Fall 2003

Vol. 3, No. 3

Editor’s Note

Enoch Powell’s Other Warning
by TOQ Editors

The Classics Corner

The Road to National Suicide
Immigration, the Public Interest and the Uniform of Color

by Enoch Powell


Understanding Jewish Influence II:
Zionism and the Internal Dynamics of Judaism

by Kevin MacDonald

The Reality of Red Subversion:
The Recent Confirmation of Soviet Espionage in America

by Stephen J. Sniegoski

Book Reviews

Mexifornia: Sense, Softheadedness, and Subversion
Victor Davis Hanson’s Mexifornia: A State of Becoming
Reviewed by John Attarian

A Question of National Destiny
Frank Connor’s The South under Siege 1830–2000:
A History of the Relations between the North and the South

Reviewed by William Scott

Lessons in Genetics And Eugenics
James D. Watson with Andrew Berry’s
DNA: The Secret of Life
Reviewed by Leslie Jones

Honoring an IQ Iconoclast
(Ed.) Helmuth Nyborg – The Scientific Study of General Intelligence
Tribute to Arthur R. Jensen

Reviewed by Kevin Lamb