liberals in any historical sense. I am am a conservative revolutionary like you, but we differ on how fast things are going to change. Furthermore, “middle-class” values are not bad, if by that one means, hard work, talent, career, family, and so on. Consumerism is surely a problem, but it is only a small problem. As Marx said, human beings desire more and more of everything. and that was ok…..nothing wrong with that if coupled to the above and , of course, Nation.

    Personally, I have children and grandchildren and even now am a great granddad (from my idiot 18 year old granddaughter) and that puts a subjective feature in my brain that thinks about money, inheritance, and a future for my kids, etc. That makes me more revolutionary politically and more conservative with regard to money.

    There is nothing in it to criticize middle-class folks , most of whom are not having a great time of it. There is nothing wrong with security and money. We are racialists because we want security and a decent standard of living for our race.. We like Robert Putnam’s study because he talks about insecurity and unhappiness in diverse areas, and relative happiness in homogenous. what is wrong with being happy?

    There are overtones of ‘more revolutionary than thou’ in your words, a kind of hangover from your days as a leftie. The New Spirit will have to accomodate quotidian reality, work, personal relations, and so on. This new social reality will still be middle-class as you put it. Did the ancients put aside consumption? only when battle called, and it was not our noble northern blood Latinis and Dorians and Ionians who eschewed art, beauty, and “consumer” goods. They were not subverted (largely) by consumption, they were subverted by racial inferiors.

    You are also a statist and must be aware of the problematic nature of that. Are you going to declare that only the True Revolutionaries can join the Party, and that the Party will be Leninist, “democratic centralist” (that’s a laugh!) with no elections? Fuhrer Principle all over again?

    Now to be clear, in a revolutionary situation, there is a need for a military type state and society. However, peacetime and a return to normality is another matter. I remember the Cuban communists at a conference in Havana that I attended in 2000 (mostly to see Stalinismo-fresco before it withered away) in which the female commies argued that “civil society” was reactionary and generated capitalism. Mom and Pop operations were outlawed shortly after my trip. So the way to prevent capitalilsm from returning was to vigilantly stamp it out wherever it popped up. So much for Gramsci’s view of civil society.

    If civil society does not remain free from the State in normal peacetime, then yes LIberalism wiill have been defeated, but replaced by another System that does not allow for our genes to cook-up some great new stuff for our amazement.

    Free our Genes! Get Jews and coloreds off our necks and out of our wallets, and let us fight our own wars.

    The left never used the word Freedom….it was just bourgeois. Our race fundamentally wants freedom, and will reject any imposed Statist Dreams.

    I argue that our struggle will remain in the populist mode for some time. The current populism of tea party will not work. Next? We need to be able to step in with concrete proposals, analysis, and run for office. There will be no other way, unless the remote possibility of Breakdown happens, and if it does, we will stilll need to focus on , pardon me, hearts and minds, and not guns. Guns only mop-up after the poliitical battle.

    If guns pull off a coup, like in Russia, then civil war occurs and then totlalitarianism. The commies killed for both class and race reasons, the jews being the race killers. If the liberals start killing us and our supporters, it will be all Race…and fanatic ideology loosed upon us. LIberals will become greater killers than the commies.


    Nobody will go for Unfreedom, starting with me..

  14. Michael O'Meara said:

    Prometheanism is the inner fire that consumes, destroys, and elevates European Man. Unlike the desert’s salvation religions, its will is to ‘equal the divine’. It’s neither good nor bad, but remains that distinguishing European life force that must be ceaselessly mastered. It’s inherent to the tragic sense of life that sees existence as a hazardous, risk-filled journey, whose perils are integral to the unfolding of our historical destiny.

    Piety, which isn’t bad in itself, is too close to the dominant and senile spirit of liberalism’s ‘spirit of indifference’.

  15. Michael O'Meara said:


    After Christmas dinner and a few glasses of Jameson, I am especially happy to see that you threw off that ‘conservative’ accusation I made. I know you to be what the Irish call a ‘solid man’ — someone who’ll undoubtedly be there when we have to get ourselves ready. Several of your recent comments — here and elsewhere — suggested, however, that you were developing certain ‘Menshevik’ deviations — though I’m glad to learn that this is not actually the case.

