Jan 6, 2010

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Kevin MacDonald Helps Launch New Political Party

On Monday, January 4, 2010, a new political party — American Third Position — was launched. Professor Kevin MacDonald, one of TOQ‘s leading writers, is the new party’s Director, and attorney William D. Johnson is the Chairman. The party’s program seems crafted to appeal to and promote the interests of white Americans, but not too explicitly. We shall...

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Jan 1, 2010

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Interview with Harold Covington, Part 4

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. TOQ: The Stars In Their Path surprised me because it is a rather “metaphysical” novel. In my opinion, you are very wise to counsel white nationalists to be neutral on religious issues. But you are also a private citizen too. So Citizen, can you tell us about your religious and metaphysical beliefs and how you...

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Dec 31, 2009

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2010: Looking Forward

Making (and breaking) New Year’s resolutions is an American tradition. It is a healthy tradition (the first part, at least), because it is good to pause and take stock of one’s life and achievements and then set new goals and resolve to make changes in one’s life. One should probably do it more than once a year. Here are some of my public goals and resolutions for...

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Dec 31, 2009

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Interview with Harold Covington, Part 3

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. TOQ: I really enjoy your novels. I have reviewed the Northwest Quartet, and I have also read Slow Coming Dark, Fire And Rain, and most recently The Stars In Their Path, as well as the collection Other Voices, Darker Rooms. Who are your main literary influences? Which of your works are your favorites and why? Harold Covington: My father was a...

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Dec 30, 2009

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Interview with Harold Covington, Part 2

TOQ: Like most of the people in the racialist movement today, my awakening and education were enormously aided by the internet. You yourself have a substantial web presence. Yet you are known as a staunch critic of movement’s strong dependence on the internet. Can you explain your views on the virtues and limits of the internet for white nationalism? Harold Covington: The...

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Dec 29, 2009

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Interview with Harold Covington, Part 1

TOQ: Could you give us a brief autobiography and tell us how you became involved in White Nationalism? Harold Covington: I was born in Burlington, North Carolina in 1953. I had my first dose of racial reality at age 15 when I was thrown into an integrated high school in Chapel Hill, NC which was bad by the standards of the day (1968) but which of course was a kindergarten...

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Dec 27, 2009

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Tea Party: The Documentary Film

Tea Party is a very informative, beautifully crafted, and often inspirational and funny documentary about a growing right-wing political movement that now enjoys more public approval than Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. Tea Party tells the overall story of the Tea Party movement, but it is not just a bloodless recitation of facts. It also seeks to build personal...

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Dec 12, 2009

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A Promising New Blog

My favorite blog is Hunter Wallace’s Occidental Dissent: Western Racial and Cultural Preservation. Wallace now has a new blog: Antisemitica: Reasoned Analysis of the Jewish Question. Judging from early posts like the following, the analysis is not merely reasoned, but also refreshingly frank and courageous. “Why Anti-Semitism?” Antisemitica, December 12, 2009 Why...

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Dec 11, 2009

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Sibelius & the Nazis: Anatomy of a Smear

I am a great admirer of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, who along with Richard Strauss and Ralph Vaughan Williams, was one of the last generation (so far) of great European Romantic composers. Thus my attention was drawn to a  November 29, 2009 article about Sibelius in the Chronicle of Higher Education, “A Composer’s Ties to Nazi Germany Come Under New...

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Dec 2, 2009

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Interview with David Duke

TOQ: Has anyone in the US has followed the David Duke strategy of running for political office as an explicit advocate for white interests? David Duke: I think only a very few have done so. Even more unfortunately, most of them had no real organization, woefully inadequate finances, and very little political savvy. Often they ran for offices far beyond their reach, such as US House...

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