Spring 2005

Vol. 5, No. 1

Editor’s Note

Remembering Sam Francis (1947–2005):
Patriot, Colleague, and Friend

by TOQ Editors


Constitutional History, Social Science, and
Brown v. Board of Education 1954–1964
Part I: The Historical and Social Science Evidence
For and Against Brown

by Raymond Wolters

Monarchs and Miracles:
Australia’s Need for a Patriot King

by Andrew Fraser

A Letter from a Grandfather to His Genes
by Anthony Hilton

Book Reviews

Goodbye to All That: Reflections on White Australia
Keith Windschuttle’s The White Australia Policy
Reviewed by R. J. Stove

A Spit in the Face
Oriana Fallaci’s The Rage and the Pride
Reviewed by Derek Turner

Race, Reason, and Reality
Vincent Sarich and Frank Miele’s Race: The Reality of Human Differences
Reviewed by Leslie Jones

‘The Sky Was On Fire’
Sixty Years after the Destruction of Dresden, Questions Still Linger

Frederick Taylor’s Dresden: Tuesday, February 13, 1945, and
David Irving’s Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden
Reviewed by
Peter B. Gemma