    To continue the discussion, let me agree with you that every revolutionary breakthrough has to be prepared before hand — politically and metapolitically. Nevertheless the political game is all about Lenin’s voluntarism. Subjective Will isn’t the opposite of objective reality — rather it’s that part of reality that the objectivists can’t see — because they’re objectivists, they’ve dismissed all the qualitative facets of life (like race and culture) that make life life meaningful. They’re middle class — they see the world in terms of materialism and consumerism — and though materialism and consumerism are a necessary part of life and though every modern society depends on the health of its middle class, the middle class — along with its materialism, consumerism, and civil society — are ‘bad’ in the present context — because they reflect the prevailing bourgeois ethos of our liberal society — with all the egalitarian, individualistic, and universalistic crap that inescapably goes along with it.

    In a word: Middle class standards and expectations (born of liberal modernity) are too intimately embedded in the existing social system not to be bad.

    We — in the White Republic — want a hard-working, virtuous middle class that doesn’t need a nanny state to take care of it. But in itself the middle class is nothing — except a reservoir of our people’s genetic heritage — IF it isn’t led by a natural aristocracy (which the egalitarian tenets of the American Dream oppose) and if it isn’t spiritually nourished by a cultural class able to rise above the levelling materialism.

    Our middle class — and I too support what can be called nationalist-populist politics — is presently leaderless — and it shows. Its healthy instinctual reactions to the present decaying regime is thus expressed in caricatures — that peculiar Tea Party mix of football fever and Hollywood history — that invariably gets things wrong.

    It’s our job — the job of the nationalist vanguard — to give our people the ideas and values that will help it see beyond the existing middle-class standards — to revive in them something of their European roots and affirm their distinct destiny as White men.

    Said differently: By itself, the middle class may discover Marx (who needs to be read); with our help, perhaps, it’ll discover Nietzsche, the real revolutionary — who sought a transvaluation of all values.

  16. Dear Sir

    Low birth rates of the ‘TRIBE’ will, and is, leading to their loss of power and control.

    Media Moguls are on their collective death bed. With swollen debt as their older readers [and they] die off and the young surf the web.

    As the low intensity conflict under way in the Southwest and inner cities
    expands, and the welfare state implodes, a racial civil war may well begin.

    The TRIBE will crack down but it may well be fatal to them.

    WHITE warriors in uniform, who control powerful weapons, may very well decide to act in THEIR and OUR interests..Targeting Tribal power and living centers in precision strikes..

    Luckily, when the old Soviet Union broke up, powerful weapons were kept leashed..

    Tribal kontrollers here in America may not be so lucky.

    English America has had a blackout of other versions of history that conflict with their own…English and ‘English American’ history.

    Check out the IRISH BRIGADES – FONTENOY to get the flavor of the
    most potent warriors in the past 500 years of world history..Saxe, the greatest Marshall in the history of France, considered the Irish Brigades his best warriors. Irish Brigades fought for France, Austria and Spain throughout the years leading up to the defeat of Napoleon. They were known and feared all across Europe and the world.. England deliberately kept this history quiet.

    Several hundred Irish soldiers deserted the US and joined Mexico during the 1845 – 1847 conflict.. San Patricios Battalion was the name of their squadron. Mexico was eventually defeated but the Irish raised hell with the Americans. Santa Anna said if he had a few hundred more Irish he could have won the war.

    American military leaders kept a blackout on this information and only after two Senators forced them to tell what happened did they fess up.

    Moral of this story?? Loads of Irish wear a US military uniform. When they go to war they seem to believe in TOTAL war. As many will not be loyal to the TRIBE when this nation breaks down the outcome might be a bit different than what took place in the old Soviet Union.


    • Michael O'Meara said:


      Wonderfully said.

      When our people feel their backs against the wall, when they see that they must fight back to live, they become the Irish Brigades, the force that does what needs to be done when all else has failed.

      We Irish have been in the Brigades for more than a thousand years. But we await the day when the Saxons, Slavs, and Latins join our ranks — in struggle for the Great Borean Empire of the North.

      • Sir

        Sweden hired a number of Irish companies to fight for them. However,
        most deserted to Catholic Poland. Lutheran Sweden was forced to put the rest to the sword.

        Some of the Irish supported the royals [they owed allegiance to the king] during the French revolution others supported the revolution. THEY THINK FOR THEMSELVES

        Peter De Lacy of Limerick, Ireland, rose through the ranks under Peter the Great, in Russia. He ended up as Field Marshall. He defeated the Ottoman Turks, Poles and Sweden for Russia.

        Three greatest Marshall’s in Austrian history were Irish.

        The Scot Douglas MacArthur wanted to drop 30 atomic bombs on China. Truman and his kontrollers nixed it..

