Mar 27, 2010

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Interview with Robert Steuckers

When and why did you decide to become involved in politics? I was never actually involved in politics, as I was never a member of a political party. Nevertheless I am a citizen interested in political questions but of course not in the usual plain and trivial way, as I have no intention to become a candidate, council deputy or Member of Parliament. For me “politics”...

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Nov 5, 2009

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Secret Aristocracies

Translated by Greg Johnson Jean-Paul Sartre once said of Ernst Jünger: “I hate him, not as a German, but as an aristocrat . . .” Sartre had some grave defects. In his political impulses, he was mistaken with a rare obstinacy. Fairly cowardly during the Occupation, he turned into an Ayatollah of denunciations once the danger had passed, castigating his colleagues who did not...

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Sep 10, 2009

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Another European Destiny, Part II

Editor’s Note: For the first part of this review essay on Dominique Venner’ s Ernst Jünger: Un autre destin européen (Paris: Éds. du Rocher, 2009), click here. 4. Der Arbeiter Jünger’s nationalist politics turned out to be a passing phase in his long life.  By 1930, after the wind started to go from the revolutionary-nationalist sails and the National...

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Sep 8, 2009

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Another European Destiny

Dominique Venner Ernst Jünger: Un autre destin européen Paris: Éds. du Rocher, 2009 In Dominique Venner’s historical essay, Ernst Jünger: Un autre destin européen, the subject is presented as une figure ultime, a European archetype provisionally absent from Europe today, but nevertheless one rooted in the depths of the European spirit — and destined, thus, to...

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May 21, 2009

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The Rebel: An Interview with Dominique Venner

The noted French nationalist and historian speaks to the personal imperatives of white liberation. Translator’s Note: It’s testament to the abysmal state of our culture that hardly one of Dominique Venner’s more than forty books have been translated into English. Venner is more than a gifted historian who has made major contributions to the most important...

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