Summer 2008

Vol. 8, No. 2


“The Limits of ‘Islamophobia’”
by Anthony Wymer


“Democracy: Representative and Participatory”
by Alain de Benoist

by Richard Lynn

“My Education,” Part III
by Anthony M. Ludovici

Review Essays

“From Salon to Guillotine”
Augustin Cochin’s Organizing the Revolution
by F. Roger Devlin

“American Transcendentalism: An Indigenous Culture of Critique”
Philip Gura’s American Transcendentalism
by Kevin MacDonald

“‘Only a God Can Save Us’”
Abir Taha’s Taha’s Le dieu à venir de Nietzsche
by Michael O’Meara

Book Review

“Street Fighting Man”
Joe Owens’s Action!
Reviewed by Andrew Redmond