        Part Irish Che Guevara wanted full control of the nukes during the Cuban missile crisis. Russians would not give him control. Word is he would have pulled the trigger.

        A surprise may await the Plutocracy as civil strife unfolds in America.

        When power centers are blown up here do not be surprised if the source is the Irish Brigades in US military uniform.

        Part Irish myself and I have figured out who kontrols this country and their agenda. I owe no loyalty to them. Will be plenty more like you and I in uniform.


        • Michael O'Meara said:

          I think it was Weber in Economy and Society who wrote that ‘with race theories you prove and disprove anything you want’.

          • M

            All witnessed 911.. when Jihadi warriors slammed into
            the towers..

            We witnessed the Fort Hood massacre. What will stop
            Jihadi warriors from getting in control of powerful weapons as
            they have taken up residence in the west and join various military’s.

            Will we see a surprise strike against Anglo-American power centers?
            Coming from German, French, English or American weapon systems??

            I wrote on another web site immediately after 911 that Jihadi warriors would eventually nuke Washington and NY. Warren Buffet came on board,
            duplicating my comments, a few months later.

            Stay tuned.

  17. Hi Michael, I try to understand things. LIke Christmas, as the mytho-poetic expression of something very deep in our psyches, White psyches. What other races do with it is probably a mess of magic and whatever.

    The virgin birth as the universal life force, or at least White life force that Woman receives/conceives and births as the great male energy. Ever renewed, Future becoming, etc. The woman who cannot recognize that men make and defend their material world…is in deep trouble. LIkewise, men who don’t recognize women as their sisters/mothers/companions…will miss the necessary soul-warming sweetness of women. Woman gives birth to the great soul, the higher man, yes…but it is genetic and Evolution determined Higher. And so on. I see no need for a cosmic spirit. We possess this miracle of the higher human brain…billions of sparkling neurons, and so on.

    So, in the same spirit, I try to understand what drives me, for example. Your talk of a great regenerating White Myth I completely agree with. We may or may not differ on what this myth is. For me it is simply the miracle of White Achievement, Personality, HIstory/Evolution, and yes, your Promethean or Faustian Spirit. More, More! of White achievement, honor, personality, and dazzling intelligence as expressed in so many ways. We are the most “human.” More of it!

    Where I start to drag my feet is your Nietzschean “transvaluation of all values”. What is the content of this? I would argue that most of our middle class values are fundamentally sound. Family, children, and children again, our community, our race, hard work, and so on. 75% of folks will never read books of any consequence. No blood out of a turnip. Football will still be around come the peacetime after the Breakdown or Transvaluation or Revolution. However we will not have to watch tattooed cannibals who strut and dance like apes pounding their chests. That is revolution right there. The greater mass of folks want their football and movies. That is not going to change, except for the removal of jews from movie making.

    Yes LIberalism has contaminated us with its universalism and semi-make-believe racial equality, and certainly its materialism….But….almost everrbody I talk to about specifics, as opposed to Big Ideas, is ready to agree with out point of view.

    Just yesterday I stopped at burger joint in Davis and talked to the White guy part-owner. Took me about one minute to get him onto our side, mostly BECAUSE he is already there…may even recruit him. I asked him what he thought the Black African average IQ might be…he said, O about 70? Irish-Swedish, 58 years old. Businessman, but apparently not ruled by money. I run into that all the time. LIberalism has not infected most business people. Professional people yes.

    I asked him why he hired mexers and he said of course they are stupid (had one at the grilll) but they, 1, show up, 2, don’t complain, 3,work hard, 4, treat customers well, and so on. Friend of his has a house cleaning business. She dumped her mexers, hired all whites and added 2 bucks to bring the wage to $12, and had nothing but trouble with them. Went back to mexers. (This is where our liberal money values and one-dimensionality is at play…so many young Whites feel the are entitled to Everything, Right Now. etc

    That is a bit of a digression, but he is on our side, simple as that; traded cards.

    So, the middle class is not completely subverted. Tea Partiers ARE racists, count on it.

    So who and what are the Objectivists that you reference?

    Populist struggle will result in leadership emerging; at some point we must join them and rave along with the others while waiting for developments.

    The “natural aristocracy’ is a tough one. Agreed in principle but it will be a long time coming in democratic America, and even in Europe. The nationalist vanguard is necessary, but how vanguardism plays out here is far from clear to me. Why not just win elections with strong candidates? … talking about relative peacetime. If Breakdown occurs, that is another story. But all the loose talk about armed struggle is ridiculous WHILE our numbers are miniscule.

