Oct 14, 2009

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Your Choice of Treatment

NHS-2From The Occidental Observer, October 13, 2009

Sometime ago I visited my local surgery. At the reception desk, I was confronted with a poster, bearing Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) logo. The poster was produced by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), which is a spawn of the British government’s Department of Health. Across the top of the poster, in large white letters set against a black background, it read, “YOUR CHOICE OF TREATMENT.” Below followed eight captioned photographs, depicting eight models in different attires. The four on the left, under the captions “pharmacy,” “optician,” “dentist,” and “doctor,” sported smiling faces and a friendly manner; they were also ethnically diverse, with 50%–75% of the physiognomies bearing partly or wholly non-European features. The four on the right, under the captions “security,” “police,” “court,” and “prison,” sported serious faces and an unfriendly manner; they were ethnically homogeneous, with 100% of the physiognomies bearing Northern European features. Further down, in large white letters against a bright red background, the poster demanded “STOP ABUSE OF NHS STAFF,” and warned, “Verbal or physical abuse of our staff could result in prosecution.”

I am sure I am not the only here who has found the distribution of models rather odd. As it stands, the poster carries with it an obnoxious subtext: friendly help comes from the ethically diverse camp, while unfriendly punishment comes from the indigenous, White Britons. None of the three possible explanations for this subtext are flattering to the NHSBSA.

The first possible explanation is that the IQ distribution among members of the NHSBSA management is restricted to points along the far left end of the Bell Curve. And as the mean IQ is obviously very low, we must assume that some of the points on that curve will be found at such distance from the Caucasoid mean that supplying sufficient paper to print the full graph would necessitate clearing out the Amazon forest twice over. Were this not the case, the management at the NHSBSA would have quickly detected and harshly rebuked the knavish attempt to infuse the agency’s anti-white bigotry into their commission.

Unfortunately, they did not, thus suggesting either that the NHSBSA’s professed zeal for inclusiveness has motivated them to maintain lax cognitive requirements for employment within their organisation; or that their human resources department has been forced to lower their expectations from the available pool of labour in modern Britain, due to the accumulated dysgenic effects of Tory and Labour government policies.

The second possible explanation is that the NHSBSA is imperfectly committed to multiculturalism: They think it is OK to multiculturalize the NHS, but are happy to advocate institutional racism when it comes to extending the process of multiculturalization to private security agencies and the criminal justice system. A perfect commitment to multiculturalism would have demanded that either the Asian pharmacist or the African dentist be swapped with one of the scowling Englishmen on the right hand side for the sake of balance. . . . Read the whole article.


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    John Nada said:

    We’re free to choose. As long as we make the “right” choice. Which is neoliberal multiculturalism with a mostly (if not all) white/jewish overclass.

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