Winter 2006–2007

Vol. 6, No. 4

Editor’s Note

Implicit Whiteness
by TOQ Editors


Psychology and White Ethnocentrism
by Kevin MacDonald

The Academy: Reform or Secession?
by F. Roger Devlin

Niche Theory, Population Transfer, and The Origin of the Anti-Semitic Cycle
by Richard Faussette

Book Reviews

War By Other Means
editor Peter Gemma’s Shots Fired: Sam Francis on America’s Culture Wars
Reviewed by Michael Masters

Advice For Conscientious Activists
Robert S. Griffin’s Living White: Writings on Race, 2000-2005
Reviewed by Theodore O’Keefe

Insurgent Historians
And The Indefatigable South

Clint Johnson’s Lincoln Unmasked: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South
(and Why It Will Rise Again)

Reviewed by Peter B. Gemma

The Courage Of A Seductive Film Siren
Barnett Singer’s Brigitte Bardot: A Biography
Reviewed by Robert S. Griffin