    Our myth can simply be the reclamation of White Superiority in every way imaginable. I tell folks all the time…just.look around you….it is all made byWhites wherever you look, And it is just about all White men. We have built our world, the rest are savages or copy- cats. We have everything to be proud of, etc. Including even our White trait of Trust. All we need to do is to refocus that trust away from none-Whites, and back to our own people. I tell then I am an anti-semite, war-for Israel, etc. They don’t bat an eye. Millions of folks are waiting just to hear it said out-loud. Our folks are not the sheeple that cynics often claim.

    I am more the engineer than the philosopher, per Ygg. The architecture is already there, and it is relatively easy to just point to it and then to dismantle the lies of the Jews and the apemen. Reminding folks of the plain truth.

    Finally , tell me what values you want to transvalue?


  18. Michael O'Meara said:


    I want to ‘transvalue’ the ruling values of that traveling tent-show called America — that atrocious French idea that wants everything for everybody now. As long as its low materialist values rule, our honest hard-working White folk will be ruled by money, and everything that money can’t buy — blood and heritage, for example — it will destroy.

    • Can you explain how it helps our cause to make White Nationalists be perceived as the enemy of Americans who incline toward patriotism and nationalism?

  19. HI Michael,

    Agreed, UNfortunately, about 80% of our people are just a paycheck or two from the street. It is the upper-middle class and the super-rich who are part of the problem. This is not new of course.

    You mentioned in one of your essays a good book on LIberalism. I want to read up on LIberalism’s history. Manchester LIberalism seems to have developed alongside the Rights of Man. We can see the social liberalism in England and the U.S. in mid-19th C. This is our primary problem, the jews merely hitchhiking onto the LIberal Project. Of course, they have become the primary driver of this vehicle..

    So, just as we have ethny conflict within our own race, we have some measure of what we used to call “class struggle” as well. The jews and commies and their pimping little sisters , the liberals, will promote class struggle (tax the rich) since it is good for the jews, white race-traitors, and assorted resenters, losers, blacks, browns, and so on.

    The historical example of how to deal with that we have….and we can develop a critique of international capitalism alongside our racialism. Those are the fundamentals of a new Populism. And, of course our own Myth of White Achievement, Beauty, Western Civilization, and even Christendom. (We may have our complaints about Christianity, but we are stuck with it, so let us use it against the Jews and Muslilms. Opposition to Muslims, etc. however to be clearly clarified by targeting Israel as the cause of these wars, thus reducing conflict between Muslims and Whites, and then standing firm on no immigration and gradual Return of Muslims to their home countries.)

    I reluctantly reference Norman Rockwell’s America as a source for our Myth. But I remember it and so do others. All we need to do to update it is to have a Rockwell-like image of White men around a table cleaning their guns and howling at the NYTimes ….something like that.

    Yes, and White America Imagined. We have no flag as of yet.

    We need a flag that captures: White Race, Honor, Work, Rank, Family, Country, Loyallty, Freedom of Thought, and militancy.

    It cannot be any old 20th C. symbolism. It has to be of our time.


    • Michael O'Meara said:


      From the first, I’ve admired your virtue and courage. If we had a hundred men like you, the sheenies and darkies would now be quaking in their boots.

      We will undoubtedly be on the same side of the barricade when the time comes, but I do have ‘philosophical’ differences with you … and Ygg … and perhaps 99 percent of ‘white nationalists’.

      Having been raised by an Irish nationalist, I grew up in opposition to the Anglo-American tradition — which is quintessentially a liberal, anti-European tradition. My references, as such, are not just Celtic, but also French and German. From this Continental (and largely Catholic) tradition, I oppose the empiricist, rationalist, quantifying, individualist, market-obsessed, and Puritan values of the Anglo-American shopkeepers, who, even when they reject race-mixing, want to blame others (the Jews preeminently) for things that are inherent to their own tradition.

      The American experiment has been a categorical failure — that has ended up devouring its own kind. It’s comforting, of course, to think the Jews (devils that they are) are responsible for this failure — but as I see it the failure is one of our own creation (however much facilitated by the devils).

      If we get a chance to begin again, I say let’s begin as New World Europeans — not Americans!

