Nov 25, 2009

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The True Story of Thanksgiving


Would you like some white guilt with that?

At Racism Review, MSU sociologist Matthew Hughey has demolished the multiculturalist myth of Thanksgiving. He urges us to replace the American holiday with “fasting and/or service to the homeless and hungry.” The model he prefers is a national ”Day of Mourning” over European imperialism in the Americas. Jessie Daniels and other anti-racists are pushing this idea across the web.

White Nationalists can interpret the true story of Thanksgiving in a different light. It is further proof that our ancestors didn’t share the alien mores of modern anti-racists. The very term “racism” didn’t debut in America until the 1930s; “genocide” didn’t appear until the 1940s. The Puritans didn’t believe in multiculturalism, political correctness, or human rights. They didn’t believe the Pequot Indians were “Native Americans.” They obviously didn’t believe the Indians they exterminated, enslaved, and/or ethnically cleansed from New England were entitled to the “inalienable rights” of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

These terms and ideals were introduced centuries later. They have infected our national discourse like a virus. Whites are morally sick because of their exposure to these pathological concepts. I’ve called it “discourse poisoning” for years now. Hughey and Daniels are trying to change the national discourse about Thanksgiving. They want to attach an anti-White stigma to the holiday; pervert a time of family solidarity and celebration into a source of White shame and guilt.

There is no limit to the destructiveness of anti-racism. The anti-racists won’t stop until Western culture has been extirpated root and branch. Every concession invites radical leftists to push the envelope further. There isn’t room in their worldview for anything positive about White people. We can’t even sit down with our families and eat a turkey without them demanding our atonement.


  1. The left do the same with Australia Day, calling it Invasion Day. Hrmm come to think of it Invasion Day does sound pretty bad arse, yeah… Aryan Invasion Day.

  2. Pilgrims Pride said:

    Since I am a direct descendant of the Pilgrims (capital “P” as it is a proper noun taken from “The Pilgrim’s Process”), I think I can speak with some authority on the matter of “Why we remember our forefathers”.

    We remember them because they had guts.

    Boarding the Mayflower was an act of personal courage few posting here can comprehend.

    As for Hughley’s “myths”, well they were intended for the children. If some ignoramus wants to believe bedtime stories and Sunday school lessons are the real deal … then I guess that explains more about the failure of “white civilization” than any 6,000,000 answers to the Jooish question.

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