Aug 10, 2011

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Princeton Tries to Explain a Drop in Jewish Enrollment or “What is Communism?”

Princeton Tries to Explain a Drop in Jewish Enrollment or “What is Communism?”

Folks, as you can tell from the title, this post is about the “inner party.” For an explanation of “inner party” see “What It Would Take to Cleanse Serbia” Specifically, it is about the durability of the inner party. Can it keep its power? Can it last? The drop off point for our discussion is the war in Kosovo and the central question that no...

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Jan 23, 2010

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The Psychopathology of Judaism

Psychanalyse de judaïsme Hervé Ryssen Levallois: Éds. Baskerville, 2006 “The Psychoanalysis of Judaism” is Hervé Ryssen’s second book on the Jews. For Ryssen, who rejects neither the ethnoracial nor the religious designation of Jews, it is their mentality that most distinguishes them from other peoples. To understand this mentality, his first book, Les...

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Dec 31, 2009

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The Jews & Immigration

A point in favor of the philo-Semites emerged this morning. In light of my pledge of fairness, I felt compelled to report it. Jewish attitudes toward immigration are more complex than White Nationalists have imagined. If the CIS/Zogby data is accurate, the typical Jew is at odds with the Jewish leadership on immigration. – 61% of Jews do not believe legal immigration should...

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Nov 15, 2009

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The Jews as Planetary Cultists

J’aime l’humanité, cela me permet de haïr mon voisin. — Montesquieu Hervé Ryssen Les espérances planétariennes Levallois: Éds. Baskerville, 2005 Hervé Ryssen has written five books on the Jews in the past five years. “Planetary Expectations” — what he calls the Jews’ messianic faith in a coming world order subordinated to their will...

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Nov 2, 2009

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Steve Sailer on Norman Podhoretz’s Why Are Jews Liberal?

Editor’s Note: Podhoretz is of course being disingenuous about the purpose of neoconservatism, which was never to get Jews to vote for Republicans, but to get Republicans to sign on to the Jewish political agenda. In that, neoconservatism has been a complete success. So why are Jews liberals? Here is my stab: Jews are liberals because liberalism both promotes the decline of...

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Jul 1, 2009

By Comments Off on Francis Parker Yockey on the Subjective Meaning of Race

Francis Parker Yockey on the Subjective Meaning of Race

Race, as has been shown, is not a unit of existence, but is an aspect of existence. Specifically it is the aspect of existence in which the relation of the human being to the great cosmic rhythms is revealed. It is thus the non-individual aspect of Life, whether it be the life of a plant, animal, or human being. The plant exhibits — at least, not to us — no...

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Jun 26, 2009

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The Id of the Yid: Our Apoplectic Invaders Considered

The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Levi-Strauss, and the Jewish Struggle With Modernity by John Murray Cuddihy New York: Basic Books, 1974. Decades before Kevin MacDonald embarked on his Jewish trilogy, a little-known sociology professor at New York City’s Hunter College came to suspect that the Jewish intellectual movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries...

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Jun 13, 2009

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Money-Changers in the Temple: Jews and the Sacred

Editor’s Note: The following essay on the pervasive Jewish tendency to inject money and commerce into religion is excerpted from When Victims Rule, chapter 5, “Yicchus (Status),” on the Jewish Tribal Review website. I have removed the in-text citations for easier reading and added the title. So great is the Jewish “commercial spirit,” so omnipresent,...

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May 25, 2009

By Comments Off on Solzhenitsyn on the Jews and Soviet Russia, Part IV

Solzhenitsyn on the Jews and Soviet Russia, Part IV

This is the final online installment of F. Roger Devlin’s review-essay on volume 2 of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together: Jews and Russians during the Soviet Period. The author’s review of volume 1, Jews and Russians before the Revolution, is available here in PDF format. Most of Solzhenitsyn’s Jewish sources concede that the Soviet...

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May 24, 2009

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Demented Religion

A key feature of contemporary philo-Semitism is its strange and deeply pernicious religious dimension, which is racist through and through. In contemporary mythology, Jews effectively substitute for Christ (a semi-divine god-race sacrificed in a holocaust), while Hitler is Satan. As half-French, half-Scottish revisionist and former professor of French literature at the University...

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