Jan 19, 2010

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Alain de Benoist Interviewed by Tom Sunic

On Tuesday, January 19, 2010, at 9 pm Eastern US time, Tom will begin his two-hour interview with renowned scholar and French-European philosopher Alain de Benoist. Mr Alain de Benoist is a man of staggering Renaissance erudition, whose wide range of expertise is acknowledged by both his intellectual friends and his opponents. Among his vast literary and philosophical output Alain...

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Dec 7, 2009

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Mars & Hephaestus: The Return of History

Translated by Greg Johnson Allow me an “archeofuturist” parable based on the eternal symbol of the tree, which I will compare to that the rocket. But before that, let us contemplate the grim face of the coming century. The twenty-first century will be a century of iron and storms. It will not resemble those harmonious futures predicted up to the 1970s. It will not be the global...

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Oct 27, 2009

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Call to Young Europeans

Translated by Greg Johnson, with thanks to Michael O’Meara From Réfléchir & Agir, no. 9 (Summer 2001). To avoid repeating myself, I must first point out the statement that I made at the beginning of the manifesto Why We Fight. Now let us summarize, following this statement, some suggestions referred to in this manifesto. Because of our historically unprecedented...

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Oct 21, 2009

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Interview with Guillaume Faye

Question: We will begin by quoting you. In the review Études et recherches, fifteen years ago, you wrote that one can arrive at the point where “a world civilization desirous to stabilize history opposes its conservative will to the forces which it had itself released.” According to you, are we there? The Occident, longtime passive witness of the ethnic invasion, America...

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Oct 14, 2009

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The Cause of the Peoples?

Editor’s Note: The idea of the “cause of the peoples” is associated primarily with Alain de Benoist. It is an attempt to fuse European ethnonationalism with a kind of liberal universalism by asserting that European ethnonationalists are not merely fighting for their own cause, but for the cause of all peoples to preserve their distinctness — that they are...

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Jul 21, 2009

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The Real Right? Part II

New Culture, New Right: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe by Michael O’Meara Bloomington, Ind.: 1stBooks, 2004 For Part I, click here. . . .  The New Right itself in recent years has moved away not only from its early attraction to a biological view of human nature and society but also from its opposition to multiculturalism, if not to immigration as well.  The earlier...

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Jul 20, 2009

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The Real Right? Part I

New Culture, New Right: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe by Michael O’Meara Bloomington, Ind.: 1stBooks, 2004 It tells us a good deal about the nature of contemporary American culture that Michael O’Meara’s important and often brilliant (but unfortunately sometimes opaquely written) account of the thought of the French “New Right” could be published in this...

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Jun 3, 2009

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The Islamic Conquest of Europe

from Irminsul’s Racial Nationalist Library site Translator’s Note: Excerpted from chapter IV of Faye’s La colonisation de l’Europe: Discours vrai sur l’immigration et l’islam (Paris: Aencre, 2000), 69-70. Trans. Irmin. Faye and his publisher were found guilty and fined, at the behest of the “anti-racist” organizations MRAP and LICRA,...

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May 11, 2009

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Ten Untimely Ideas

From the Guillaume Faye Archive Here, freely translated from Guillaume Faye’s Pourquoi nous combattons (2001), are ten ideas I think relevant to this struggle. *EUROPE is at war, but doesn’t know it…It is occupied and colonized by peoples from the South and economically, strategically, and culturally subjugated by America’s New World Order…It is the sick man of the...

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May 9, 2009

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From Dusk to Dawn

From the Guillaume Faye Archive The following talk was given in Moscow on May 17, 2006. Not since the fall of the Roman Empire has Europe experienced such a dramatic situation. It faces a danger unparalleled in its history and doesn’t even know it — or rather refuses to see it. It’s been invaded, occupied, and colonized by peoples from the South and by Islam. It’s dominated...

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