Spring 2003

Vol. 3, No. 1

Editor’s Note
Sociobiology and the End of Racial Egalitarianism
by TOQ Editors


The Importance of Spearman’s  g
as a Psychometric, Social, and Educational Construct

by Harrison Kane and Chris Brand

Pan-European Genetic Interests
by Michael Rienzi

Social Darwinism: The Development of an Intellectual Mood
by Louis Andrews

Racial Differences in Intelligence:
The Evolution of One Person’s Views

by Lawrence Auster

Books Reviews

Sociobiology For Liberals
Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate:
The Modern Denial of Human Nature

Reviewed by Jared Taylor

Men Against Leviathan
The Outline of Sanity
by G.K. Chesterton
Economism and the National Prospect
by John Attarian
The Free Press
by Hilaire Belloc
Reviewed by Samuel Francis

Race, Genetics, and IQ
The Funding of Scientific Racism
Wickliffe Draper and the Pioneer Fund

by William H. Tucker
Intelligence, Race, and Genetics
Conversations with Arthur R. Jensen

by Frank Miele
Reviewed by Kevin Lamb

Lynchings In Historical Context
Philip Dray’s At the Hands of Persons Unknown:
The Lynching of Black America

Reviewed by Dwight D. Murphey