      • “I oppose the empiricist, rationalist, quantifying, individualist, market-obsessed, and Puritan values of the Anglo-American shopkeepers”

        Well I for one do not. Appeals to mystical gobbledygook, and nostalgic yearnings for a feudalistic order are going to get modern whites exactly nowhere. You can have your greasy Pope or King of France, I’ll make do with Bentham and Hobbes thank you very much.

        When I smell metaphysics I release the safety on my Browning…

        • Yggdrasil said:

          “When I smell metaphysics I release the safety on my Browning…”

          ROFL!! 😉

          • Michael O'Meara said:


            You don’t like my opposition to “the empiricist, rationalist, quantifying, individualist, market-obsessed, and Puritan values of the Anglo-American shopkeepers?” Does that mean you like the world these values have given us? If so, good luck to you and Barry when modern American ‘civilization’ goes the way of all anti-natural perversions.

          • Michael O'Meara said:


            Please allow me a second response, now that I’ve had a moment to think about it — and now that it occurs to me that your Bentham — besides working out arguments for usury, desacralization, individualistic freedom conceived as anti-communal license, women and gay rights, for all sorts of permissive behaviors in the name of individual choice — Bentham also gave us the Panopticon — which made your Browning almost obsolete — because with the Panopticon the controllers — the vampires — could make us do do what they wanted to without having to resort to force — simply by manipulating the Panopticon’s signs and simulations — money and sex, of course, being the best and most powerful — but still it was mainly smoke and mirrors — successful as long as the virtual reality it created for our imagination didn’t conflict too much with the reality we had to live — though, recently, it seems that the gap between the virtual and the lived reality is growing and becoming potentially more interesting.

            The European heritage (which we European-Americans uphold) is Promethean, Faustian, metamorphic, the most extraordinary expression of spirit in man’s history. When you — the Benthamites, the liberals — killed the king and banished the spirit, you also killed and banished that metamorphic heritage that made us who we were.

            Liberal modernity — our multicultural society preeminently — has become so irrationally rational, so individualistically at war with the individual, so consumed by quantitative standards that know the price of everything and the value of nothing, so unable to see or understand the most obvious things — like the fact that its brutally imposed equality has been a categorical disaster — that, now, it’s quite literally beginning to kill us, as a people.

            A good part of this my anti-liberal, pagan-Catholic education tells me has to do with the fact that the European’s creative spirit — embodied in ancient institutions, extended in discoveries of our sub-atomic and extra-terrestrial realms — was also killed and banished by a liberal modernity contemptuous of our past (what you call ‘feudalism’) and scornful not just of our destiny, but of our future.

            I don’t think we can ever return to that pre-war world of White America — that virtuous Protestant, liberal, free-market world of democracy ruled by the Robber Barons (who we Papists prevented from importing coolie labor).

            The next America, or the New America I would like to see, will be archeofuturist — rooted in archaic European values and eager to face the challenges of the future — to define the future in our terms — on the basis of that spirit which Bentham and his reformers sought to tame with his Panopticon.

          • “The European heritage (which we European-Americans uphold) is Promethean, Faustian, metamorphic, the most extraordinary expression of spirit in man’s history. When you — the Benthamites, the liberals — killed the king and banished the spirit, you also killed and banished that metamorphic heritage that made us who we were.”

            Metaphors are all well and good but I live in the real world not a metaphorical, let alone a metaphysical one. And let’s forget about blaming poor old Bentham with killing God. David Hume was the man who set the nails in the coffin lid. So you are saying that the Scottish nation or John Calvin are not European? :rolleyes:

          • Michael O'Meara said:

            “So you are saying that the Scottish nation or John Calvin are not European? ”

            Yes — with a qualification.

            I consider the ‘Scottish nation’ an extension of Ireland’s Celtic civilization, blood-wise and culture-wise — however becursed by Presbyterianism. Despite their Protestant religion I dislike (and I should mention that I also hate post-conciliar Catholicism) — the Scots are my brothers — they are fellow Celts, North Europeans, Whites, Boreans, all possible candidates for a future federated empire of Whites whose historic homelands make up a good part of the Northern Hemisphere. I could never reject the ‘Scottish nation’ because I love it like I love my family — categorically — even when I oppose its ideas and practices. Scotland is European like Ireland, France, Flanders, Lombardy, Norway, and Catalonia are European.

            But I do, however, oppose the Scottish Enlightenment — which was even baser than the English liberal philosophy the French championed in their continental Enlightenment (though, another qualification, I do admire the engineering and enterprising spirit of the Scots — which came, I would add, not from liberalism or Calvinism, but from their European — Aryan — spirit). I also consider Hobbes one of ‘ours’ — someone who affirmed, like the Ancients and like Schmitt in the 20th century, that all true sovereignty rest on/in the homogeneity of the political body — i.e.,on/in ethno-racial kindship of some kind.

