Aug 29, 2011

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Swipe Yo’ EBT

Swipe Yo’ EBT
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  1. Netflix streaming video is horrible so netflix is trying to force major studios to allow their movies to be included in streaming video. Most people prefer that to a DVD.

    The major tv production studios are planning to put the daily soaps on the internet.

    I would be grateful for my script to be made into animation using Maya and put onto the internet. THIS IS A WAY FOR WN TO MAKE MONEY.

    Are WN doing anything at all to use movies and entertainment to help our movement? This is a great opportunity where the internet could be used to promote our ideas via entertainment. Are we going to wait for the jews to take that industry also? I’m so sick of hearing WN elites talk about being intellectuals. I’m not seeing any results of it.

    • Yggdrasil, here is an idea for an “investment” that you would have a good possibility for a decent return on — publishing an English language edition of Alexander Solzhenitstn’s 200 Years Together. Some possible benefits and considerations:

      1. Solzhenitsyn is well known and there is already a demand for his work.

      2. It would help fulfill a crucial Christian European ethnic peoples’ target of documenting the real “Holocaust” of the Twentieth Century: the Jewish supremacist created Bolshevik revolution’s pogrom against Christian European ethnic people that resulted in the murder of thousands of priests, monks and nuns, the destruction and expropriation of thousands of churches and monasteries, and the killing of tens of millions of Christian Europeans.

      3. Provides documentation to help promote the remembrance of the Holodomor — Solzhenitsyn names the Jews who carried it out and explains why Stalin chose them.

      4. I believe the publication and promotion of this work would have many benefits for the cause of Christian European ethnic people (aka White non-Jewish people).

      The investment might not be that much and if it sold well, which I believe is a real possibility, the project might pay for itself! I would dearly appreciate seeing this book widely available in the US and other English speaking countries.

  2. Yggdrasil said:

    I, and others I know, put a great deal of money into a WN movie venture and no movie was ever produced and nothing came of it. I cannot go into the particulars without offending people I do not wish to offend, but we have been badly burned.

    Let me put it this way. If we were to sense real market demand for a type of WN movie product that could sell without a huge ad budget, we might venture back in. But the truth is that people with modest amounts of money are frightened of losing what they have in this depression, and the last thing they need is to get involved in the production of indie films, 99% of which lose money.

    Most indie producers begin with a concept of a film they want to produce, rather than a reasonable plan to make money by producing films. It is a vanity driven segment of the market and one which, having been once burned, makes me twice shy.

    I should note in passing that Mel Gibson and other producers have a good reason for refusing to read scripts unless they have production money attached. Once he reads a script and rejects it, the writer of that script can claim that any similar concept in a later script that Gibson writes or purchases will be a “derivative work” of the earlier rejected script, and then the writer of that rejected script will have a copyright claim of ownership in Gibson’s movie. I take the same risk in offering to read your script, and that is why if I like the concept I will have to make you an offer to buy the script or at least to purchase a license to make derivative works or a waiver of any derivative rights claim. Yet another one of my miserly dealings with fellow WN’s!!!

    The clip above is an exhibition of a universally understood reality within the Black community that will be completely shocking and repulsive to the middle class whites who are paying the bills for our welfare system. It is the most effective propaganda that I have seen and we did not have to pay a dime for it.

    It is low hanging fruit that we can gather for free.

  3. let us not reinvent the wheel, and ‘though some wheels are better than others, the Dream Machine is actually doing some of our work for us. No Country for Old Men, The Shield (TV series), Machete (the movie), and now Breaking Bad, the TV series…is very hard on the mexicans. If you have not watched Breaking Bad (AMC) you are missing some great stuff.

    It is one of the finest things I have seen in film, or TV…


  4. The problem with films is people want to go the whole nine yards, and spell the whole thing out. The market, at least the largest portion of it, is not willing to accept a film like that (beyond a small niche), and it wouldn’t be able to find screens due to the filtering in place now.

    A handful of people are tearing down the walls in comedy, in particular, standup comedy, but to tear down those walls in movies — we need to hit videos, comedy, radio, and non-completely subtle films first. Even better if we can have black actors deliver the message as its much more effective. Nothing wrong with slipping in 10 minutes of propaganda/truth into an already financially viable film hoping that 10 minutes doesn’t end up all on the cutting room floor, but if you want to tell the whole story – you are out in the wilderness unless you can afford to do it without ROI.

    Like it or not, the Jews are the primary gatekeepers in Hollywood. They have tremendous leverage to make sure a film that tells all doesn’t get a lot of screens by denying other releases to theaters. While alternate distribution systems exist, they generally involve piracy, or giving the product away to build audience , and then only an audience that is used to getting that product for free.

