Winter 2005–2006

Vol. 5, No. 4

Editor’s Note

Diversity, Ethnic Violence, and Racial Survival
by TOQ Editors


The White Australia Policy in Retrospect:
Racism or Realism?

by Andrew Fraser

Who Owns White Australia?
Andrew Fraser versus Keith Windschuttle

by R. J. Stove

The Empire Strikes Back:
Reverse Colonization in Europe

by Derek Turner

Classics Corner

Race Mixture in the Roman Empire
by Tenney Frank

History and Science in Tenney Frank’s Scholarship
by E. Christian Kopff

Book Reviews

…Female Virtue, Male Honor and God’s Favor
Anne Sarah Rubin’s A Shattered Nation:
The Rise and Fall of the Confederacy 1861–1868

Reviewed by Michael W. Masters

Prescription and Prejudice
Remembering a Gothic Conservatism

W. Wesley McDonald’s Russell Kirk and the Age of Ideology
Reviewed by David Wilson