            The Scottish Enlightenment (and Bentham was the ugliest expression of it) championed a rationalism that was more debased than French rationalism — because it upheld a rationalism that was stupidly and solely empiricist.

            The gist of the 18th-century Scottish and French Enlightenments — both seedbeds of liberal modernity — was that there was no authority higher than reason. This appeal to reason — seen as being of greater value than blood, tradition, history, experience, tribe, greater than everything else — was the opening that gave the Jews and the liberals the possibility of gaining the legitimacy to war on who we were — for before the authority of reason, we were just unreasonable expressions of irrational blood-lines, loyalties, duties, etc.

            Jean Calvin was even worse. But to make a very long story short, let me cut to the chase here. The Reformation Calvin perverted, the world he helped create, the Scottish Enlightenment being one of its later historical offshoots, are the basis of that liberal modern counter-civilization born in 1789, anticipated in 1776, that today opposes the White man’s existence — and which, thankfully, seems to be entering its interregnum.

            The enemy always has to be someone or something — not ideas per se. The enemy is Barry and all those behind him, writing checks and getting checks in return, who uphold the system that is killing us. To the degree, though, that liberal modern ideas — beginning with those of Bentham and the Scottish Enlightenment — war on us, war on our European being, then yes, they are anti-European and should be seen as part of the enemy’s arsenal.

            Rudel, you say you live in the real world, not a metaphorical or metaphysical world.

            That seems very naive to me. Our leading lights — minds like, say, Heidegger and Nietsche — have tried to show that the world, ULTIMATELY, is all will and representation. The naive empiricism that dismisses prior prejudices — like metaphors and metaphysics — and thinks it experiences its reality objectively, realistically, is, indeed, often guided by the silliest, most superficial metaphors and metaphysics.

            I thought only HW didn’t understand this.

            The White Revolution, if it comes, will be about blood and iron. But the metaphors and metaphysics that prepare it, that guide the spirit that will fight it, that envisage and try to realize it, better be good ones. The primordial and perennial metaphors and metaphysics rooted deep in our European heritage (you know, ‘feudalism’), it seems to me, are deeper and more real than the real world in which you think isn’t lived and experienced in terms of metaphors and metaphysics.

          • “The gist of the 18th-century Scottish and French Enlightenments — both seedbeds of liberal modernity — was that there was no authority higher than reason.”

            On the contrary, Hume himself wrote: “Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them.”

            He considered science and mathematics both as tautologies, useful tools indeed but mere tools nonetheless. Perhaps you should regard your superstitions and emotions more as phenomenon rather than supernatural manifestations of some sort.

            Nietzsche and Heidegger are insane crackpot metaphysicians.

          • Michael O'Meara said:


            If you defend the Enlightenment against the anti-Enlightenment (‘your insane crackpots’, Heidegger and Nietzsche being two of the latter’s more prominent expressions), then is it safe to assume that you defend the heritage of liberal modernity, the principal civilizational source of the White man’s demise? If yes, I wonder what type of interest you could possibly have in contemporary racial nationalism, which seeks to reverse the liberal modernist tenets legitimatizing the race-mixing impetus of universalism, egalitarianism, and materialism.

          • O’Meara,

            Nothing in the materialist application of logic and mathematics necessitates “race-mixing.” And if by the heritage of liberal modernity, you mean indoor plumbing, antibiotics, electricity, overhead cam engines, fiber optic data pipes, and the eight-hour work day then I defend that heritage whole-heartedly!

            What I don’t understand is how you romantic irrationalists hope to accomplish anything at all.

        • It was the evil materialists of the Enlightenment who first created racial classification systems and challenged the prevailing creationist narrative in Europe of common descent from Adam and Eve. What’s more, the United States which was based on those evil Enlightenment values was also the first country in the history of the world to explicitly base citizenship on racial kinship.

          The philosophical roots of anti-racism can be traced back to the German cultural school of anthropology and other romanticist nonsense like the myth of the noble savage that Europe exported to North America in the nineteenth century.

          Europe also exported communism and postmodernism to North America. In the 1920s, the Communist Party USA was the only political party in America that was explicitly anti-racist. It was little more than a creature of the Soviet Union.