    As much as the name Hal Turner would be a bad word here — even a professionally done broadcast is almost entirely dependent upon subsidy due to a lack of advertisers. However, do it long enough, and eventually a market emerges. We have to change the paradigm to make what we need to say acceptable in the climate that exists. TV shows, videos, and movies did it by inserting gays, blacks using profanity & racist statements against whites into everything, but they did it slowly. Although the crisis is now, we have to think slower for the major market stuff. Until then, its just peeing into the wind, and throwing money in the fireplace.

  5. This video is a supreme example of Black parasitism of the endeavours of other racial groups.

    I suspect the players in the vid are unwittingly stoking sentiments of intense hatred and images of Black degradation in other racial groups so why not let them tear away.
    Ultimately, it’s their funeral.

    They’re also likely doing White America a huge favour.

  6. I couldn’t figure out whether this was an ironic sideswipe at the Black culture of entitlement or a brazen gloating session, poking fun at White American stupidity.

    • Odd as this may sound, it is quite clear that these films – and this one is mild compared with some of the others of this genre – are simply intended to inform Blacks about the benefits that are available and to encourage them to claim those benefits.

      The triumphalism you see in these films – the gloating – comes naturally to blacks and is second nature. In other words this gal gloats because it is in her nature to do so, and not because of any pre-planned or scripted intent to insult Whites.

      An acquaintance bumped into a Mexer in a doctors office proudly recounting her benefits. Adding together the EBT for her and her three kids (all by different fathers) with Aid to Dependent Children payments, Section 8 housing allowance for four, and day care payments (which are routinely kicked back to the mom), free medical insurance plus the $3500 refundable tax credit to those who pay no taxes, she estimated that her income was $26,000.00 per year, far more than she could ever earn at a full time job.

      The point is that these welfare queens are rational economic actors. But with dreadfully low IQ, propaganda is necessary to make them rational economic actors, and that is what you see in this film.

      Of course, from our perspective, this glorification of idleness and dependence is a direct propaganda assault on our culture of honest work, and thus an attack on the payors, the overwhelming majority of which are white.

  7. This is so true. I cannot tell you how much of this I see all the time. My husband lost his job but because we are white. No one really cared. You can only imagine the reverse racism going on where I work and all the ethnic groups that are getting special attention and money only to whine for more. So sick of this.

  8. “I, and others I know, put a great deal of money into a WN movie venture and no movie was ever produced and nothing came of it.”

    This is what happens when computer terminal “day trader” types venture into the real world of people. No surprise there.

    “I cannot go into the particulars without offending people I do not wish to offend, but we have been badly burned.”

    I wonder whose “creative” friends this involved? Let me see… Hmm… PhD… MA… Single…

    “Let me put it this way. If we were to sense real market demand for a type of WN movie product that could sell without a huge ad budget, we might venture back in. But the truth is that people with modest amounts of money are frightened of losing what they have in this depression, and the last thing they need is to get involved in the production of indie films, 99% of which lose money.”

    But this is how most movies are financed for production. They are venture capital partnerships. The “problem” faced by Ygg and the CMS crowd is not only do they lack distribution channels, they refuse to do what it is required to organize such channels. Apparently they think Regal Cinema should just do their distribution for them.

    Needed are local group infrastructures.

    It’s unfair of Ygg to criticize those black girls for riding the existing system. It appears he wants to “ride the existing system” just like any Jew lawyer “investing” in a big screen movie. Sorry, won’t happen.

  9. Rather than thinking of Television and related media as the propaganda devise intended by the equalitarian left to promote dysgenics amongst healthy stock. Look instead at the issue through the demographics of its greatest consumers: inner-city welfare mothers who watch more hours of TV than any other population group, followed closely by a laundry list of other unemployable “minorities” and with a sizable percentage of what used to be (rightly) called poor-white-trash.

    Is loosing these worthies and their double digit IQs to the fantasy word of media actually a setback for us? They create–nothing, they produce–nothing; they are in fact societies parasitical class. If the time comes to built–they have no skills, if the time comes to fight–they can not (except as a disorganized rabble easily neutralized).

    Let them watch their TV, play their video games, endlessly “text” their friend with mindless dribble. We shall study Codreanu, Forrest, Plato, Lee, Nguyên Giáp, Hausser, Clausewitz, MacArthur, Rommel, Sun-tse and a host of others. Let them feed at the liberal’s trough; its better burdens them than us. And it is a waste of resources to try and salvage the un-salvagble.

  10. I highly recommend you all explore the RamZPaul channel on YouTube if you haven’t already. He’s the perfect blend of comedian & satirist, & is “lite” enough to be considered a transitional figure for folks who haven’t fully attained racial consciousness. He also pokes fun at the leftist establishment which has created nationwide (worldwide, really) hostility towards white interests.

  11. ceci henry said:

    I have always thought making a movie of “The Camp of the Saints” by Respail would be an excellent and compelling way to get the message in cinematic form.

    Don’t know if this has been considered, but the characters and plot in the book are really one of the best books to deal with white racial concerns in the last 50 years.

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