          The very term “racism” was coined in Europe in the 1920s. It proliferated in the popular “anti-fascist” circles of continental Europe for years before jumping like a virus across the Atlantic.

    • Dear Michael, we certainly will be on the barricades together but more likely is the more mundane but equally heroic day to day talking Reason to our fellows, even if they cannot stand it. Sooner or later, Reality will help convince then, especially in the times we are entering.

      I am not as hard on our folks as you. If you mostly mean the elties, I am in agreement. Ordinary folks are not “liberals” although they are pragmatic. We can approach them with pragmatic views: wanna get killed by nigrs and merxers? Want your daughter….? You are broke because of liberal spending on jews, nigrs, Israel, etc.

      By the the only way that, if it comes to guns, we can effectively fight back is in an urban environment with concret buildings, etc. Out in the open we are dead ducks. I suggest that folks watch the military channel to see what hardware can be deployed against us. Hopefully, when times ripen the army will be with us and the white soldiers will neutralize the colored amongst them.

      I find sympathetic hearings from almost all white guys I talk to, and that includes working and middle class folks. I have delighted more than 1 or 2 by stating, after a warm-up talk, that I am almost a fascist. Big grins. A very substantial part of our White brothers are on the way to join us. Thank Obama, etc. for that. I hope he stays alive to up the revolution. Another 4 years of him ? Perfect, although it would be equally if not more valuable for the Republicans to disgrace themselves. The Center cannot hold, is not holding. The historic Left is so discredited that the Opening can only be to the Right, and the liberal Right that we now suffer under can only morph to the kind of racial right that we represent, Populism yes. And our younger members should be thinking about running for office soon. In that regard they should keep their noses clean, use aliases, etc. Joe

      • Michael O'Meara said:


        We’re in fundamental agreement here.

        The federal government is on the way to becoming a ‘hollow state’ and the white ‘masses’ are beginning to see it. This will open all sorts of organizing possibilities for us — if we, few in numbers and without any ideological unanimity, can get it together.

    • Clytemnestra said:

      White Nationalists need to work for racial cohesion with other Whites by finding common ground on every issue we can, because that is the only way to make sure that whatever the outcome is it is “six of one, half-dozen of the other,” but it always benefits Whites in the end. WNists should create a big tent that does not exclude other Caucasians, including pagans and Muslims. Freedom of private association allows Aryan Christian Purists to discriminate in their own private lives. So these purists can keep their own ethnic lineage uncorrupted by non-Aryan Caucasians. Every White National government should remain militantly secular, keeping a strong separation between organized religion and government. However, they should also remain militantly tolerant of religion, punishing those malefactors who persecute religions by threatening, harassing and ridiculing them. IOW, NO Mohammed cartoons and NO Piss Christ.

      White Aryan Christian Purists must remember that whole populations of Whites were decimated in Europe thanks to religious and ethnic conflicts within the Christian sects alone. Orthodox Catholic versus Roman Catholic versus Protestant versus other Protestants. Thanks to Christian infighting, OCs lost Constantinople and other valuable territory to Islam and RCs ended up fighting against invading Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna. What WNists are fighting for is MORE important than cultural or religious wars. They are fighting for our very racial existence and we need all the allies we can get. “No more brother wars” has to incorporate White Muslims in Chechnya, Bosnia, etc. Christians falling into the Zionist trap of demonizing and disinheriting White Muslims from the race does not advance the interests of WNism.

      Non-White Jihadis have made great inroads in power in all European countries but one, Poland. That is because the biggest force that is resisting them is composed of the Polish Tatar Muslims who have been there for centuries but were well-treated by the Christian majority. Their religion did not hold the Polish Tatar Muslims back from any of the benefits of full citizenship awarded to the Christian majority. They were allowed to excel and advance according to their own merits and they have proved their gratitude by loyally siding with and fighting for Poland in almost all her wars from The Battle of Grunwald on, as long as she tolerated their religious beliefs and did not discriminate against them. Many of them joined Poland in defending the gates of Vienna from the Ottoman Empire. The Polish Tatar Muslims prove that Caucasians, no matter what their own personal religious affiliation may be, prefer to live in a tolerant society and have no interest in engaging in forcible conversions of new members.

      Yes, religion is important, so important that I believe what WNism desperately needs is a White charismatic leader who will create a syncretic religion incorporating the best of the three Abrahamic faiths with proper Old and New Testament and Koran translations but also dispenses with corruptions like the Babylonian Talmud and the Meccan Hadiths. I have no problem with Islam or Christianity as long as Whites control it, because like all ideologies, it is often not the religion itself that is a problem, it’s the kind of people who practice it. Before Islam was overwhelmed by Non-White converts, Muslims built fabulous empires and made marvelous advances for civilization. Now that Christianity is being overwhelmed by Non-Whites, we are watching its decline as a civilizing force. IMO, any White man who is disillusioned with Christianity yet put off by paganism should consider converting to Islam so that he can then restore it to what it was meant to be. However, I agree that all Non-Whites, regardless of religious affiliation, should be encouraged to remain in Non-White countries rather than be allowed to immigrate into White nations.

      In the meantime, lots of Christian conservative issues are contrary to White Nationalist interests. Primarily the Christian (Zionist) Right’s hot-buttons of endless wars for Israel, abortion, homosexuality and marriage. Where is it in the interests of Japhethite Caucasians like us to keep involving ourselves in what amounts to an ancient family squabble between the Ishmaelite and the Israelite? Especially as cannon fodder for Talmudic Jews? Where is it in our interests to encourage the propagation of Non-Whites and stupid, koolaid-guzzling White Liberals by discouraging abortion? Where is it in our interests to tell other Whites what gender and how many other White consenting adults they can marry? I would rather see Whites engage in polygamy than watch our government turn a blind eye while Non-White polygamous families flood every White country in the Western World.

      The best way to combat Christian Conservative Right nonsense is by putting the fear of God into them if they keep trying to get the government involved in a private sacrament like marriage or family planning issues. WNists need to convince the CCR that by inviting the federal government vampire in to regulate marriage and family planning, if the pendulum inevitably swings in the other direction, they will have enabled the government to forcibly limit families (like Red China) via mandatory abortions and redefine homosexual marriage as a civil right like mixed marriages, so that fundie churches will be inundated with homosexuals demanding to be married or threatening them with civil rights lawsuits. Better to put the onus of moral responsibility on those who are getting abortions than taxing the government to save them from themselves and better to only allow the government to issue and recognize civil unions for all while leaving the decision of who can partake in the sacrament of marriage to the religions.

  20. “. Indeed, if the population of the U.S. were entirely homogeneous and light skinned, there would be little fear of terrorism simply because we could not see any of these central Asian Muslims around us.”
    An excellent point and one that is not obvious to most Americans (but then, what is?)

    “But at the time of our most excellent adventure over the skies of Serbia, they maintained an autarchic economy and did not participate in the Western banking system.”

    – Yes…. the true key to the situation. The Plutocrats will not suffer a nation to exist which does not subscribe to the Jewish world banking system. The tribute will be paid- or else!

    “Now is also the time to declare independence from the consumer culture:…”

    – Agreed, and I for one have already done all the things you mentioned except buying silver rounds. My reasoning for this is that in this future scenario of deprivation there won’t be anything available to purchase with either gold or silver. If and when the JIT delivery system fails (i.e.; gasoline and diesel become too expensive and the trucking industry takes a nosedive along with everything else) , civil unrest rules the day and the much fabled “SHTF” scenario unfolds, Katrina style looting will remove what is on the shelves, it will be unsafe to travel anywhere without an armed escort and nothing will be delivered – anywhere. Consider also, that the Fed gov. has on three different occasions in the past banned the private ownership of gold (it wasn’t even legal for private citizens to own gold bullion until the mid 1970’s) and there is no reason that the government couldn’t ban ownership of silver as well. Even now, our government will prosecute anyone who attempts to use it as currency. This is what happened in the case of the “Liberty Silver Dollars” (NORFED) which was the subject of government investigation and confiscation.

    • Lonejack said:

      “…and there is no reason that the government couldn’t ban ownership of silver as well.”

      So what? The federal government may criminalize all sorts of vital commodities – such as weapons, ammo, heritage seeds, or your neighbor’s raw milk – and all kinds of behaviors – such as backyard gardening, hoarding fuel, broadcasting via short wave, meeting in public, or forming coops. One way or another, we all be “criminals” anyway. So we will do what we must, regardless.

      Though barter may work for a while, folks will still need some medium of exchange that is relatively convenient, and that is also a durable store of value. Over thousands of years, in good times and bad, silver, even more than gold, has always emerged as the quotidian currency of choice.

      I say, along with your other necessary and commendable preps, you should begin accumulating generic silver rounds, those with no fiat denomination, but with only their weight inscribed, preferably in Troy ounces or fractions thereof.

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